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Team Name Reset (Completed)


Greetings, Saviors!

As we have previously announced here, we’re going to be offering 1-time team name resets to everyone.

A lot of our players ended up with unwanted team names due to heavy lag and misleading information, and we sincerely apologize for that mishap.

We will only be resetting your team name, so the rest of your team information including your characters and items, companions, TP, and Token bonuses will remain untouched. You will be prompted to create a new team name upon logging into your server.

In addition, if you want to reset more than one team name, you’ll need to send in multiple support tickets for each server you wish to have your team name reset.

Please keep in mind for those who wanted to swap names that once the team names are erased, anyone can take your name before you reclaim it.

Please refer to the following information to request a name reset of your team:

When to make a request: 03/31/2016 ~ 04/05/2016 at 01:59 EDT (Tues)
(1) Follow the link to our custom support page.
(2) Log into your Facebook or Google account.
(3) Verify your Steam account by clicking on the top right corner.
(4) Submit your ticket. Use the drop-down menu to select [Team Name Reset], then the server where you wish to have your team name reset.
(5) After our maintenance on Tuesday, you’ll find that your team name has been reset once you connect to your server.

Again, please take precautions when you type in your team name as this reset will be offered only once. After that, you’ll have to use 150 TP if you wish to change your team name.

We suggest you do not use the Enter key to prevent accidents.

Thank you again for your loving support for Tree of Savior. We hope this opportunity will push us one step closer to a more satisfying service.

Best regards,
IMC Staff

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Why cant i login with my steam account? I was able to during iCBT2.
Or why doesnt it take current forum session for login? Looks poorly thought out for a game that is distributed by Steam…


heavy lag if is has the only issue you put a skill poitn take 5min you leagind to a town take 5min you die you ill never know good plan guys


You have to log into either one of those accounts first, verify your Steam account, then you’ll see an option to send in a support ticket.

My apologies, I should have been more thorough with the instructions. I’ve updated the post accordingly.


I know how to - i have my steam account linked since iCBT. But it feels counter-intuitive.

Btw, it also resets to
once you login, so you have to proceed to


I haven’t even created my Team yet, well, guess I don’t have to worry then.
Hope IMC fixes those server/conectivity problems ASAP.


can we request team name reset for multiple servers?


Are you guys offering a reset on both servers (clearing name on server #1, then change on server #2), or do we have to pay for the #2 change?


Came here to ask this.

Alternatively, will there be some way to directly swap team names between servers? That would be a lot more helpful since it secures my team name without a chance of me losing it


Thank you! wow that was fast :yum:



I submited a ticket for team name swap between two servers the other day and support responded me it was not possible, that transfer weren’t possible (I wasn’t asking for a transfer at, only team name swap cause I went to EU server after you opened).


So does this only reset team name? How about character name?
For example, if I create a character as follows:

Character name: John
Team name: Smith

My character will be spelt John Smith
So Smith will be reset, how about John?


@Staff_Julie Is it possible to cancel tickets? Don’t want to risk losing my team name only to try and capitalize the first letter


Is it possible for players who already spent TP changing their names due to issues to have their TP returned as this is now being offered for free?


So you guys got time to do this but not fix the damn class advancement bug? Wow I’m actually just pissed now I’m tired of freaking waiting I paid money and I can’t even play the damn game this is some bull


Please file a support ticket if the issue persists.


Please submit a support ticket requesting a refund.


Character name will not be reset.


Thanks Julie, was asking on behalf of a friend. I will let him know.