Share your re: build experiences


Hi all, hope re: build has been fun. I unfortunately won’t be able to play till tomorrow night due to work and sports X(

How do you guys like it so far? I saw a post saying SP is a huge issue now? Please share all your comments, experiences, the goods and the bad. And any advice (other than the survival guide of course).


In my opinion the only problems are: Sp regen, and saalus dificulty. Everything else seems great so far. But then again, I havent done all content since the patch went live so I dont really know 100%

Also, a bunch of addons are bugged, so it was kind of annoying having to close the game to delete them.


My internet is been a pile of shit and I just manage to get the game downloaded…

so far nothing different other than main image…

Crashed on first attempt and now frozen in loading screen like usual…

am preparing for the worst so nothing has changed yet :smile:

:sob: I need a hug




Very good… most are bad experiences lol. I will know tomorrow, can’t wait!


disapointed again for a “random balance rework” because the reasons and argue about this “rework” on tue F.A.Q 3 are just lies and bullshit


silver drops in HG and fields sucks …


Made a class tree change on one character.
Trying on another character - doesn’t work for god knows what reason.

Main character can’t repair at Squires saying the crafter is still whatever. Strange. Much to explore. :slight_smile:


I haven’t been able to play very long, but so far I like:

Centralized Class items (found in town at swordy master, etc)

Centralized attribute points in Skills window.

Being able to change one class at a time instead of having to reset your entire character.

Things I don’t like: Haven’t played long enough to know :smiley: Nothing yet
Gem feud is really different tho
I’m wondering, how do you reset your base class skills during the event?


re build is suck guys, all the damage is gone. Mobs become fat hp than ever. Some lower tier class skills deal tiny dmg to lv 380 mobs


Agreed, its not tht we cant still solo Saalus, its just the time involved now considering most people have to do it multiple times a day and IMC knew this.

Making whats already the most tedious part of anyone’s day 10x worse is just a crappy thing to do to an already microscopic player base. Im sure IMC is pumped right now with 100 people in every channel but with the amount of bugs in this launch 95% of these people that came back to check things out will be gone again in a week or two.

Saalus miniboss health needs reduced, idc about their damage, in full leather, only primus +5, no transecnd I am in no danger of dying. Its the fact that with literally like a 700million silver velco tricked out bow it takes me a year to kill them.

The sp usage is obvious to everyone, the thread I made on that blew up right away b/c everyone is feeling that atm.

Overall, me personally, very dissapointed. The game is far less enjoyable now then it was 2 days ago, and lets be honest, it wasnt sunshine and rainbows before either.


What I see at the moment. People doesnt want ToS to be a more challenging game. Rather people want it to be easy.

An easy game is boring in the long run. People will quit after some time of playing having said that.

Also the update is fairly new and still trying to develop. Things will change and get fix but we have to be patient.

Also a major change like this is shocking. People are still trying to adapt.

People are disappointed because they love the game and wants the game to better.


I lost +16 asio pistol 2slot + red gem lv8 cuz delay warning box discard item and i just pree yes on extract gem warning…


How is it fun to hit like a wet noodle on hp sponges for 15 mins?


So far I’m disappointed with Archer. I used to play as Quarrel Shooter and have a blast with Running Shot, now it has fewer classes to mess with (bye bye Reiter) and I’m clueless if I’ll ever find something similar to the previous QS…
Any class I end up looking isn’t there anymore, feels like core mechanics were stripped instead of “toned down” like they said.

I’m sad, I heard Re:Build could change things and make me come back… I’m still trying to find a new class to fit in, currently looking at what I can do with my ex-Pyro/Kino since my Archer is pretty much dead. Maybe there’s some autoattack build lying somewhere, but without Running Shot I don’t think it’ll be fun enough to mess with…


Overcoming a challenge is worthwhile and fun. How is it fun on stepping and killing an insect?

Also, are you soloing a saalus boss? (You’re example is really vague and generalized tho) Yeah that will take you some time. Since the game is a multiplayer game why not do it with a party (im just assuming you’re soloing but if not sorry).

Like I said overcoming a challenge is worthwhile. Like the Souls game, a lot of disappointment on failing but fun overall.


All I can say - ToS became much more party-oriented, it became much more harder to do some content solo.
Which is very bad news for 40/40 chars player like me who love to play solo :frowning:

Only couple of classes and builds can roll solo, even with end game tier gear. Sad.

I don’t mind overcoming challenges and so on, but. Some content became harder and more time consuming, but the rewards for clearing this content stays the same. Sounds like a scam.

Oh-oh-oh! And having no normal reset during this transition period and only one free attri extract per char is very bad. How people who never played on kToS gonna test out characters? Hopping back and forth resetting their base class?
We really need simple class reset for couple of weeks and free attri extraction for the same period.


Exactly, if we want group focused game play we will go play FFXIV or WoW, games that actually have players.

The microscopic population have stayed around all this time b/c its a niche/solo friendly/relaxed casual game that isnt like everything else out atm full of 1HKO mechanics and 47 dps checks.

I am trying to remain patient/optimistic but I really dont feel any better about any of this.


It’s not challenging at all, only more time consuming.
I used to be able to solo saalus in 3/5 mins per run, now it’s just as easy but way slower.

@nfprivaron is right, they only pushed party play on everything and it’s not fun. At all.


Lones wolves, always killing MMOs because they are scared of using the chat.