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Bot everywhere in tos all server

at first bot only take place that less people to farm and grinding but now bot is everywhere especially in map that people have to do quest (ex.demon prison or solitdary). like i post in 1st video. they cast fireball on ground and mob instant dead when it spawn. so people cant do quest if it still there.

some people said they need bot for substand camp. i wonder they can make camp in dungeon? cuz even if those bot spread in dina bee farm. they change channel every 30 minutes. their camp still gone anyway. so the reason that they accept bot for camp seem unreasonable…

bot now a day so courage like you see. they are everywhere. taken people grinding spot, quest spot, mat farming spot… do we really have to share place with bot?

i feel if we can use boss album in dungeon should be good idea. since gm can not take down the bot. but it wont help cuz they will spawn back anyway…

i really excite when gm so active while my first bot report post. but 2nd or 3rd post i found out some of bot i report come back in 1 day after missing… some not even get banned even i can capture them 3 times…

so tired… if people report bot and all you do just ignore some vip bot or banned them for 1 day. then all we do just worthless and waste time…

now i stop make clip report cuz i dont know why i would do that. if they will back anyway.
so hopeless. this is very good game and i love this game so much… now i feel hate it too

only reason i still play this game is to play with my friends. and now many of my friends quit already… maybe i will be the next one

because it no reason to enjoy with quest story or grinding any more… bot everywhere


well you know what they say,

when you truly love someone, the same intensity is also true when it becomes hate.

yeah, i remember back when bot reporting is highly valued. now we have highly valued bots XD

some of them would even get back at you if you report them OwO

a lot of us play ToS to take a break from reality, it’s only a matter of time when reality catches up in the game :tired:

what server are you in anyway? ‘w’

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i used to be in varena server.

its not 100% clean bot but at least not this much after merge. bot avoid player… but now we must avoid them :tired:

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wanna join our lazy laze laze guild? =w=? like, we only made it for the emblem and tower XD

we boast that members won’t get in trouble with gm

when gm is always offline :smirk::point_left:

even the thread i made is just for updates XD

but of course, anyone looking for friends is welcome 'w’b

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thank you for invite me sir.:satisfaction:
but my main account already has guild

your guild really look nice and warm family. <3

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aw thank you XD

i just heard you’re planning to quit due to diminishing friends to play with XD

well, i guess it’s good that you’re not yet quitting OwOb

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