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Sorcerer Info Megathread

Is changing the channel or leaving the game, the only way to unsummon the devil? I can’t see the buff on UI anymore, is there any other way to remove/unsummon it?

Yes. Or if you are sorc C2 you can use morph and unsummon it via the buff icon.
When they updated how summoning works they didn’t update morph so the devil will have the old black shadow look and the summon icon will be visible again.
Unmovable summons will also be able to teleport if morphed into so they can still follow you around.
If you are only sorc C1 then you could also wait 900 seconds and the devil will unsummon itself… So you better off changing channel at that point lol

Yeah, thats kinda sad, because sometimes i get bugged on top of the summon, and if i dont unsummon it, my char will keep bugged. Lost a lot of dungeons due to this, now im using 2 cards of same type and morphing it

Hmmm. I want some opinion for C1 sorcerer.

Which boss has the best “strike” damage? I am using Cyclops right now since it has big range and it is cheap.

I am asking this because the auto-attack for C1 sorcerer stack with Legarthy’s strike debuff attribute. My cyclops hits 20-30k normally but with the debuff, his damage is doubled to 40-60k.

So is there any other boss that does good strike damage?

Cyclops is best for PvE and Mobbing, it have very high attack/hp pool.
While Necroventer best for bossing, it can hit twice with strike damage.

According to my testing and reference to other source, the following seems closest calculation to estimate the Sorcerer Summon’s Damage.

(SummonSnapshot.Atk + Weapon.Matk * 92%) * (SPR * 0.31%) * (Summon’s Skill Factor %)
(SummonSnapshot.Atk + Weapon.Matk) * log-atk-def-ratio% * (SPR * 0.31%) * (Summon’s Skill Factor %)

*IMC like to use ^0.x something, but we never know are those included, those we can only base on testing and estimate the roughly %

The most difficult part is Summon.Atk, it is basically the final Physical Attack / Magic Attack show in the Grimoire’s UI, I also believe this number also will be using as Snapshot upon summoning.


Summon.PAtk = (summon.basephysicalattackscalebylvl * summon.cardstarbonus * summon.skillbonus) + player.INT * 5 + summon.STRscalebylvl * UnsolvedFactor (~12)
Summon.MAtk = (summon.basemagicattackscalebylvl * summon.cardstarbonus% * summon.skillbonus%) + player.INT * 5 + summon.INTscalebylvl * UnsolvedFactor (~12)

As you see, it is Min-Max attack, i’m taking average for example Marnox is 34.
34+(34 * 0.02 * character level) is seems the base attack of summon, whatever I added the stars of card or the skill level bonus, the value is always base on this section only (summon.baseattackscalebylvl * summon.cardstarbonus% * summon.skilllevelbonus%)
card lv10 = 45% while skill lv15 = 35%, so basically it is baseattack * 1.45 * 1.35

summon.STRscalebylvl * UnsolvedFactor (~12)
for this part, I compare Marnox and Netherbovine, both have same base min-max attack and base STR of 3, at the lv330 Marnox have 155STR and Netherbovine have 143STR (unaffected by card *, merely base on character level and summon base status), the final physical attack of both is minor like ~12 Attack per STR, however I can’t figure out what made up that UnsolvedFactor. But doesn’t matter, it is close value but not something big impact or you can control, since it tied to the card you are using.


  1. Since 1INT = 5 Attack independently and not affected by any bonus %, 400INT=2000Atk roughly equals to T6 bonus of 315/350 Orange Weapon. (SPR is only affect summon def/mdef)
    Hence, in my opinion if using TransmitPrana/Linker3 Lifeline to add INT upon summoning snapshot, it is possible best for sorcerer with Full SPR to deal the highest damage. Hence Linker3Sorcerer2 might a valid option in party.
    but i’m not tested yet, still looking for full INT linker3 to do this with me, while i’m speed leveling on my other account in the event by this weekend.

  2. Now I understand why Sorcerer C3 is useless, the 10% is only apply on a minor part which is 7-9atk per 1%, 10% is only 70-90atk on the summon snapshot compare to 3-4k you usually have. You can ask a Cleric C2 to divine might you, you can see how much 2% is added exactly per level in Grimoire’s UI.

About Full SPR and INT

I tried using that formula, given that 100INT/SPR is the minimum stats from equipment, and 400 is the maximum different from character stats, the graph below show increasing INT and decreasing SPR.
Full SPR still yielded more superior damage compare to full INT with a very good weapon.
My conclusion is that INT tied to summoning Snapshot, but SPR is always tied to final damage.
But, i think we can resolve the INT by using lifeline with party member for summon snapshot. So full SPR is better. (SPR also affected summoning def and final damage %, while INT affected summoning atk with 5atk per INT)

Credit Source from twToS player on the SPR% testing and WeaponMatk% testing.

^The post also mentioned blue gems are included


marnox atk is strike ?


unfortunately no, that’s why necroventer still better dps when strike debuffs are stacked
(I have no idea what its attack type is actually but for sure lethargy doesn’t work)

Necroventer basic attack is strike, and throwing its tombstone like a boomerang in mid-range and narrow U-shape line, it attacks once in each forward and backward (total 2 hits).
It is strike attack (lethargy supported), 1s cool down, and 2 hits (if position correctly), so far it is best for bossing.

Marnox basic attack is melee only, and punching 2 hits in a large AoE, (slightly smaller than Frost Cloud) which is quite OP in dungeon with linker/frostpillar.

I heard tomb lord is the best for pvp
Because it knock backs
Is it true ?

tomb lord auto attack causes an explosion aimed at three targets and does indeed cause knockdown on hit. It’s good for pvp definitely but I’m starting to think marnox is more cancerous in tbl if you have sorc2 at least lol.

EDIT: but I guess the downside of marnox comes from his attacks being physical and blockable. Tomb lord’s attack is magic based

Does anyone have a build or is experience with necro? I’ve always been a sorce and was interested with the other summoning class, currently riding with cryo3/sorce1/necro3, I’ll most probably get sorce 2 when the new circle hits.

I have experience…I had a sorc1 necro3 build and recently I’ve changed to sorc2necro2, dunno if I’ll go necro 3 or sorc 3 as rank9. But the only reason to choose necro is bc it is also a summoner class so this is the best and smarter choice for any SPR build… 5 skellies + shogoth + corpse tower really worth it, and it’s a lot better than sorc 3 + sage 1( which is useless I had a sorc3 sage1 build for a long time it’s just not worth it at all)…

For those with problems canceling the summon, use the Unbuff addon. If you press the skill button again, it will cancel the buff, then just use the skill again. Works for all the other buff related skills too.

Can Nethebovine AOE skill crit? I just think about critical summoner.

yes it crits, but I don’t think you can influence its crit rate (well, maybe you can with quicken crit attribute but that’s about it)

ohh good and yeah my main was a cryo/sorce3/sage and it wasn’t just up to suff, what card are good for necro and what summon is good for it?

I’ve always used Glackuman, it has really good stats, and when I’m cleaning duns I use templeshooter with shoggoth + dirty pole decay , and skellies for extra dmg(but they’re dying too quickly now) and corpse tower( which helps a lot for bossing), for bossing I’ve been using Netherbovine, but I’m trying to find a Marnox for general purposes, so rare.

Seeing @LittleSamson video solo 340 free dungeon, i’m wondering what build is optimize for that purpose.

linker2Chrono3sorc1 with non riding, but giving haste and JP for marnox to clear them fast. (joint penalty to compensate attribute bonus)

or sorc2necro2 for riding with more skellies damage (they can die easily with resummon and remount)

or Linker2sorc2alchemist2 for riding but let homunculus cast joint penalty for you (unrealiable AI)