Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


imc did menshun of habbin othur moosikal instruments othur dan de floot Owo


Prob not related to the same mystery but anyone knows what this 2 npc (prob more) are from…


The npc is constantly moving, at first I thought it was just a broken ui/quest…

but then I found one again and you can kind of influence it path…

So I don’t know :confused:


it’s from the valentine event


mmhmm I see…


I thought evemt was using normal npc cause my first box ask me into a level 200+ map when I was on my lvl 60 character :heeey:

Those chocolates are mine :hey:


Idk what this owl stuff is about, but I like owls so uh. This statue is here, dunno if it always has been


Oh wait, there’s so many here… Did you guys already find these?


I’m pretty sure these statues are from Sunset Flag Bearer questline.


Never did quests here, I was just dropping by the maps to get Guardian Saint Gem o3o


How come nobody is excited about this? This totally looks like the Wandering Bards buddy.
I’m gonna camp that!


(It’s the blue dot spot on the map that praquenick linked.) I have no earthly idea what causes him to appear, I’ve tried time-based camping to no avail. If you have success with finding him I’d love to hear it!


half year later, what you found??
also, I loved your post.
ToS is bad managed, but is a piece of art, play with the disable UI and see this incredible wandeful scenarios with numerous levels that you can note only disabling your UI, make you realise how detailed the game is. So, in this context, put secrets just make pve more fun. that is why I like it so much.


i’ll camp it too and see what comes up


I did a recording camping that spot for 10 hours. No sign of a wandering merchant, unless he showed up for less than 1 minute.
I’m guessing he either has some conditions for spawning or he shows up in random places like Troubadour.


We found Sensitive Owl and narrowed down it’s spawning conditions. Also made a list of Troubadours spawning spots with a few new ones. Now there’s this merchant guy. It’s taking ages but there is some progress. And it’s not like we’re wasting time on this 24/7.


if it’s not a 4.5 hour spawn then it must be trigger or random timing


Or random location.
For now I’ll try roaming the map every hour.


incredible. You found much more than anyone could expect. congratulations. I mean, just by the video we can see you expended some time on it. and find this merchant is a lot already.
well, the problem with waiting is that sometimes something appears not because of the quantity of time that has passed, but because someone else did something in the map, so it’s really difficult to find the truth alone, yet, you found something behind the mystery.

well, I hope you find the truth, would be epic. As long as it continues to be fun and not only personal duty.

really good to see this kind of misteries


Woah. Just to be clear: I didn’t find the merchant. That’s been posted by kymemy.
I did found out about the Sensitive Owl though.
Anyway, I’m not the only one being active in research here so don’t give me all the credit.
I really appreciate your encouragement though! Thanks!

I received some more information from kymemy in a PM and I think there’s something worth sharing:

  • the merchant has been around in 2016 already. He’s been in the game all this time undiscovered,
  • he’s been seen at 4:53am, 7:??pm, 9:27pm,
  • he’s been seen on different channels,
  • he’s been seen multiple times in the same spot,
  • he’s been seen by questing players at level ~110 so you probably don’t need any triggers from high level zones to find him.


do these numbers make any sense? the 420/450/30


Well this is an interesting thread.

About that function call. It’s hard to know what the values do represent here. To me 420/450/30 looks like as single variable that will be divided into multiple variables later. The “/” on every other variable gives it away that they will separate the values into an array or list in a later step.

Would need to know the variable name inside the function and for it to have a reasonable name to know what’s this used for, and even so the 3 values can be meant to used for another 3 variables later.


ahhh damn I was hoping it was time based