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Inquisitor PvE buid

I would like to know also, I’m making a similar build but with Diev instead of Priest since I can buy the buffs and Monstrance scrolls. Oh and would it be a bad idea to grab Monk at R5?

I think the video will have some chance to mislead someone.(I do be mislead before seeing the video again carefuly)

First, the boss in the video got Slithering debuff which make god smash damage*2.(I know title already said but still need highlight)

Second, the inquisitor in video max the Pear of Anguish, not only which can do double damage with wheel on the boss, but also Anguish same get the damage*2 bonus from Slithering. Remember dps of Anguish is really insane (single target)even without wheel in this patch.

Third, I inference the attribute lvl of god smash of the inquisitor in video is up to 70 or higher. And the weapon I believe got transecend.

My build is cleric3 pala3 PD1 inqui1.
Even through i do not pick monk in my build, by seeing many monk inquisitor gameplay, I believe most damage comes from inquisitor’s skill and NOT from monk. Maybe some but really not that much(expecially monk1). The main reason to pick monk1 in this build could be “wanna get skill for continuous damage” because inquisitor is about bursting dps.

Write these things just don’t want to see some newbie be mislead.
And sorry about poor(and strange) english.

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a thing nobody mention about monk is besides armor break, double punch debuff increases strike damage by 30%, so that should stack nicely with the conviction debuff for god smash. could be wrong but i don’t see why it wouldn’t.

for pd, if pandemic can spread conviction debuff, that would be good for packs of mobs, too since it only has 2 aoe.

but 30% of monk work on single target only while inqui have nice aoe.

we have some confirmation that pandemic spread convinction debuff? it is so good for pack to skip kabba and revenged sevenfold?

yeah that’s true it’d really only be good for bossing. hm idk how long the window is with conviction. pd has a lot of good skills but idk if pandemic would help too much or not. just an idea.

seem convinction will be better than kabbalist and revenged sevenfold?


Pandemic DO spread conviction debuff.

Just mention something feel pain. After spread conviction to many mob,
your best aoe, wheel and god smash are CDing.

You can spread conviction to many mobs two time, one by wheel one by pandemic, but your wheel which always use with god smash has CD about 50s.

Armor break, bleeding, double punch debuff can be spread by the wheel of inqui ?

i really think the +30% striking debuff is better than level 5 revenged sevenfold on a pear. it works on pears, god smash, conviction, smite, double punch itself, pretty much everything.

not sure about double punch debuff but armor break and bleeding can. i’m making a monk with some pd in there but i’m not that far yet.

Sir with pala 3 plague c1 and inqui c1 ther’s no place for monk :frowning:

whoops sorry XD

nah i think breaking wheel only spreads conviction

see this

cool video.

so wheel don’t work with ranged attack and magic.

same for debuff? i can’t spread magic debuff like convintion?

I’m the guy with the vid above. Strike bonus from DP can spread using the wheel which makes it insane. before pears and godsmash hits. It’s what causes the damage to burst on boss.


Hi, I’m the guy on the vid above. Godsmash and Pears Attri are both at 45% Slithering + Highkick gives 150% bonus from strike. If you watch the Magburk vid. The boss has 1.6m hp even with the debuffs from Rodelero hitting 1.6m hp for 3 godsmash + pears won’t be enough unless you use more debuffs like double punch and armor break for hand knife.

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mmh i have to reconsider my friend build so.

i was thinking about Pala c3 + PD for conviunction + incenerition + pandemic coombo that sound good.

but also +30% aoe dmg by spread DP sound really good.

now i’m confused and don’t know what go for.

rank 1-3 is cleric c2 + priest c1 and r8 is inqui.

optioons for rank 4-7 are:

Diev 1 Monk C3
Diev 1 Monk C2 - Kabba or Oracle

there are other? what do you suggest for ET?

also you that are inqui, what is the support you would want with you 24/7?

Falconer? Doppel? SW?

I do ET regularly with my c2 Cleric C2 Priest C3 Monk C1 Inquisitor and the only class I need for ET is chrono, that alone is enough to dish out enemies due to wheel, pears while usefull against boss are not that usefull on mob clearing stages on ET. Why do I think it works, Double Punch with Lethargy alone works well as it has no aoe limit. Spreading One Inch Punch with the Wheel silences enemies + bleeding from palm strike. Not sure for the purpose of Diev1 for inquisitors tho Kabba and Oracle are mainly there for Utility overall. It will still depend on your line up on which build is better for ET but I’m just giving an example from my case. Its an all rounder class that can heal, support, tank and dps.

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So, you think that debuff from monk c1 is better than kabba or PD ?

PD1 Pandemic is small compared to C2 and that’s not that much useable compared to Double Punch(No CD) What will you do when your skills are on CD? In my experience in ET even with a Chrono linker in the party, having other skills to use after wheel is important. Adding Kabba to inquisitor in your case will have better utility and is also good for pvp but not so much on PVE

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I see thanks.

Do you know if pears are strike damage ?