Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


Looks like a Linker…

Is the image old?_?


isn’t that the quest with the soldier’s spirits?


Yes the simplification of things are sometimes sad, but I think necessary for us players like in the case of Diev’s different sculpting wood types for different statues became one type called Sculpting Wood, and that the Cleric Master sells all Cleric 2nd or higher materials so you don’t really need to leave Klaipedia to get those items from the classes respective Masters/Submasters. These changes are really neat for me tbh.

Also this whole investigation on the weird interactions of this whole Owl stuff really intrigues me since I’m an avid fan of the Diev class, and despite knowing that Owl’s suppose to guide the souls after they were dead to the Goddess, it is really weird that the Dievderbys Master Tesla himself, teached us to Craft the Owl Sculpture as a Poison gas emitting attacking Sculpture instead of a Benevolent Holy Element attacking one really contradicts what the Owl NPCs had been telling us Revelators about their purpose.

It seems that to me personally, the Owl Sculptures were originally intended for a specific purpose but in the end, having an identity crisis after been through so long and have learnt from the souls passing for so long have developed a sense of autonomy that an Artificial Intelligence would end up but, with the moral code of seemingly still believe they are still needed despite how Kupoles and Revelators are still the most favourable to the Goddesses.

Now the main curiosity I have that I might suggest for your team’s effort of pursuing the whole mystery:

Could a Dievderbys class character trigger some sort of reaction for the owls by crafting sculptures around them? Since the sculptures were not only was taught from Tesla himself but also are Magic Circles, which manifests in the image of Goddesses, might one of the sculptures calm the Emotional(Sensitive) Owl? Might the Explaining Owl have different dialogue if you craft an owl in front of it? Though all this suggestions might just have no effect in the end.

Master Tesla is also such an underrated Class Master too, because he was most likely the one who crafted all those Goddess Statues all over the whole world, well because I have read a slab beside the Goddess Statue in Demon Prison District 2 which he left a message that he built the statue for his devotion to the Goddesses. Which also those Owls did state that their existence proves Tesla’s Immortality?


People have tested that in the past I think, I think IMC wouldn’t design it that way because it’d be impossible for non-dievs to finish then. Hidden quest interactions we know about include mechanics like

-having a specific item in the inventory (needed for 2 hidden quest)
-using specific emotes
-saying specific numbers (2 quests)
-talking to a npc while sitting down
-dying in a specific spot X amount of times
-killing specific amount of monsters in a area
-talking enough times to a npc to trigger hidden dialogue

i think working within the range of what we know works for the other quests we might discover it

edit: i’m sure we’ve tested diev statues on the sleeping owl, but not sure we have on the sad owl


I was finaly able to contact that player. I just suddenly realised when I was in the middle of an instanced dungeon with him. :haha:

It turns out that those interactions in Poslinkis Forest are part of Onmyoji unlock quest.
Path 6


oh yeah the glitched jars in Fedi, I’ve been trying to read them using the Assassin Instant Accel skill which can sorta glitch you through things


that’s clever :wink:

I have been using it to skip through things by manipulating how the game invisible walls work…

some walls are super fast on pushing you back but other times when there is something on other side it can take it time…


I found the owl again today after 4 hr 30 min so it is definitely a spawn time 4 hrs +


do you sit on the map for 4h?_? and where…

is the channel empty or…


ya channels usually empty, you gotta sit at the owl, just set a timer, if it doesn’t spawn at 4 hours add a hour


but the big dilemma is what does it want you to do in those 5 minutes that it spawns…
I tried doing the “cry” emote for 5 minutes and nothing, tried talking to the forseeing owl and nothing


Lately I’m planning to get story of Modestas out of Sage Master.
It’s good to carry this book around considering it’s related to boulder, Kateen Forest, Tesla and Ausrine.
As far as I heard it will likely take a while though…

I was thinking of doing one more thing: writing down locations of Tesla Fragments from this post.

  • Tesla’s First Fragment - ???
  • Tesla’s Second Fragment - Fedimian Pot near Doppelsoeldener Master.
  • Tesla’s Third Fragment - ???
  • Tesla’s Fourth Fragment - Fedimian Pot near Girl.
  • Tesla’s Dedication - Demon Prison District 2 near Goddess Statue.

I am also still wondering about the Tesla dialogue where he mentions Kateen forest and owls being eaten. I don’t think he ever told me about it.
Does anyone know how to trigger it?

@greyhiem Perhaps you can help here?

#153 is back up so we can continue to look for stuff based off that

also I compiled a list of all the owls in the game

Broken Owl Statue
Captain Owl
Corrupted Owl
Devoted Owl
Empty Owl
Examiner Owl
Exhausted Owl
Forseeing Owl
Frail Owl
Gloomy Owl
Guide Owl
Hasty Owl
Kind Owl
Lonely Owl
Old Owl
Owl Chief
Quiet Owl
Raucous Owl
Sacred Owl
Sad Owl
Scared Owl
Sincere Owl
Sleeping Owl
Substitute Owl
Troubled Owl
Weak Owl
Worrying Owl
Emotional Owl


this includes maps between orsha and klai too?_?


ya i saw the emotional owl a few days ago too, he spawned around 4 hours 30min


there’s also a secret npc in Frienel memorial, I camped for 4 hours to see if anything would spawn, but nothing.



You guys probably already noticed this, right?

In Poslinkis Forest there’s these green dots, one from a NPC called Eimantas and another one called Unidentified Spirit. Close by, there’s an hidden trigger called ‘Trigger of Hidden Shop Creation’. Months ago I was foolish enough to try and set a shop there, even the Oblation Shop from pre-rebuild Pardoner when I exhausted my options, but nothing.


They are related to the Nak Muay unlock quest.


This guy spawns there, but I don’t know how or why.


His english text is:
“Wandering merchant: Like a dandelion’s seeds, I am merely one who follows the wind. Since we’ve met in such a curious way, perhaps you could spare a moment to view my curiosities?”


another traveler related to music…