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[SEA - Telsiai] Reichsgebiet Armee

Willkommen zu der Reichsfeld

:hi: ~ I am Queenie, and this is Mogami.

And together we are~


Anyway, we are P R O U D soldiers of the Reichsgebiet Armee from the G L O R I O U S fields of Kingdom Territory OAO/

You forgot to say “Once” ~‘w’)~

Quiet you! Anyway, our nation is having some minor setbacks

We are the last remaining people in this area because everyone else fled :haha:

05 Entrance
So we are opening the kingdom’s very own Jeromel Park to travellers

As if we can stop them from entering if we didn’t :distinguished:

The beautiful scenery is an ideal place for camping, picnics, and sight seeing

Yeah~ I mean, if you don’t mind the crazy amount of straw people and their pumpkin dogs =w=b

At the very center of Jeromel Square is a statue of Goddess Ausrine, goddess of the morning star!

How do you know it’s her? I mean, this place is called Jeromel Park after all~

Klaipeda has a similar looking statue of her as well =w=*

Oooh~ :hey:

The antiquated clocktower near the residential area is great for photo op sessions

Nice way of saying “old and run down”:distinguished:

Our park office has a wide open space where general activities and events are mostly held

I hate going up that bridge just to get there… :tired:

But if a larger space is needed, the park’s shopping district can function as an expansion

Aaa~ People used to put up their shops here. Where are they now? :sad:

And last but not least, we also have a hot air balloon ride where you can see the whole park as you fly to the exit gate. Our tower is placed nearby as we see you off

Looks like we need another patch on the left side, the thing keeps falling apart~ :tired:

And so~

Komm eins, komm alle zum Jeromel Park~

p.s. We also accept any spare talts you are willing to donate for us to maintain this place and rebuild our headquarters. Also, please don’t give them to Mogami =w=

I sold all my talts to the NPCs in Klai (sell me your talts for 7k i help poo-- beg-ginners who want easy cash, that is if we have silvers to spare) :prince:


Current members and unexpected applicants are all cleric classes OxO;

as the sole practitioner of black magic

it’s hard to tell if i’m the one-eyed king of the blind people

or the heretic that will be burned at the stake

Mogs is fired up for some reason OxO;; we’re about 1 rank away to having a templar OwO

Aaah the pressure of being the GM is seeping into my bones¬ :heeey:

Here’s how camping would look like in the park OwO

Sooo tired¬ :tired:


I guess it’s time for some refreshments. The park benches is a nice addition for enviroment as well

You say it like you’re the one who prepared these food :hey:

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Well, i did boost you along with 2 members from 7am to 10 pm… would have been a lot easier if all 3 of you showed up for boosting at the same time…

We wouldn’t want it to be too easy now do we? Challenges build character i always say :prince:

Later that day…

Yes!!! We finally got you to templar (even though you slacked off every now an then)! Now all we need to do is level up your tower skills so we can get~

Actually, I’m tired. So I’m going to take a nap~ so you’re on yer own fer now~ night night :tired:

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Hmph! Whatever happened to “Challenges build character” and all that stuff :heeey:

Well, I guess I can make use of this alone time to talk about some stuff for the delays

We actually thought we need to level the tower up to 5 in order to use the hangout function. Only after we used up some initial skill points on other skills did we realized that it was the templar’s build tower skill the actual requirement to use hangout :distinguished:

*Someone warps in

Oooh~ Our newly recruited medic just came back from class changing. I do adore asymmetrically designed costumes

Everyone meet Kourindou X3

Let’s do our best in rebuilding the park :haha:

You know my profession is a bit different from normal medics right? I… Uhhh… I’m also waiting for someone before I can progress, so I can’t be much of help for the time being :sad:


Ah~ I guess there will be more setbacks here at the park than i thought. But at least we’re progressing 'w’7

One other recruit hasn’t been showing around to meet the members, I guess she’s the shy type?

But oh well~ First things first I guess. Maybe they’ll hang out more once we get the tower working ‘w’/

After many blunders and what nots >.<;;

We have finally made the tower slightly inhabitable >w<y Now if only we know how this farming thing work ‘w’;;

Great… Just the thing I need… More work for the guildmaster… I did my part! you guys are on yer own :tired:

Chiken AtaaaAaaaAAaak~ time for some victory yodeling~

temporary link to discord

Ah the tower interior looks so nice after everything’s cleaned up

We also found some really old stuff to wear that was lying around :distinguished:

We’re also planning to open the tower for public use so anyone without a guild take a look around

wait what??! :hey:

well… i-i mean of course for a fee of 1 talt? >__<;;

that’s better, fer a minute i thought you had me do all those work fer free :prince:

Morning assembly comes with Kou-chan’s cataphract friend and new member, Hourai ‘w’/

So can we call them Kou-chan and Hou-chan then? ~‘w’)~

Looks like news about the park is getting somewhere OwO I bumped into an old friend who saw our efforts in rebuilding the kingdom. Everyone, meet Yun OwO/

Oh yeah! I remember him! And a zealot too! More power to the cleric classes :distinguished:


Glad to join you guys. :haha:


we still have to organize out cluttered rank naming @w@;;; where do these reflect anyway OxO;;

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Today, I was finally able to meet an applicant that i keep missing out due to time constraints. Coincidentally we were doing uphill gold coin gathering. For now let’s keep his identity a secret, this mysterious dragoon has another friend who’s planning to join our small army OwO/

You just don’t wanna tell everyone about how you lost the pic with his helmet off~ :distinguished:

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i was able to meet up with our dragoon’s friend in Klaipeda OwO

You’re making it too obvious that you’re hungry, have you no shame :heeey:

Everyone, meet Vel OwO7

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*sneak sneak pretends to be a dog


Eh? Oh! It’s the dragoon from last time OAO meet Vel’s friend, Splash OwOy

After recruiting Vel and Splash, the unnamed white haired murmillo was convinced to join as well OwO

Oooh~ Leon finally decided to join us eh? I hope he’s ready for a lot of non-action :tired:

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and then suddenly

:hey: Blue? Is that you?

It’s my long lost warlock friend,Osborn! We go way way back OwO
say~ wanna join us? we don’t really do much but you get a cool looking emblem if you do :satisfaction:

Sure, as long as it’s for fun :prince:

The night is full of surprises~ i-i’m starting to feel the weight of responsibility as leader :tired:

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Speaking of surprises, a very serious rookie thaumaturge also caught news about our little group. Meet Phoenix, and she is just so cute X3

Let’s hope senpai here won’t smother our rookie too much that she’d leave the group :tired:

Well~ that’s it for this night’s recruitment surprise update ‘w’/ We did some dungeon runs with our returning players Vel and Splash afterwards

You did not! I saw you’ve been itching to boost our rookie a mile away :hey:

Hi, new player interested to join. Do you have discord? How do I contact the guild?
My ingame nick is LaPhoenix

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