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[SEA - Telsiai] Reichsgebiet Armee

eeeeeh??? we actually have a recent rookie thaumaturge recruit named LaPhoenix OxO is that you? OxO?

well you can contact Blugates or The_Bluesorrow for joining

but i do have to say in advance that we’re a very lazy bunch. We actually form this so we can have our own house XD and a cool emblem 'w’y

also for rookie players to experience a bit of guildstuff ‘w’/

Had a wonderful ET run with you guys!

Stay cool! :haha:

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Thanks I had fun too XD I like the defend the crystal thing. it’s where my mirtis shine, along with all my other delaying tactic skills OwO

I might reconsider climbing that tower if it’s changed to a weekly thing :tired:

Oh my~ We have another new recruit, and a cat person too OwO Andy here heard about the group from this forum, i hope it’s the kind of fun you’re looking for ‘w’/

My kind of fun is sleeping and not worrying about growing responsibilities of a leader :tired:

oh come now Mogs! i mean look at all the people we’re meeting, and we do told them that we are a very laxed group OwO7

So I was about to go to sleep, and then suddenly a friend of Yun wanted to join as well OwO very busy guy from the looks of it too ‘w’ @Yunseo, you know Moriendis right? ‘w’

Hey~ When did THIS happen?! :heeey:

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Yeah, I may or may not have been kidnapping my old guildies. :wink:

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teksu is missing you ‘w’/

Here we have a cute paladin named Cereza whom we met in an instance dungeon run who wanted to join the guild after realizing that we are doing runs as a guild ‘w’/

we almost lost contact with her when time runs out. But was able to join on the following day :haha:


You went to sleep early that time too, you poofed out the moment i took the photo =w=

I was having some… Technical difficulties at the time okay :heeey:


Oooh~ we got a rare player that joined the guild. Meet Tensyostar, or “Ten” for short ‘w’/ Ten here has been around during the founders, but was not able to play during release.

I wish she was able to come back when it was raining practonium weapons everywhere :tired:


Here we have a rare newcomer~ Meet Al she’s from Indonesia OwO/

As ya’ll know Indonesia has their own server that’s not part of any SEA server, yet Al chose toplay here :haha:

Anyhu, I’d like to take this opportunity to share my art entry ‘w’/

Did you put our guild emblem like i told you to? I mean for shameless guild promotions of course :hey:

Hi there. are you guys still recruiting?
May i join??
lvl 291 dragoon:)

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Oooooh~ Leon made a new friend, meet Iceburn from Malaysia OwO/

Don’t worry, Ice. There’s hardly any guild activities as long as i am the guildmaster :tired:

I also meet up with Muffinshop while doing the shinobi questline in Fedimian ‘w’/

You keep on recruiting new members while I’m gone, I feel like i wanna hide from everyone for not being there to recruit them :tired:

Ooooh~ Here we have a rather fluffy new recruit named Stellar OwO

His name is “Steller”. have you no shame in mispronouncing people’s names? :hey:

Stell(e)r here offers some talt donations for the tower OwO

Yeah! We’re like “ok sure” :haha:

The next day…

Wha-what happened last night??? O____o I was sure I was the highest contributor so far >.<;;

Looks like a couple of peeps got a bit competitive with the whole talt thing… WHICH THEY COULD HAVE JUST GIVEN TO ME (so I can sell them to the NPC ) :sad:

Have some shame on your contribution OxO;;; i mean you are the guildmaster even OAO!!!

We have a last minute urgent recruit OwO Nocturne here is a newcomer that wants to find a beginner’s guild to guide him. He got recruited in the middle of Mori’s album opening session XD

I say he went to the right place, since you’ve been saving grind spots all over the place :distinguished:

Leon found a cute recruit named BlissfulBlitz hiding in the bushes as they wait for the appraiser flower

Actually she hid there the moment you arrive to greet her :hey:


Here we have a uuuh… rookie? Rather high levelled though O___o But anyways, meet Scaevus ‘w’/

If you have been going out more, you’d know it’s very fast to level up nowadays :distinguished:


Lately we’ve been having this surge of new recruits thanks to @Yunseo! Putin is one of them XD

I very much like that name for a lot of reasons :satisfaction:


Well I’m just glad that Yun is having more and more friends in the guild, like Babou here XD

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Today, while going for a dungeon run, Briesta contacted me and ask if he and his friend can join

So we decided to greet them in groups as well :haha:

Briesta is a little shy and got overwhelmed by the welcoming party ‘w’;;

Of course we did some more welcoming :distinguished:

He felt more calm when her friend Bronsted arrived

OK, now it’s me who is feeling nervous :tired:

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