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Solution of broken dll files issue

To saviors with Broken dll File Error

The solution of the issue of the error is the following:

  1. Click Properties in the Management

dll 2

  1. Move to DLC tab and un-check “Founder’s pack” in acquired DLC list
    dll 3

  2. Move to Local File and verify integrity check of the game file

  3. Restart the game

If the problem continues after trying out the solution, please let us know by tickets.

Have fun with ToS today!


Hey, i don’t have the DLC tab on the properties window, and i’m having the “broken dll file” issue.

What can i do?

Hello savior!
Sorry for late reply.
If you have the problem even though you do not have DLC, you can send us a ticket for more details!
We will be waiting for your ticket.
Thank you.

Problem solved, thx so much for the help!