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[Plague Doctor] Pandemic Experiments

@greyhiem ,
Thanks alot for all the testing and the great overview. Will help a lot of PD’s!

Much appreciated.

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Credit to gwen of course.

dem… i look like an idiot casting pandemic everytime after i use incineration thinking it spread the dmg of my incineration rofl xD

Disenchant can be used on monsters to aply debuff ?

Disenchant armour debuff on mob cannot be spread by pandemic.


Plague Vapours is spreadable right?

Yes, the Poison DoT of plague vapours is spreadable, 100%.
Can be extended by Pardoner too.

Pardoner discern evil will extend incinerate too.

Video for plague vapour + spread:


Yes, but Discerning Evil only acts on 5 targets right? How is it’s aim? Is it spreadable too?

I don’t really care about it as Inci can have 100% uptime on C3 being a Bokor with debuffs.

Thanks, do you have a PD yourself? May I ask what your build is?

Pardoner Discerning Evil: extend the debuff timers of all debuffs of 1 target.
Attribute: extend the debuff timers of all debuffs of (more) targets.
Range: 3x3~4x4 tile AoE directly in front of your character, so please face the mob/mobs you wish to affect. If your character is looking at the wrong direction, your skill will cast and it will miss.

-Best trick to spread CC:

  1. apply CC
  2. Discern evil
  3. Spread the new (extended) duration CC through pandemic
  4. incinerate (most mobs don’t need incinerate + discern evil, since your damage DoT is very high already)

Damage vs boss:

  1. apply cc
  2. incineration
  3. discerning evil

My new cleric pardoner has not reached plague doc yet, currently r6 pardoner. I delete chars & reroll a lot since I am a cheap ass.

Most popular cleric builds include bokor, at kToS:
Rank7 Cleric
5.3% Cler2 Boko3 Pardoner1 Plague1
3.8% Cler2 Diev2 Monk3
2.7% Priest3 Chaplain Cler2 Plague1
Rank8 Cleric
6.0% Cler2 Bokor3 Pardon1 Plague2
2.6% Cler2 Diev2 Monk3 Inquisitor1
2.6% Cler2 Bokor2 Diev1 Pardon1 Plague2

Image of rank 8 questionnaire

How is your bokor? Ready for r8 yet? ^^

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Thanks a lot, didn’t know it was such a popular build :smiley:

I am at Cleric C2 > Bokor C3 > Priest C1 right now, level 200, mostly play at my Warlock but started this one since I’m ready for R8 on him already.

Sorry, but do you know exactly how many maximum targets Discerning Evil has?

I like my build a lot and wouldn’t go Pardoner but I can see why most people would, thanks for all the info :smiley:

Discerning evil max 5 targets (with maxed attribute). Each level of attribute = +1 target, max level 4 attribute. Without attribute = 1 target.

You really like Dark Elemental damage right (sorc, warlock, bokor).

Kr likes pardoner since they want to feel powerful solo (and vs bosses), and like to extend the new rank 8 debuffs such as dragoon2 serpentine etc.

Priest1 will offer resurrection, which is very very great too. No other way to bring back dead players, just chrono backmasking.
Moreover priest1 will give you bless & bomb combo. Blessing buff active makes each heal tile hit twice, good to bomb bosses with holy damage.

Be aware of other doctors, they might try to overwrite your debuff (and thus your damage). Similar to wugushi poison debuff DoT problem.

Yeah, I thought it was 5, I understand in a WB scenario Discerning Evil can be great but PvE-wise a mob debuffed by serpentine will die veeery fast anyways.

I just feel like 100% uptime inci with 15+ seconds duration each overheat is enough anyways and Vapours has overheat and better damage/duration.

Yeah, I also like monstrance ans Aspersion for situational uses.

And yeah, I really like Dark Elemental damage hahaha (Rhevisan saddens me so much).

Since my Warlock can solo any end game content at full INT (20 min 145 dungeon, farm 270 mobs easily) I’m doing a more party oriented Cleric, but still can’t run away from those Dark dudes hahaha.

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discern has a lot of creative uses, and is getting more and more attractive.

it helps more on bosses and pvp than other things.

on bosses, discern is powerful, espeacially with serpentine debuff
in pvp it can increase cc by 10 seconds, so the 5 second freeze goes up to 15 seconds.

its really more useful on bosses though as they die slower. discerning evil isnt just an offensive skill, its also supportive. yes, it can increase incin time, but it does more than that. hexing duration increase, it increases debuff times from other people (so it makes that wugushi in your party more powerful) and more than that. and the death clock animation is pretty cool too

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The flaw of the design of debuff system makes Discern Evil bad during crowded WB skillspam.
If you have extended a debuff by +10s, for example serpentine 5s->15s, reapplying the debuff will drop it back to 5s again. Your discern will be on CD, so you can’t extend it again.
Always happens to me when I extend spear lunge, cleave, etc for swordies. They immediately reapply their debuff and overwrite my extended debuff.

Still a very nice skill, especially for solo bossing (fedi mission etc.), and party dungeon bossing.


I already understand what Discerning Evil brings to the table. It has both good points and flaws.

Thanks for explaining it anyways :smiley:

dont forget the animation!!!@!!!

Sorry to ask, but is it confirmed that C2 is required for the Pandemic AOE range increase attribute? Probably was… But just thought I’d ask. Was hoping it was just coincidentally added during the R8 patch. Thanks in advance!

“Requires: Class Circle 2”

So, yeah.

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is pandemic passing debuff exorcise and magnus?

Hello, the bleed from fletcher’s broadhead has not been listed, any way someone test it? Same for Zhendu, the property resist reduc does not spread but there is no info about the skill dmg in itself.

Can someone also confirm if the spread skills scale off the original caster or the plague doctor?