Share your re: build experiences


Cleric can solo almost any content in ToS now. You are definitely doing something wrong.


maybe i am. would you care to analyse my char in my thread?


/20 characters


Kaiju time :3

Don’t know if new, but I found a way to enlarge elite monsters to insane sizes :smiley:


Rebuild Experience: The last man on server, U can walk around baubas all channels have 8 players anyway u r alone cause there r all AFKS. MACROS or BOTS. Thats the experience we got after the patch. Oh and dont forget the plenty bugs they didnt fixed yet but we have a new costume box so who cares right? Who needs aiming anyway


Came back from Hiatus for content and Rebuild. Stayed away.
Got disgusted by more horrible RNG, more frustration and more unfairness everywhere and all other crap which doesn’t deliver fun (although a game is supposed to do that). Decided to quit for good and gave all my gear and items to friends. Well at least what I could because of 0-potential and non tradeable on almost everything.

But checking the forum once in a while for drama is nice. At least one thing IMC did right.


I found the trick sweet spot and now am plotting what mobs to make giant xD prob kepa next :blush:

Trick is harmless as it is only visual xD


For all the Shinobi lovers out there:

  • The AI has been fixed (they don’t run mindlessly anymore).
  • Their endurance became laughable. Mobs can kill them on a few hits now. Bosses will wipe them out before you can even fully launch all Kunais. This change wasn’t mentioned on the patch notes.


Demon Lag


my game has been crashing since last patch…

so every time the game VGA I say fuck it and stop playing all day…


My experience so far…

still frozen / unupdating UI, couple with missing buff icons and skills/items on hotkeys, can’t speak to npcs and sometimes mouse mode gets stuck (can’t even click on anything)
(i’m using the change language trick)

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