Tree of Savior

[SEA - Telsiai] Reichsgebiet Armee


this is adorable, keep on the good fight o>


hey wrong person im fort!


ohgad wai did i du dat OAO sarreh sarreh >.< dis de second tiem i mixed u up widde tesu @A@ de furst tiem is wen i thot tesu was u @.@

Now if you’ve been hanging out much more with them then this wouldn’t have happened :hey:


It has been a pretty busy month for me ; w ; sometimes i even have to do fieldwork recruiting just like how i recruited oikuntz

You mean like busy on getting free 500 TP from this!? :hey:


Hey! You made it sound like it’s a bad thing. I joined so I can contribute something fun for the guild OAO

By that you mean that “small” fishing event you arranged? :distinguished:

Hey! i think it’s a great idea to use the fishing mechanics as an in-game RNG which you didn’t help me monitor on the order of peeps catching fishes >:U

Isn’t not-stopping you from your weird ideas not enough of a help? :tired:


Speaking of weird ideas… Remember that time when I’m supposed to turnover your GM position back after you resetted? Sumthin weird happened and I only have a drawing to prove it =w=;

I guess it’s a sign telling to move our tower back to jeromel park :hey:


It’s time to move the tower to somewhere more secluded :tired:


I think it’s time to report this to @STAFF_Letitia about our ghostly encounter ‘w’;;; this was reported by our member, fishprawncrab ‘w’/

She’s also the most frequent dilg farmer who puts the tower in the miner’s village, so maybe the ghost of Agaila Flurry paid her a visit and tells her to keep off her lawn? :hey:

What is this light thiiiiing?
What is this light thiiiiing?

Maybe you guys have a unfinish quest related to Aguila?

lol b2 here o/


That’s preposterous! i don’t have anything of the sort! >:U
*hides zima suecourt quests


Aguilla is hunting you cuz you no finish quest lololol


Yun sure has a lot of friends to recruit ‘w’; His latest is named Projecting ‘w’;

Aaaand she seems to keep on ignoring you :haha:


Feelsbadman :anguished:


Speaking of guildies, due to the temporal nature of members in any guilds, I prepared these sigils for each of us. These are based from a format I used that is derived from our username OwO

Something to remember us by as we venture to the endless progression of tomorrows :prince:


Sometimes i like to fool around with new recruits that ignores me, like Explosionn here XD

Hey! I recruited her! stahp messing with my recruits :sad:

Here we have one of Yun’s many friends joining us in fending off demon lords and the likes, meet Mashirokuro OwO/

Kinda not used to when you wear the official templar attire :hey:

Ariaflux here is new recruit that got interested on the guild’s relaxed nature |3

For a newbie, she sure does more things than you :distinguished:


Lately new recruits are doing more activities than me, like Estidal here ; w ;

I remember how it took you 1 year to realize there is a companion NPC in the game :prince:


Ah here we have Nekoht, who I had an misunderstanding from the 2017 Halloween event. But we’re all good now OwOy

UUuuuuuuu~ I get traumatic flashbacks fromt hat event :hey:

Maybe our rookie cleric Soulsaver can help you with your bad memories from it 'w’b

Pleaaaaase :sad:

And here we have another of @Yunseo’s friends, a rather hoppity maid bunny too OwO everyone, meet Shakie OwOb

Is it pronounced as “sheyk-ee” or “shak-kye” ? :hey:


RoyalgroundAlly Another Mission : Royal Grounds Ally

Social Learnings of Klaipeda for Take Retrofit Lustrous Beacon of Reichsgebiet

So the past weeks, there has been some issues in the Telsiai homeland that I went on a journey of self discovery

I arrived to Klaipeda and met some new friends

This demotivated one reminds me of Mogs back at home

A red dragoon named @Queue has been helping me get used to the Klaipedan daily life OwO/ I will repay his kindness one day :3

The distuiguished guildmaster @Csiko was nice enough to help me get my favorite hat, and taught general economics of hats in Klaipeda >w<b

Was able to finally meet the rare @DrRM who has recently able to resume his adventuring after a long hiatus |3

And the ever so flir- friendly @kaemonn OwOy who has been trying his best to remember who I am :’} Thank you very much for the welcoming gifts >w<b

I also bumped into @WarNux in one of my saalus runs, I think he recognized me ‘w’;;;;;

As well as @Therra helpin mi hunt a succubuss boss while leveling in the Feretory Hills OxO

I have finally met Clarina Owo usually we just chat on discord owO this is one rare moment with one rare doge owO

and the artistic @bubblegreen.t Owoy
(i forgot to zoom in ; w ; )
we were trying to copy our looks owO all hair the goddess bun hair OAO/

Again, my thanks to the warm people of Klaipeda, that I was able to establish a second tower at Miner’s Village and entertain the needs of our farmers since they’ve been wanting to have a farm that’s close to civilization instead from the one we have in Jeromel Park ٢Ow<

i hope you guys visit me here in Telsiai once in a while >wO/


Ah, it’s you. I understand now.

I learned everything I needed to know about hats from good ole TF2.



hats ees de real endgame quips of ToS OwOb

Thank u again X3 and pls keep that laurel for mi ; w ; i’ll have de shards after 5 days >w<


etrert Welcom to Klaid! feel free to drop by and hang out :>