Tree of Savior

[SEA - Telsiai] Reichsgebiet Armee


thanks p-san >w</ thank u again for the gift :}


Hi Ho! :smiley: I crashed and couldn’t remember the link you gave me so I stalked your forum account until I remembered the name of this thread :smile:

it will be 1m talt for the image :prince:

JK :smiley: happy you are enjoying klaipeda… :hugs::hugs:


whoaaat? OxO u knew it was me all along all this time!!! OAO;;;


I used my passive skill to deduct it cause my memory sucks super hard xD


oh right right XD im so bad at this ‘w’;;;;


You guys still recruiting? :3


yes OwOy though limited slots left >.<;



Fishing with Fyunehachi as @Yunseo is performing a fishing success ritual OwO looks like it’s working though XD

Fyun looks like he’s meditating to catch some fish :hey:


I wanna hunt sum more suCCubus soon XD



ohohoho coming back for some more love eh? :}


Yuss OwO



Reenactment of the “is this loss” meme.

We are still recruiting as well :smirk: come join in on the fun~~


at Jeromel Park OwO


2 level 10 snowrolling sure looks cool OwO

Heeey~ that looked kinna wrong :heeey:


here we have Rusiky, who came from IndToS Owo He’s temporarily staying until he can regroup with his friends who plans to migrate to IToS Owo

Sometimes the guild also serves as an evacuation center for immigrants, no rest for me :tired:



I stumbled upon an unsuspecting Afflict who seems to be busy at the market along with many other peeps Owoy

You there :hey: stahp being nasty :heeey:



Such a touching story, I have read about how awful indoToS is in the past…


With the new recruitment system making it easier to accept new peeps. It seems to also make it easier for me to forget to take pics of them Owo;;;7

Speaking of which, this is what our banner looks like :tired:



i k r ; w ; but it’s also nice to hear them meeting up again in the new world Owo



Mogs wont have me unless its willing to trade me for that pillow :blush: