Share your re: build experiences


By any chance do you know how many times we can get the char slot voucher? I’m assuming one per team, but is it stated anywhere?


Nope, but if I have to guess 1…

I will save for at least 2 that way if its one I got extra for other stuff and if is more than 1 I can get em :blush:


My teleport fails so often on Psycho :frowning: It hates any kind of elevation or bump on the road.
Reminds me of Thief Shadowstep nerf in Guild Wars 2 that made it ultra buggy when they made it obstruct-able. :frowning: :frowning: They improved it since then but mainly with a ‘no valid path to target’ curse that prevents you from using it if it’s on failable terrain.


I’m really dissapointed in Chaplain.
First reason is his stat gain bonus, 42.5% SPR what the point? No summons, no nukes to crit. It should be STR or INT.
Second reason is Aspergillium has really low damage now, because it’s still magic.
Third reason is Benatio, it really feels like someone forget to add another zero in duration of skill.


Pro tip, put your butt into it :wink: and give the game as little options as possible…

also knowing your click timing is important, so keep attention to where your character teleport on the open on first attempt…

but for you Assassin Instant Acceleration is the teleport you always wanted :prince:


The only saving grace for Psycho’s is the CD is super low to make up for when it fails.
RIP bajllions of Oil-Tier-Value SP though when it fails.
Soon we’ll have to invade foreign countries to steal their Dilgele/Uosis.


:smile: Uosis…

but true…

that been said, I don’t see people on my farming maps so am happy :satisfaction:


This is the original event description from KTOS.

As you can see within the red square, the character slot voucher costs 600 Re:build coins and below it reads that you’re limited to one purchase per team.

So I guess it will be limited to one purchase per team for us,too, since the other limitations are also in effect for us it seems (only 1 attribute point voucher, kTOS had one Nexon Cash voucher, which is equal to TP, instead,though, and probably only one skill reset potion)


2000 Fishes and enough salt to kill all the remaining fish on the pond…





and i got my 2nd Nukella yesterday :satisfaction:


So I will get my second one in 2 month xD


summoning method for the skulls on Necromancer sucks! If you want to improve and introduce something new about the class, why do not you, IMC, consider changing the skulls summoning for 2 for each type (no overhits), or create a skill called “summon skull army”, that primarily would summon 2 of each skull once and end, period; or yet raise dead with 2 overhits bringing life to one of each skull type per overhit (once they’re all dead xD)?


I think that the Necromicon should have an extra tab that allows us to customizer our army. So basically all 3 summon skills are combined into this 1 skill called ‘Summon Skeleton Army’ and in the Necromicon we can customizer how many of each type of skeleton we want. For example, we can customizer to have 2 warrior, 2 archer and 1 mage for a balanced army or just 5 archer for a more single target focused army. Maybe allow us to register 3 different configurations and give us the option to choose 1/2/3 when Summon Army is used.


damn thats a really good idea lol

i would just make it summon all 5 and no OH like the old version, worked perfectly fine, but they changed it because they wanted people to mix and match, but their solution sucks(what we currently have now)

i guess making new UI and coding new skill interactions with the necronomicon is too much work :tired:


Yo boy. SPR is the best stat after all. Dex would also be fine. But not INT or STR.


It boosts only heal in my build, cuz aspergilium or last rites or any other skill that Chaplain has don’t CRIT so what the best in it? It doesn’t increases SP nor SP regen anymore.


This skill, conceal, is still essentially useless. It only hides stake stockades. Why not make it able to hide all traps? Would have been so nice as a scout (before rebuild) going around hiding traps. :frowning:
I think the scout master even mentioned it once.

“Hides traps to conceal them from the enemy. The duration time may decrease depending on objects.
​Keeps hidden traps concealed until they disappear.”


Well, almost 2 weeks into RE:Build and I re-evaluated lot’s of things
First of all - it’s not as party-oriented as I initially thought. Yes, it became harder (read - slower) to solo with lot’s of classes and builds, but you still can solo faceroll the content with certain characters. For some of them CM became much easier and faster - 6 min solo CM5 is a reality.

But the one thing that bothers me the most - the gap between new/middle tier players and veteran/high-tier players became much wider. Being the latter I do realize that players without legendary gear struggle. Or even a highly transed weapon. Leveling and simple main-content clearing became much harder for casual players. Even though I don’t have anything to complain due to having almost everything in terms of items, I do realize that not-so-hardcore players may find Re:Build being harsh. And not sure how it will affect the inflow of new players.

Yeah, the game was too easy. But lots of people geared up to the max while it was easy and now can stomp the hardened content, while others will suffer to even become strong enough to clear it decently.

Just my thoughts.



I agree on every single word… but being in the latter segment.
@Remiri, this is exactly what I was talking about in the SP usage thread.