Tree of Savior

[SEA - Telsiai] Reichsgebiet Armee



I ran into this bulletmarker the other night, her name is Xvkr

What an unusual name :haha:


Though I call her “Xev” for easy pronounciation XD

I read it as Ex-Vi-Kay-Ar :tired:



Here we have another one of Yun’s long awaited friend, Ark. Seems a little defensive ‘w’;;

Yun sure is migrating a lot of peeps to our guild :haha:


So the other night Scaevus asked what the card albums are for and wanted to try it. So we took the chance and brought our own albums as well ‘w’/

As members logs in overtime, it has become a full blown album opening event OAO

Is this what you guys are doing when I’m gone?! :sad:

Ohoho~ what’s this? :distinguished:


Here in the Klaipeda fishing spot, I have caught a rare catch OAO Fishprawncrab is one of Yun’s old friends OwO/ and she’s an active ET goer 'w’y

She’s also an alchemist specialist from what I’ve heard :prince:


The other day, I’ve use one of my tokens to sell some gacha costumes. An I’ve been using the premium emotes to welcome the new recruits. Nck is the first to be blessed with sprinkles XD

Stop doing that! You’re giving the cleric class a bad name :hey:


Oooh~ Here we got a rare member OwO Meet Heltzer OwO He’s from Australia ‘w’/

Whoa! That is kind of ra…

Wait wait~ What are the odds OwO Fortemps here is also from Australia OwO Now that’s 2 rare recruits in just one night OxO

If only my gacha pull was like this :tired:


ET run last week ‘w’ I have learned some dangerous stuff with the ice wall :tired:

Isn’t that the floor where you’re being sacrificed for the egg? :distinguished:


I also met Heltz’s in-game friend when I went to Orsha

You also kept on calling her “Planeptune”. I mean talk about embarrassing :hey:

I’m very bad with names ok? :sad:

She also looked like she had enough of your sprinkles :heeey:


Here’s another unusual recruitment meeting. Heltz was asking if his friend Rohskiddo can join. But they were busy at the moment with a field boss. So i sneak into their activity instead XD

You and you templar skills :tired:

You have them too OxO

Yeah but i don’t abuse them like you do. You’re practically invading everyone’s privacy with how you use it :tired:


Lately I’ve been doing uphill runs with Yun and Babou ( i want the hats ; w :wink: , time sure flies when you’re running it with peeps ‘w’/

Hey! i was there too :hey:

Speaking of guild activities, we made an mock boss raid the other night

We’re planning to have boss raids every sundays :prince:


Oooh~ This happened while i was away ‘w’/ photo by @Yunseo OwOy

They’re summoning Darklord Chinchin :hey:


oooh~ today we have a recruit who is an avatar of a popular deivė dainos from a far away land OwO Mogs and I are fans of this diva Ow<y

“3-9 - 3-9 you can call me 3-9
blue hair, blue tie
hiding in your wifi”


Speaking of stars, I ran into a new recruit by Mogs named Dzinstars, Dizzy for short ‘w’/

See? your job isn’t that hard :prince:


here are a couple of outings we made 'w’y

this one’s a boss raid :haha:

And this one’s from an album party arranged the one and only Babou OwO/ We also got 2 new recruits named Zazdot (far left), and Godleik (far far left). Both are Yun’s friends ‘w’/

Such fun memories, and she is kind enough to give us stuffs in exchange of the trash cards even :distinguished:


Of course, Yun’s not the only one who is inviting their friends, here we have Schweetz, who is Ossy’s friend X3

She’s better known as Suri, which is easier to pronounce :prince:



Another one of Ossy’s friend is Myciah who went to have some quality time on an uphill run ‘w’/

I know you tricked him to run uphill with you. whoe even likes that place :heeey:


Here i ran into one of Yun’s friends, Highlight~ Hey! come here you OAO

You mean you ran AFTER one of Yun’s friends :haha:


More of Ossy’s friends joins the guild X3 Here we have Git ‘w’/

Why doncha call him by his full name? :distinguished:

And Nyamukz OwO/ I like pronouncing her name for some reason

Nyamunyamunyamu~ :satisfaction:



Here we have Tesuto joining us OwO I received a friend invite with a different name but I thought it might be him |3

D-Did you just edit this post?! :hey:


Now here we have found a wild… I can’t tell if Pidgeymon is a pokemon or a digimon O__o;;

“Both” is always the best answer if you ask me :prince: