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Transfers Fedimian -> SA (?)

We are waiting for your answer, please IMC we don’t want to loose our token, skill and stat reset potions, experience tomes, enchanted hats, leveled pet and be stuck in a server with 350-400ms, that’s really unfair for us who paid for those itens.

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Look at this ping:

How should I play with this high ping? I have to press several times the keys to be able to use a skill.


Pretty much this. They always said it was going to be moved to EU so they just tried to get an advantage and are now demanding IMC to correct their mess.

It was always the EU server.

Something tells me they will end doing it, but I as a developer wouldn’t do it. The more they do, the more people will abuse.

Abuse of what? I’m playing with 400-500 ping, that’s an abuse. We need to transfer.

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Vantagem? Não vem falar besteira aqui, babaca. Se tu não jogou desde o primeiro dia e não sabe interpretar frases, a culpa não é minha.

E não, isso não foi sempre EU server.

Obviamente, pra respostas idiotas, não preciso nem dizer de onde é…

Advantages? Don’t come here to talk BS, please. If you haven’t played since first day and don’t know how to interpret a text, it’s not my fault.

And no, it wasn’t always a EU server.

Obviously, by the stupid answers I don’t have to say where you from…(yes, he’s one that started by luck in the right server, got his transfer normally and now come here to flame those he was supposed to help).

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Why don’t you translate ur offense as well?

To start off, I played since the first day of cbt1. Played cbt2, played kcbt3, played this “obt” since the first day as well.

Second, I didn’t get on another server by luck, I did because I’m able to read, something you aren’t.

Third, yes, Fedimian has always been the EU server. Since the first announcement they said it was EU and it would move later. This is all from the first announcement:

Now grow up and admit ur mistakes. Also, next time translate the offenses as well, don’t forget it.
Have a nice day.

Where is it announced that the “1 time free transfer” would have such a restriction? When i read “1 time free transfer” why would i think that logging into EU server wont make me able to transfer later on? People saying “it was EU from the beginning” its not a valid point. We did know it was tagged early on. But why would i make any big difference among servers when that difference is not stated properly?

Also i think you got the wrong impression about the plea. You answer like we were asking for EU server not to be EU. Thats far from whats happening. We are just asking what makes impossible for any server to transfer to any server (i mean, whats the reason why 1 time free transfer has restrictions). Once this is properly pointed out we can continue asking why a player would make that assumptions when the staff wasn’t even close to clarifying the issue.

there is no mistakes on asking for what they announced below:

Before you talk about mistake at least go and do some search about ALL IMC announcements, and if you are playing on the server you like, this post it’s not for you. This post it’s for the people that are stuck on a high ping server and far from their friends because no one said there would be transfer restrictions.


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I wasn’t blaming u, but the other guy came to say things like the server wasn’t EU and insult me.

What I understand from it is that they don’t have the obligation to transfer anyone. It demands work, they announced again and again that this would be an EU server, that they would move this one to Europe and that those who had better pings to NA shouldn’t go there. Instead, you did. The majority followed the rules and had to stand against full servers, while u had an easy time doing what you weren’t supposed to do, and now demands a transfers back.

Here is the original announcement on the possibility of regional servers and that they would allow a transfer to them:

What I understand from that is that players would be allowed to move from the original servers to the regional ones. Not between regional servers.
This is reinforced by them manually announcing later on that SEA players would be able to move from Fedimian to Telsiai, which makes it clear that this wasn’t stated in the first announcement:

But why did SEA players get allowed to transfer? this is because SEA players were by then supposed to move to EU, as it would give them better pings. It makes sense they did this move.
As for SA players going to Fedimian, it’s exactly what Julie stated before:

We all know they can technically move you from EU to SA, I’m just not sure if the company itself allows Julie/Ethan/etc to do it.

Look ^

I’ve probably read this many times more than u did, as I quoted those announcements again and again to help people in other topics.

None of your linked topics says about any transfer restrictions based on past announcements. So there is no point on let people stuck on Fedimian because when I started playing on the launch day Orsha and Klai was
unplayable and you know that. So I began playing on Fedimian because I have got no lag issues and connection problems and even never got any queue. So if you are happy where you are, at least help us get our transfer too and not throw our money away.


I’m sorry if it sounded rude. My point is that they didn’t need to announce a restriction as, from what I understood, they didn’t promise a transfer between regional servers. I see, however, that it’s not a clear announcement on this point, and this could change everything.

I remember the problems we had in the first days. I logged in Klaipeda, couldn’t play and changed to Orsha. Fedimian wasn’t up at that moment, and when it started I knew from the forums it was going to be an EU option. I honestly don’t remember if it had the tag or not, so that may justify why some players logged there (in most games I don’t pay attention to the forums as well).
With this in mind, all I can hope is that they allow you to transfer later. Maybe like those SEA/EU players who lost the first chance and asked for a new one. Have you sent a PM to the staff?