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Updated FAQ on the Latest Announcement

It’s not unreasonable for them to be a little afraid of how well TOS will do in the long run considering how few MMOs in this style have been able to survive in the current market where full rotating 3D MMOs are the dominant breed. The words of a bunch of potential players are not going to help ease their worries when they’re the ones taking a risk in this venture while players carry none as they could just move to the next available game.

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Thats only true for free players, players who support the game via cash shop will have taken a loss if the game goes down.

Also your long game doesn’t matter if you have no short game.

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It would seem IMC doesn’t want to depend on whales like other MMOs have so this is their way of making sure anyone playing the game makes some monetary contribution. If we are to convince them otherwise, there must be an alternative that would net them the same amount of money as the current setup. They want guarantees of a return, not false promises by players that want to leave.


Players that don’t play due to a awful trade system = 0$ earned for IMC.

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Pretty sure the people who are willing to give them money either way kind of nullifies that argument. It’s likely that IMC came up with this setup after observing how using the current F2P setup on Granado Espada has done for them so they’re taking into account free players’ paying patterns and using that knowledge to squeeze money out of them for TOS.

Not really because the more players they have the more potential they have for earnings, so turning away a large amount of players is a big deal.

I feel that what they’re going to do is test the setup with the western players and tweak things in response to what happens. Whatever we say, it seems they really want to try something different with the F2P model than rely on the same model as everyone else.

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You can have a F2P model with a functioning market/trade system. Also a decent portion of the international audience is making it clear that we want to run our market, we don’t want big brother telling us what we can and cannot trade or how much we can price our items for.

Trying new things is fine, but i have never stuck my hand in a sharks mouth, and i never intend to try that “new thing”.

F2P can still access the market and use it, to an extent.

honestly i don’t care what is F2P and what is token. F2P couldn’t trade or use the market and token users could trade whatever they want no restrictions and market however they want i would be fine.

But sadly we have this awkward draconian governed market/trade system currently.

I for one welcome our new draconian market overlords.


I actually looked this up the other day, on a whim. I always figured it was about dragons. Nope. The word comes from some greek dude who killed you if you stole vegetables.

A bit of thoroughly off topic trivia for folks. Everyone probably already knew this but me!


I didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:


IMC making sure we pay for our vegetables or else.

This exactly; free to play can make lots of money elsewhere. They don’t have to ruin part of the experience of players. As said before, trading should be a given in an MMORPG.
They should focus on things like cosmetics; many would gladly support through this kind of cash shop. Paying for things like trading is putting pressure on players to make them pay for basic comfort.
‘Because of Gold sellers’ is a lame excuse for pumping cash out of what could be a solid fanbase; they should just put a report feature if this is their reason.

Since nobody answered me, i will ask again:

After the F2P Release, there will be new servers apart of the actual “Founder’s Server”?

How many servers there will be?

There will be an official Latin America server? and where it will be hosted?

There will be servers for specific regions? like EU/SEA, etc? just like the LA server?

Another questions:

There will be Trade system? like normal trades with other persons for any item?

I read something about 1:1 trade or something like that, what it means?

There will be Auctioner at least? if yes, there is any restrictions on it?

1)Yes, there will be new servers.
2)No info yet.(wait for announcement)
3)same here
4)same here
5)same here.
6)There will be trade system with token (1:1), where you can tade items(not silver). Limited at 30 trades per month.
7)There will be auction house with 30% tax for free players and 1 auction slot, 10% tax for token users, 5 auction slots.
8)Token is Cash shop item, activates for 1 month account wide, benefits listed in another announcement(look for announcements section of this forum).

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That is insane!! X____X

You may check the original post at the thread again and here for official info:

A way to work around that is use your alt to sell the cheapest material item for what ever amount of silver you want to give your alt, lose some tax money but …well…it’s a viable method