Share your re: build experiences


Guys… stupid question, how do you reset the skill points in the base class (wizard, cleric… etc). Do I require a skill reset potion?

Edit: also what do you guys think about accumulating points for class change? Seems impossible since it resets every week…?


Yes, you do need a potion to reset those.
You could also switch to another base class and back again via the kupole event, but only do that if you haven’t already swapped to another base class, obviously.
You can only switch base classes once, and once back again to the first class per character.


Class Change System

  • Players can change a single class they’ve advanced into by spending 1,000 class change points.
  • Class change points are kept separately per character and they aren’t shared between characters of the same Team.
  • The maximum amount of class change points that can be earned per week will be limited to 1,000 points.
    - The weekly earned amount will be reset every Monday at 06:00, server time.
  • The maximum amount of class change points that can be saved up per character is limited to 3,000.
  • All class change points earned after 3,000 points will not be saved.
  • Players will be able to earn class change points by participating in the following:
    Login - 10 pts (guild members and Token users receive an additional 5 pts)
    Fishing - 1 pt per succesful catch
    Unique Raid - 20 pts
    Legend Raid - 20 pts (Earth Tower will give players 5 pts for every 5th floor cleared)
    Saalus Convent Mission - 15 pts
    Mercenary Post Mission - 10 pts
    Uphill Defense Mission - 10 pts
    Level Dungeon - 10 pts
    Daily Quest - 10 pts

I think what that means is that you can only get 1000 per week and the week resets on Mondays not that the points we got reset…


Oh oh!! So like, even though the max I can earn per week is 1000, the points I earned will not reset on Monday. That makes more sense. 1000 a week is brutal XD even if I earn 50 a day, still need 20 days…


It’s good. Before we had no (non event) class change option to begin with.


My feeling on re:build is that attack is now way more important than defense. With casual armor (random primus 380 found or bought from market at cheap price, enchanted to +6 and lightly transcended), you can easily hit 10-15k defense, which IMO is enough to survive most of the current content, seeing that most characters now have a decent pool of HPs.

Attack however now requires a big investment. I’ll take the example of one of my alt wizards. Before re:build, I was using an old Heart of Glory rod (+12 T5) which was giving me 5k matk. With that weapon, I had no problem doing ET, CM, raids… Since I got an Asio Rod recipe, I crafted it, enhanced it to +6 T1 and gave it to this alt before re:build. When re:build hit, I checked the weapon again and matk was upped to 8700. I thought that would be enough… but I was wrong, deadly wrong. I went to Gliehel Memorial area to check my damage output, and was horrified that with 8700 matk I was doing… 1000 damage to the level 370 mobs in that area. Regular mobs… Then weekend came, and with the 50% on enhancements/transcendance event I pumped my Asio Rod to +9 T6. Now matk is 10900 instead of 8700… time to check the same mobs. This time, the damage output of basic attacks is 6000 instead of 1000… a huge improvement. I’m sure with more effort into enhancing the weapon, I can reach a decent damage output.

So yeah, since the threshold between “doing no damage” and “doing a lot of damage” has increased after re:build, unless you’ve already geared up yourself with the best stuff, it’s gonna take time and ressources to be able to participate to the harder content.

New SP Usage is Insane

Do bad that effort doesn’t help against horrible RNG.
That’s why Potential has to be removed.


Its the one feature I just dont understand, let alone in 2019.

Even the current 100% rng based progression dumpster fire otherwise known as Maple Story 2 has enhancement capped at 15, and lets you build fail stacks as you work towards that number without knocking you down levels or breaking your item.

I left my bow at +6 / transcend 8 personally b/c ive already played that game and quit two times b/c of it. The entire reason I came back and gave the game another chance was b/c I heard they were boosting the base damage of weapons significantly and phasing out things like diamond anvils.

I’d be shocked if they removed potential though, hopefully after the dust settles in a few more weeks and they see that their player base numbers are pretty much the same as before re: build they will consider some other drastic changes and improvements down the road.


Hey guys re:build kinda made me feel like a new player and i don’t have time to test everything so could you help me with the skill distribution on Druid, Pyro and Sapper please? I would really appreciate it! Thanks


Things IMC should keep in mind (what they do very wrong at the moment) TOS is supposed to be a game. A game has to deliver the following features:

  • Fun.
  • Make the player enjoy the game.

Rest is optional but these two points have to be fulfilled. Things a game should not do:

  • Leave you in despair.
  • Give you frustration after frustration.
  • Make the player feel bad.
  • Make the time a player spent feel wasted.

The current enhancement system most of the time only fulfills the last 4 points. That’s bad. Very bad. The actual event will still give me 6 Golden Anvils. I will use these on my +9 Velcoffer Weapon. After that my mace will probably be +7. Then I will feel left out, hopeless again. Annoyed by it. And be gone for some weeks and especially I will not feel like the game will deserve some $$ for the frustration it gave me. No fun, no $.
If I remember how much money I dumped into Dota 2 just because I was happy with it, had fun, didn’t feel left out. Every month I looked for stuff to dump at least 20$ just to compensate the fun and the accomplishments I had. For TOS I invested in after release for the fun it gave me. Then I realized how bad and frustrating many parts are and decided no Cent until the core problems are fixed. Fast forward to RE:Build. Still no Cent policy. 2x Velcoffer runs each week and some CMs because they are fun. That’s it.


Leveling early on in the game wasn’t easy for anyone. Some people got legit stuck at the pre-186 grind because sources of EXP were scarce.

It became pathetically easy for players when pardoner shops with 3000 blessings came and when the content was made trivial in rank 10.

It is now tougher but reasonable, and if people want to quit because they encounter some road bumps on SP usage then it just isn’t the game for them.


Sure, this is how to run a business. Who cares about getting a bigger player base when we can have a game with 10 ppl playing in 4 servers.


Everything you do has the potential to upset someone and cause them to leave.

People will leave if the game is too easy
People will leave if the game is too hard
People will leave if SP management is meaningless
People will leave if SP management is overwhelming

For an MMO it is the content and net infrastructure of your game that matters the most, which is sorely lacking and will cause massive people to leave. When people cant play or the content is stale and boring, all of these supposed SP issues are secondary.


My first suggestion is to read again what I wrote.

This being part of a text that refers to a quote implies I’m talking about what nfprivaron was stating.
in the SP usage thread is not the subject but the location.
I tagged you here because nfprivaron said the exact things I told you in the SP thread and at some point you said

I thought it could help to let you see that others in other threads have similar thoughts.

To get back on route, say whatever you want about your point of view of ppl leaving the game in any case. As every veteran of every community you’re eager to tell others to “stop playing if something is not ok for them” and you already did several times.
On my side Im just telling you know that this is not the way to run a business.


i am curious which two bow you bricked and how worse it had become?


Most of these Classes are just bad because IMC messed up the balance. And it’s not that many Classes that can’t handle normal PVE content. For higher raids and demon lords that’s a given because of bad balancing,though.

basically when you have reached a certain level of investment. At least it’s far better than before Re:build where you’d face large lumps of HP and defense once you’d reach level 360+.

That’s because both unique and legendary grade gear got a huge boost.
And also because ET became unreasonably hard, so new players have a hard time reaching a good niveau of equipment.

For normal activities like HG farming, that’s now possible with low-tier gear like e.g. +6 T4 380 primus weapons, bringing you to 6-8k attack.
Since elites drop blessed shards and quests give a lot of silver in the later levels, every new player should have at least that level of equipment when reaching level 380-390.

In my opinion that’s a very reasonable progression. Once you’ve farmed/quested yourself enough money, you can buy some better equipment and try Velcoffer or ET [ET would probably be better since the equipment sets grant a lot of useful stat boni].

Compared to the struggle I had to go through within two years of TOS the last few weeks made everything so easy I simply can’t think that anyone who didn’t play TOS before all of the changes would really suffer playing the game. I’d say it’s become a lot easier to get everything you need now.

Again I’d like to differ. Compared to Rank 9/10 where CM & raids & demon lords were just unreasonable hurdles of hardness, they became a lot easier to clear now, especially for undergeared people, offering them a chance to participate.
The gear level required was just way way higher before than currently.
Yes, in return some content got toughened up like e.g. instanced dungeons and Saalus, but these are just alternatives to regular farming & leveling/questing.
There is nothing wrong with basic party content being harder now after lessening the stress on basic questing/farming/leveling.

That’s a huge boost for new players. The only downside is that they no longer can just buy a 3000 damage bonus from Pardoner.


Keep in mind this was on @jchsc32, after I wrote the practonium simplified steps and augfowle bow guides. At one point I had lost about 150m, which at that time was significantly more then now.

Nowadays 150m is pocket change to alot of folks, but when 1 practonium used to cost 30mil and the only way you had to get one was mishekan quest cube and then pray for 2 weeks to roll it on the open that eventually drove me away.

The first time was way, way back, and was a short hiatus, when the Maga Bow was BiS.

Im really happy with my Velco Bow though, I have well over 500 million into it and at only +6 anvil its prefectly fine now after Re: Build.


maga and aufgowle bow that you bricked?


So my game ui froze like always cause its too much to ask for the bloody bug to be fixed…

so I did the language change trick to load it back into working…



am scare


solo players are most likely abandoning the game now. im so sad with rebuild i have a cleric level 305 and i cant do damage to 240 monsters. 20 hits to kill a monster. 40 if its a dungeon map 240. i was loving doing all quests. i was going to buy rank booster as a way to say thank you for all happy ghours that i have in tos but after that stab in the back im not anymore. no way. unless the game is acessible for solo players like me again.