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Haunted Guild Tower oAo!

Everything happened so fast, i wasnt able to get a screencap ; w ;

Ok so last week, Guildmaster Mogs temporarily turned over her GM status to me so she can re-arrange her templar build

Last night (a week after) i was waiting for her in the guild hangout so I can return it back to her

I suddenly saw someone walk pass by at the corner of the screen

I was going to say hi to this guildie when i noticed she’s a bit…


i tried to check her name, it’s AGAILLA FLURRY’S SPIRIT!!! OAO

before i can screen cap it, she already poofed out of existence as Mogs entered the guild hangout, oblivious to my just happened ghostly encounter

she got confused since we were joking around on the guild chat and then the conversation just took a 180 degree topic about some weird scenario

I-is this a normal thing??? I mean the ghost OAO?!?!

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Here’s a sketch of what happened ‘w’;;;

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Oh rekt. So you discovered the hidden chrono quest to unlock the hidden Chrono C3 skill.

I thought i was the only one that found it so far

Cat is out of the bag. :cat:

Really???!! O______o

Time Shift.
Max level: 1

Toggle to activate reduction

+/- 5s to duration of skills and cooldown ( Applies to only Chronomancer )

ah too bad i don’t have a chrono ; w ; what should i do though?


I have another ghost sighting photo, but again i was unprepared and she was too fast for me to react ( Mogs was pestering me to return her GM title ‘w’;; )


i was able to capture of her “poof” effect when she appear and disappear OAo

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another new agailla recorded sighting OAo

ive got a kouple that i wasnt able to screenshot back then ‘w’;;

this one in outerwall 15


was only able to get the off effect

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Outerwall 15 is full of ghost and dead already :confounded:

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lmao those lil ears ´-´~

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@DrRM mindblown @w@ you’re right :hey:

@mathias_cronquist i’ve been posting this for months owO

no one seems to be encountering this except for me am i being possessed by flurry’s ghost? :heeey:TL

back then it was just on the guild hangout

but now, flurry seems to be poofing in and out of the corner of my screen in spooky maps since the advent of episode 11

i got 2 undocumented encounter while doing the pajautas quests

the hardest thing is that i always mistook them for a player before i realize what was going on to take a screenie Owo;;;

did you completed the na-something temple quests :confused:

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i think that character hasn’t started that quest ‘w’;;;

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