Tree of Savior

Small ham's small art gallery


because I’m currently using the japanese voices, he even yells while carving the statues. it’s great. at least I’m not at the mercy of mobs while carving anymore

oh and hi I’m charred I sent a request to change my name to charred weeks ago but there’s no reply

(1-1-18) the refugee camp i stayed at while waiting for this topic to be unlocked: Hewwo i'm back (for either an hour or a year, we'll see)

Are youserious IMC? Fan art event?
Next Week is the last week of July. Shall we have KTOS patch?

This is really good, your drawing has the atmosphere and the character. Please draw more :slight_smile:


The new carving speed is the best thing ever for diev players, i might just make a sub diev when I feel like it


I was so sad about the diev bugs and everything at first because I really like this class lmao thank you IMC you may suck now but you will become better eventually I believe (


As a Diev main I agree this is how it’s like LOL


(click twice to enlarge)

I can’t tell if this is just me or is it an issue with the game


Cute drawings, I enjoy some artistic refreshment like these all too often.
Hope to see more Charred :slight_smile:


You missed the “See how many likes I get here, I’m so popular” lol


breaking news:

ok i know this item isnt very useful when it comes to levelling or gearing but i need it because


i already have vol 2 and 3.


loll such despair ;m; wish i could help…dig your comics!!


lel thank


have I ever mentioned I love the wizard classes’ costumes because I do they are so flashy i love wtf


why do i keep making these stupid comics at 12am


The Highlander Master is hungry for more souls~


sorry for the spam, but I love my diev


oh, woe is me.

also not related to tos but miku miku


had a sudden thought about hair accessories


your art is super cute and dramatic (animated?)
and very relatable aaaaa

goggles!! o/
you draw goggles so well im so amazed


regarding ferrets:


i kinda like @Mistreil 's wugushi kyaaa so cute so i draw the

and yay ink


aaafdjfgjlfd !!! aaahHHHH its adorable vakarine bless

i havent seen that mmd in a long time
ur ferrets are great
your diev too
so much emotion
also your cross hatches are really nice :two_hearts: