Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


It could be time but we don’t know that. Another way to try to dig information would be to find which Hidden NPC’s uses the same function call. If there’s multiple NPC’s that have their spawn conditions known and also use the same function call, it might be possible to guess what does the data in these variables mean.


It says npc_paladin_follower3_2, which is how sprites/assets are named. If you search tos.neet for Paladin Follower C2 you will find it, but there is no NPC associated to this particular sprite.


can be anything used to create the shop (coordinates as coordinates for example).
everything inside the “()” is to create the shop, that will be used by this function to create it.
since you want to data mine the code (not something very fair to tell the truth, but acceptable due to the waste of time in the game), you need to find in the entire code where you can find: HIDDENNPC_TIME_CREATE() FUNCTION is being called. It will be probably inside another function.


Kule Peek has the same art design as Entrance of Kateen forest, have you guys check it out?
Or do you guys think it doesn’t have anything to do with the mistery?


Kule Peak has so few quests, but there are a lot with lvl “9999”


they’re unused quests, prob the devs used kule peak as a test zone for stuff, or they’re not put into the game yet


Yep. /20characterslalala


Tree of Savior JP just gave the the headpiece as limited gift to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary.
It gives the impression that it’s not normally obtainable.


Well that’s discouraging… Wheter it’s obtainable or not, japanese players are getting it for free.


Either way, that doesn’t change the fact that there’s surely still something hidden in Kateen.


I spawned the Emotional owl again today and had someone kill me in front of it to see if maybe it’s interaction was similar to the tenent church hidden quest but nothin


Nice! That’s checked then.
Guess Emotional Owl is not so emotional after all as it didn’t care…
Either way, we will not forget your sacrifice. RIP. You’re now the official martyr of our cause.

I was wondering about trying the same thing with Sleeping Owl in Entrance of Kateen Forest but I haven’t gotten to do it yet.


also i’ve been trying all week to get a glimpse of the wandering merchant in poslinkis but haven’t seen him yet so if you do see him verify


I’ve camped for him with my camera a few times but he doesn’t show up.
It’s still possible he shows up super rarely, like once a day or so.

Wandering Merchant has been seen by players of level ~110.
I’m trying to think of things to try that beginner players could do to trigger him…
For now I’m hunting for Wandering Bard. Want to check if he isn’t the trigger. No luck so far though.


Well where the hell is ours then? :sad:


Found Troubadour again. He was in a new spot.


I went to check if Wandering Merchant would spawn after I talked to Troubadour. Didn’t find him. When I came back, Troubadour was gone as well.
With that, I couldn’t confirm anything for sure. Gotta try again.


I didn’t look at every post in this thread, but there are 2 things in Kateen Forest that I’ve noticed while questing there:

  • after completing the Last Mission quest, the soldiers are still wandering around the sleeping owl statue asking to return to the goddesses, maybe something must be done for them?
  • every NPC here has two lines of dialogue – maybe there’s a hidden quest like in Mishekan Forest where you have to talk to every NPC until you get both lines of dialogue then talk to someone again – maybe the sleeping owl, or the troubadour?


that second idea i didn’t think about
it’s possible that could be a trigger :hey:


I tried to speak to the 5 NPCs with two lines of dialog then went to the Officer Spirit… nothing. He only has one line. I tried to activate the Sleeping Owl Statue but it still doesn’t react. So if this leads to a trigger, it must be with the Troubadour.

I talked to the NPCs in the next area, they all have only one line of dialog, so Kateen is indeed special. Maybe you have to complete all the other quests up to Sunset Flag Forest first…


I’ve been thinking about this one lately.
Like others said, there’s no way to be sure what this means.

If I were to make a wild guess (and let me note here that I work as games programmer) it would be respawn time between 420 and 450 minutes (7 - 7.5 hours), duration of 30 minutes.

This theory doesn’t seem to fit with my recordings though. I’ve recorder that spot for 8+ hours a few times and he never showed up.
Possibly he shows up in random places like Troubadour so I’ve missed him.

In Entrance of Kateen Forest there is also a trigger for Troubadour with a function call
“Tactics MON_F_KATYN_7_BARD_TRIGGER(delay/160/200)”.


I was going through the lv100-lv200 questfiles looking for unrelated stuff and found this, is this dialogue from the Sunset Forest questline? thought it was interesting

QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001688 Foreseeing Owl Sculptor 예지의 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001689 So you finally came here. 드디어 여기까지 오셨군요. 예지의 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001690 Before we get into the assessment, we should defeat the monsters nearby.{nl}We can’t proceed to the assessment like this. 시험을 치르기 전에 근처의 몬스터를 처치할 필요가 있습니다.{nl}이대로 시험을 치를 수는 없습니다. 예지의 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001691 You are indeed growing. 당신은 확실히 성장하고 있습니다. 예지의 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001692 You are indeed the person I was waiting for. 확실히 당신은 제가 기다렸던 분이 맞습니다. 예지의 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001693 Okay. let’s proceed to the assessment.{nl}You must awake the owls that will give you tests.{nl}Awake the three sculptures and try those three tests. 그럼 시험을 시작하겠습니다.{nl}당신은 시험관이 될 부엉이들을 깨워야 합니다.{nl}세 개의 조각상을 깨우고 세 가지 시험에 도전하십시오. 예지의 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001694 I am sure you can do it. 당신이라면 충분히 해내실 수 있습니다. 예지의 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001695 Examiner Owl Sculpture 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001696 I will wait at the assessment site.{nl}Please awake the other owls. 저는 시험장소에서 기다리고 있겠습니다.{nl}나머지 시험관 부엉이들도 깨워주세요. 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001697 Thanks.{nl}You woke me up.{nl}Are you read for the test? 반갑습니다.{nl}저를 깨우셨다는 건… {nl}시험에 도전하시는 것입니까? 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001698 I will wait at the assessment site.{nl}Good luck… 시험장소에서 기다리겠습니다.{nl}무운을 빕니다… 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001699 You woke me up…{nl}You are ready to take the test, right? 제가 깨어났다는 건…{nl}시험을 치를 준비가 되셨다는 뜻이로군요? 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001700 Okay, then let’s start the test.{nl}Please come to the place. 예지를 따르는 분이시여, 그럼 시험을 시작하겠습니다.{nl}약속된 장소로 와주십시오… 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001701 You passed the first test. 당신은 첫 번째 시험을 통과하셨습니다. 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001702 Please prepare for the second test.{nl}Please talk to me when you are ready. 두 번째 시험을 준비해주십시오.{nl}준비되면 제게 말을 걸어 주십시오. 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001703 You passed the second test. 당신은 두 번째 시험을 통과하셨습니다. 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001704 This is gonna be the last test.{nl}Are you ready? 마지막 시험입니다.{nl}준비는 되셨습니까? 시험관 부엉이 조각상
QUEST_LV_0100_20150317_001705 You passed the last test.{nl}Congratulations.{nl}Please meet the Foreseeing Owl.