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Greetings, fellow saviors! I bring you an Artist Directory, which links forums threads used for posting your art! With the arrival of art contests, artists’ threads get lost easily, so the objective of this directory is to link all the threads where you compile your art for easier research, as well as for artists to save their time scrolling down for their missing threads.

For this directory to happen, I’d like you guys to send the link of your thread in the comments or via pm. For better presentation, you can make your own thumb or get one done by me (like the one I used here), with the username you want to be seen as or your IGN! Plus you’re free to add the following information as the sample below. The thumb will become a fancy button for you thread!


Name/IGN: WarNux
Server: Klaipeda
Other Gallery: Tree of Savior RE:
Name/IGN: charredh
Server: Telsiai
Other Art Thread: Small ham’s small art gallery


nux which one would you like


Both are fine. :)) I can add the two of them.


Added new gallery: Lyquid Parade (charredh)! :haha: