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How to find a Great Guild in TOS!

Greetings Saviors,

We are giving one lucky Guild Leader the chance to promote their guild in our next TPP (TOS official magazine!) :star_struck::tada:

Which Guild is the coolest? Help us find out! :sunny:

Promote and advertise your guild here. Make sure to include your guild’s requirements, interests, and more in this thread and one lucky guild will be highlighted in our TOS official magazine. :prince:

Feel free to upload your guild’s best screenshots/videos as well :camera_flash:

Who knows? We might just pick your guild~!



Hello ‘w’/
We are the Reichsgebiet Armee

We are a very laxed guild with little to no obligations other than have fun slacking off, thanks to our peerless leader (her lazyness level is second to none), Mogami Bluegates

“Mogs” for short, or sometimes “B2”

“B1” is me, Queenie The Bluesorrow 'w’y
Since both of us are nicknamed “Blue” ‘w’;;
Though not the GM of the group, people mistook me for it due to Mog’s elusive habit =w=;


We are the few remaining soldiers of Kingdom Territory (Reichsgebiet Army is a rough translation for “Kingdom Territory Army”), as you all know, is taken over by demons

Our prime directives is to rebuild the Eternal Kingdom back to its once glorious state OAO/

With the repopulation of Jeromel Park assigned to our battalion

In order to achieve that, we first traveled across the continent in search of old an new comrades 'w’y

Personally, I think Mogs just wants to run away from our duties =w=;;

But who am I to question her decisions? We are actually very fortunate to meet a lot of people

From rekindling veterans of long forgotten guilds whose souls still burn for all that is good and just


To helping novice adventurers in their first steps venturing to this fading realm being overun by demonlords


We stand together in blackest day :hey:

and brightest night :distinguished:

Reichsgebiet für die Ewigkeit :prince:

für immer Faulheit :haha:


*plays guild theme music :satisfaction:


Excuse me, just idk how good your german skills are, but to me that all sounds very N a z i -like :heeey:
tho i don’t want to offend you if its not ment that way!


hello ‘w’/ what do you mean by that? ‘w’;;;;

i just derived it from the game’s Kingdom Territory and how some stuff in that region is german-like ‘w’

Personally, I enjoyed your presentation! If I weren’t already in a guild I would have certainly applied! I also stole my team name from the German in-game!


than no offence :slight_smile: just enjoy the game and all the best to your guild.


@chohsan @Ashira
thank you for your understanding guys XD

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Guild Name: Dynasty
Region: Klaipeda(NA)
Current Guild Level: 17
Guild Leader: Starkisch
Co-Lead 1: Lin-Yue
Co-Lead 2: PaleMoon

Dynasty is a friendly active casual guild that tackles all types of contents in the game. We have a mix of old and new members, so all are welcome!

Talt donation is not mandatory but appreciated if you would like to do so.
General rules for members are just to be friendly, active and have fun!


We do random weekly/monthly card album parties!

And we Participated in Guild Territory Wars!

And here are some random pics of us :satisfaction:

image image image image image image


Guild Name: Pallium
Region: Silute (SA)
Current Guild Level: 17
Guild Leader: Campbell
Generals: Naaruse and Dawncat
Current membres: 27


We are a friendly guild, our goal has never been to have a large number of players, but to form friends in the game and enjoy the time inside the game in the fun way possible.

We always support different types of builds, and newbies are always welcome and welcome by all members, as we are always helping.

For this reason, we do several internal events in the guild to try to have fun, such as those listed below…

Our first version of Pallium Fashion Week an internal fashion event with rewards:

A Christmas event very common in the Brazilian tradition for gift exchange called “secret friend”:

We create events to farm together and compete amicably:

Like every guild, we also do the tower events together:

We have our own pvp, with standard sets to leave the fights more just and balanced, with different types of modalities to attract all the players of the guild:

We also do some parties inside the game, some with musical themes, like this one:

A lot type of parties!!!

And last but not least, WE SUPORT ALL FORMS OF LOVE!



Hello this is Imix, current overlord of the guild Infinity.

Guild members must be watered daily so they can grow stronger

When I am not actively forcing my guild mates to work in the Crystal Mines, I am busy failing upgrades on expensive weapons or researching lore.

Our guild is one of the oldest in the server stretching back to the ancient times of Arde Dagger farming and Dullahan camping. We’ve had three previous GMs before me, and it became a tradition that when the torch was passed to a new GM, they had to duel in the guild tower headquarters.

infopage10 `

Guild Eras and Leaders

Queen Cider the Bloody
April 6th, 2016-October 24th, 2016

  • The Birth of Infinity
  • The First War
  • Creation of Infinity store monopoly in Orsha
  • Survived the Guild deletion exploit

King Bucheplus the Mad
October 24th, 2016-December 29th, 2016

  • Bee Farm Cleaning Operations
  • Expansion of the Guild Tower
  • Mostly uneventful reign

Emperor Imix the Great
December 29th, 2016-

  • Re-organization of the guild
  • Guild events started
  • Great migration to the new discord
  • Lore initatives funded
  • Potion rations increased 500%

Infinity is mostly about having fun while playing TOS, we host a event every week, and do dailys with each other. A lot of the guild is made up of tos veterans, but new players are never turned away. They are forcibly conscripted, to be molded into the perfect popolion killing machine.

Guild Name: Infinity
Region: NA (Klaipedia)
Current Guild Level: 14
Guild Leader: Imix
Co-Lead 1: Goldsweeper


Oohh a guild advertisement thread? Almost missed this…

Big ad here




Would you like some honey in your life? Tired of being bullied by billionaire bad boys? Then look no further! Honeytrappers is here to stay. We offer comedic shows, endless entertainment and loads of fun at no cost! We are active, have our own website, Discord, Reddit hub and so much more! If you are seeking for drama and endless gossip, we are not your choice. We offer the best to our honeytrappers. <3

Sometimes we fight and sometimes we hug. That’s how our family is. We come and go, but we are friendly and outgoing. We help those in need and we love servicing our community.

You may thing we are silly, but that is the foundation of our glazed walls.

This is a kindgom that has survived many wars, ups and downs, turmoils, storms and lots of upheavals. We have been reborn more than once and we keep on giving what we do best.

You won’t find a crazy family like ours! We are unique, eccentric and sometimes weird. That is what makes us so notorious and well-known in the realm of Tree of Savior.

We like to give a good scare, but we sure know how to put up a good show. Ain’t no party like a Honeytrappers party!

Despite common jealousy, Honeytrappers is a dedicated guild. We support each other in combat and out of combat.

We put effort, love and a lot of passion. We do things the way we enjoy and we do not have to hide in the depths of Giltine’s black hole to plot and conspire.

Light or Darkness, Honeytrappers will shine through and will be there for you. Want to join us? Come and take a taste of our homemade honey!


Guild Name: Yorozuya
Region: Klaipeda


Yorozuya here! We are also known as the only Viet/TW guild on NA server, but of course, anyone is welcome to join us :sun_behind_small_cloud: We are active at night, mostly from 12AM to 4AM server time :baby_chick: Whisper HazyForest or me in game, if you are interested!

:apple: Hey, why don’t you have a sit and enjoy our story? Here’s how we start out… :apple:

:icecream:Well, as you can see… we started out as a bunch of hobo Clerics, Swordmans, Wizards and Archers. We didn’t really do much in game, until we met each other. There were only 5 of us, but ever since we recruit P*******-san, he kidnapped people from Orsha and lure them into our guild :skull: Thanks to that, now we have two of the coolest, strongest people on Klaipeda ! They still get stabbed though. :hamburger:

:tada::tada: Are you curious about Yorozuya’s quality bonding time? Say no more. :dolls:
You are always welcome to join us.

:lollipop: Wait! There’s more. Do you like PVP? GVG? Guess what, we also do GVG! :apple: We also did won 1 of the territories, Galeed Plateau. Why don’t you join us and help us win all 3 spots next time? :relaxed: Yes, you!


We hope you enjoy our little promotion :star_struck: Please do visit us in game, and ask many questions about applying to Yorozuya ! Hey, maybe you could find your cute other half in Yoro, since we have many cute girls and boys :wink:

:tired:TL;DR , here’s a summary about Yorozuya :tired::tired::tired:



Guild Name: young&naive
Region: South East Asia
Current Guild Level: 17
Guild Leader: DestinedWing
Co-Lead 1: Oneepunch

YN was originally a Telsiain guild established in 29th April 2016. It had it’s humble beginnings as a majority chinese guild and has expanded to become an international guild consisting of more than 8 countries together. We gather people to enjoy the game’s content.

Here we are all equal,we play together,have fun together and sometimes have pink world together?

  • Active player (no need 24/7 player, just spend time for ToS when you’re free)

  • Sincere to other members. Here we’re all friends, so we help each other when they need support.

  • Be able to join guild discord which is our main communication tool. Includes daily chat, news update, market for member, guild event and GvG planning

  • Be able to participate guild events and GvG.

Here, we have many internal guild events e.g. card album event and weapon enhancement competition. For GvG, no need to be skillful player, just willing to help is fine. We will try fit your character in a suitable party.

Sometimes, we just dance around if have nothing to do. So do come and dance with us !

Let me introduce some of our guild members via the video clip. Some are too silent, some are too shy, some are too toxic, but believe me… we can be good friends here!


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