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[Vote] Shall IMC remove Solmiki as halloween event major reward?

“The Halloween event dungeon was a gimmick dungeon designed to test a new type of pvp content on Tree of Savior.
To increase player participation we decided to select the best rewards and this ensured an on-going mutual competition.
The Dungeon was designed to get rewards of competing with minimal anxiety and minimizing the psychological burdens on each other
The Development team wants the players to compete on an equal footing, therefore game rules AND rewards may change during the event so that the content becomes a pleasure for everyone”

-after revival player will receive invincibility for 30 second but can not attack
-placed in a totally random channel when entering the event
-adjustment of high candy possession attack power
-all players will automatically be wearing a pumpkin head and skeleton costume while inside the event
-all players will have the same field of vision, regardless of addons
-players that have low candy counts will have reduced attack area by 50%, but they will in return recieve more attack speed.
-added joker candy buff that increases attack power and lowers opponent attack power


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test is a total failure, the game engine is just complete trash

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Pretty Much Some up the feelings of the players!! That’s what happen when you force pve player to do pvp stuff. RIP! :tired:

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Where are the moderators?
they haven’t respond to this complaints/bitterness of the players.
Please tell us what you will do? Or atleast your plans about those prizes?

They chose to ignore most of the thread regards to this LMAO event but post this instead to show how caring are they :wink:


Here in Korea we get good doing nothing at work, so I can stay here arguing with you while my boss pays me.

And whoever is trying to force someone into something is you, who are wanting to cancel the Halloween Event where many players are having fun and 9 people will be awarded Solmiki Weapons / Armor.

And you are trying to change what is already established. The prizes will be given, whether you cry or not! FACT!

P.S .: Let’s continue idly while our bosses pay our wages for doing nothing here in Korea. Best place to live!


I never mentioned even once about cancelling the event but instead, it’s better to put on hold the rewards, fix the entire thing, give everyone a compensation and discussing in news officially a restart candy count before giving the final rewards.

Fact is the visible majority is against the solmiki weapons rewards and also because the event if full of loopholes, cheaters etc…

You can keep crying about people you assume they cry but you are like trying to silence the itos forum point of view about this whole matter. Just browse the evidences in this forum and reactions (+ videos), we get it, you are totally fine with the event as it is.

I hope they’ll publish the list of winners once the event is over so we can see which cheater got his weapon


The Development team wants the players to compete on an equal footing

This is funny. Maybe it works in korea where they have gameguard but here there’s no equal footing when you have people running around invisible with cheat engine.


The changes didn’t do anything! :tired:

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If anything, they just made it harder for players to avoid getting hit since you can no longer jump cancel attack animation. So whoever attacks first is more likely to lose. :tired:

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Last night I played The holloween candy event.
Still same people are nowhere and you just spill all the candies. GG IMC you change something but exploits are still around.


I was able to make peace in the fewer ppl ch before, but now it’s random ch, it’s just cheaters and exploiters killing everyone else…


Just now Thai server literally cancel the event because there were too many complains about cheat and lag. They also compensate it by giving away Bear eyemask, 1x A rank attribute and 1x x8 exp tome. …I know the event were really bad but atleast let me get all those attribute box and blessed shard first damnit! Should’ve give us candy instead of that goddamn mask. I only get 2 of the A rank box and that’s it(and I’m consider pretty decent at it too. There’s still a lot of player that can’t even get their hand on the first box…)

Now the cheater must be laughing their ass off because they literally get all the reward and also extra from the compensate(We didn’t have sol miki as an reward btw).

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google translated version


Is this coming to itos? Or is this just for whatever server that is.


It’s not the hat… it’s the Solmiki gear.

Please dont cancel iToS one pls pls.
I want my solmiki weapon so that i can show off to the hardcores who put lots of effort and spend silver for it and I get it it by just ganking on some players and abusing desyncs.