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Updated STR:DEX optimiser


Hi guys, hope you find this useful. Been working on it for about a day, so there might be some errors here and there. It’s based on Dariidar_n’s previous optimiser, but with updated formulas and more slots for data input.

This tool assigns you the base stat ratio that produces highest average damage with your chosen equipment, skill, and buff setup.

Refer to EternalDream’s topic at [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact! to get the T0 to T3 values.

Well then, enjoy.



how the hell did you make that?

Formula is bugged. Adding skill damage will affect STR values. Or is that skill damage not the fixed damage of skills instead the final result? Why is it green though?

Thanks for checking that. Which STR values get affected? B19, B43, or somewhere in the calculations page?

By skill damage, it means the damage listed in the skill info tab.

Add STR can increase still DMG ?

B19. And yea I was assuming it was the fixed damage of the skill. Editing it affects B19.

Hmm…formula seems in order so far. Could you see if the B19 total STR cell changed because your optimised STR:DEX ratio was changed?

Getting skill damage significantly over the threshold automatically sets it to pure dex. Maybe that’s why B19 got smaller.

Yup, it changed. Why would skill damage affect those.

Skill damage is bundled together with your physical attack before crit calculations, so a change in it would have some interaction with crits. Think the threshold is about 5k+?

Anyway, get it sufficiently large and crits would mean so much more than additional attack/STR.

I can understand that much but what I don’t get is how adding skill damage would affect your actual STR since that doesn’t happen in-game so the formula needs some fixing. If it would help, I was calculating for Lv5 Split Arrow with a fixed damage of 631.

The spreadsheet only assigns you the most optimum stat spread for that particular damage set up. Assuming your total attack + skill attack fits the bill, sheet assumes you built for DEX.

Yeah…guess it only benefits those who’re planning new characters.

If you’ve already got your stats allocated, you’d be better served by Reilet’s calculator.

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Oh! I thought you need to test your actual build. I never guessed it actually gives you the suggested stat distribution. Thanks, this backed my claim that Split Arrow is better with high STR build than DEX.

Very nice, and it’s far more prettier than anything I’ve made.

Just found and fixed a MAJOR error in the formula which made Pure STR the only suggested stat spread. Not sure when that mistake got slipped in.

Anyway, the spreadsheet should be giving more accurate results now.

I’ve reopened the google sheet. Turned out my “fixing” earlier managed to shift all references in the formulas down by a row. Corrected them, and it should be working fine now.