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[Class] Official Plague Doctor Thread

Keep it odd, unless you want to use DM for samedi. IMO, I rather use DM for other things like Incin, healing factor, heal and plague vapors. Maybe use DM with incin + plague + discern evil for more DOTs.

sooo with a PVP focused build, Almost full con, Animus, a litle SPR, i still have some doubts about what to get at circles 5 and 6:

This build is based on a pure CON/SPR tanky killer build. This build would be pure CON with a litle of about 50 SPR. The SPR is mostly to combine with pardoner/priest skills and for the mana pool.

Although i am completly decided about cleric2-bokor2-xx-xx-PD2, i still have some doubts about the pardoner/priest way. Pardoner basically for the Discerning Evil and Increase Magic Defense skills. Priest for purely ress skill.

But according to this thread, pardoner is not that necessary, right? then maybe oracle? priest C2? Help-me comunity! :slight_smile:

you might want Oracle than Pardoner if you’re focusing in PvP…

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don’t add SPR, just go Full CON with Animus, however your heals will suffer a bit because it depends on Int, and you need to level up your damage attributes of DPS skills to at least Lv.50

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is there a list of Debuff Bandemic can spread? For example i know it can’t spread Monstrance debuff …

I posted it there: [Plague Doctor] Pandemic Experiments

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Thx you so much.
So Bokor seems mandatory if we want to get an easy debuff …

i’m thinking about this build for the plague int build with miko

But i didnt put 10 point on Miko because i don’t know “numbers” of her skills :S

guys anyone know if the new attribute of incinerate “infect” its bugged?? because i dont see my incinerate spreading.

Haven’t tried it yet, I’ll let you know when I do.

Not bugged.

It just doesn’t spread Incinerate itself.

If you use a debuff (i.e. Conviction) on a target then kill it while incinerate is active, that debuff will spread to X number of mobs around the killed target. The area is about as big as Zalciai’s area, and X is equal to the attribute lvl (lvl 1 only spreads to 1 target, lvl 2 to 2 targets, etc).

Also note that it only spreads the remaining duration of the buffs and not their full possible durations. In example, if a mob is killed with incinerate and theres 4 seconds left to Conviction, only 4 seconds of Conviction will be spread to the nearby target(s).

Can also be used to spread Plague Vapors (though Plague Vapors will spread by itself at low chance while active as well).

Guys, which is the difference of a level 1 or a lvl 10 pandemic or fumigate? More chance to cure/spread or something?

More targets affected.

edit: more allies affected.

Huh, TBL aimed, Fumigate lvl 3 and Pandemic level 1 is the maximum deal of this skills aren’t them?

Pets/summons/objects should count as targets right, so higher level pandemic probably.
Fumigate frees trapped players in Kino Raise too (similar to pardoner indulgentia). Fumigate area is small though.

Wait, I am mistaken. It should be ‘more allied targets affected’ per level of fumigate. :cold_sweat:

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Hi guys, wondering how the fumigate purifcation area works? I sprayed it and walked into the purification area it doesnt cure me @@

I’m PD1 and going taoist on r8.

Just maxed healing factor, and incinerate, wondering what to use the rest of the 5pts on.

I’m Cleric2/Krivis3/Oracle/PD1, and looks like none of the status aliments I have can be spreadable with pandemic, looks like the only other move is bloodletting even if it overlaps with prophency. Beak Mask duration/cooldown level too annoying to me

Hi guys, I’m sitting with an ALT pally at around 260 that I ended using my free reset pot on since it was expiring no matter what.

I was wondering if an off meta C2 priest 1 Pally 3 PD 2 would work out decently enough for rush and in general low end game contest in party play.

My main doubts:

  • should I be greedy and go safety 1 deprotect zone 3 for extra debuff? paladin as only 2 debuffs, one is conviction and the other, resist elements, has long CD.
  • Aside from the HF 6(we do need 6 points for easy refresher, right?), Incinerate 10, Plague vapor 5, how do u suggest to invest for PVE only? I would like to put 1-3 points in pandemic for conviction no matter what (1 at the very least). In other words I would like to know what to prioritize between fumigate/bloodletting/disenchant for PvE. I guess 1 point in bear mask would be nice if I have anything left.

This is the basic idea (INT)

If any pve diev3 Pd2 can spair a suggestion or two I would be glad!

Thx in advice :wink:

what would be the theoretical most efficient levels to raise fumigate and pandemic to at pd2? i mean, most people you’d reasonably be curing at once and most monsters you’d reasonably be spreading debuffs to?

i gonna roll to cleric2 bokor1 pally3 plague2 (int)

max incineration vapor and pendemic
i spare 1 1 1 1 point in useful skill

why pally 3? Because of the upcoming element patch?