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Thanks for the 30 October 2017 TBL fixes =)

One screenshot says it all.

Thanks @GM_Francis & @Staff

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//20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

same with cannoneer’s shootdown can make bug (cant move and skill) as well

What a great patch which they fixed the MF(so far haven’t encounter it). However, for the hook bug, stun bug and also, shootdown bug, it’s still there and quite frequent happen.

Thats why im stopping tbl, but what to enjoy other game’s content aside tbl?

Thanks IMC, I wonder what you were doing for the last maintenance.

TBL: Magnetic Force and Iron Hook Issues Fixed

  • The issue of Magnetic Force and Iron Hook effects not disappearing during TBL has been corrected.

What a joke from IMC Halloween patch!

PS: Hey @GM_Francis & @Staff this is not April fool. It’s halloween only.


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