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Returning Player - $NoData$ Error

Returning player after a few years, I logged in to my server Klaipeda, and I get the $NoData$ETC _20200320_046354$ error. I’d like to get my original team name back if possible, and I am worried about my character data being wiped or not as well. I haven’t progressed, because my character on the screen looks like it might have also regressed in class, so I was unsure if they are affected as well.
My main char had just become Squire (when it was still on Swordsman Tree RIP) so not sure how she’s affected, and the only character I can se on the screen, should be a priest, but they are back in the basic Cleric Outfit.

Hello @ShinyEllen,

Please send us a support ticket with the details of your concern. Thank you.

Close your game, then:

Step 1: Look for TOS in steam

Step 2: Manage DLC
Step 3: Make sure all your DLCs are disabled.

You should get a mini patch afterwards

If you have ‘Founder Pack’ DLCs, remove it and verify the game

Not sure how long ago you leaved, but tree change has been made and old account also been wiped. Many major changes also happened along the way. So, if it’s not just a game bug, you might want to consider season server.

Thank you @Lostac , that seemed to do the trick.