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Need help for a PvP cleric build - not a cookie-cutter one

Hi there,

I don’t know much about clerics but I love plague doctors so much that I would like to have one, but I’m most likely playing the game due to PvP, so I would like to aim it for that.
I’ve already seen some variations but Cleric C2 > Diev C3 > Druid > Pd2 and Cleric C2 > Priest C3 > Chaplain > Pd 2 are the common ones, I’ve thought about something different, but since I don’t know about how skills escalates with status points I would like to ask for your help. Also it would be nice if you could justify your choices, I’ve got to say that I’d like to adopt a supportive role but dealing a bit of damage, let me begin then:

Status points:
At level 330 without bonus either equipment should be something like 139 Con, 110 Int, 80 Spr. which is translated into 23’7k HP, 666 matk, and 4’5k SP pool.
As far as I know, Spr increases heal, mass heal and stone skin effectivity.
Int also takes part in heal, but is important in incineration and plague vapours. Nothing to say about CON I guess.

Skill points:
I’ve distributed them the following way:

Cleric: Kinda obvious this distribution, some may say that it would be a better level of cure but I don’t want to deal damage like a frontline, I prefer to use other people debuff to incinerate. Since fade prevents dark theurge, I thought of maximize it with safety zone points, a level 5 SZ + attribute should be enough.

Priest: Stone skin, ressu and mass heal are forced to be this level, I want quick assistance and good heals. Sacra at least level 1 helps a lot, so I think that PvP purpose it shouldn’t be higher, also monstrance to help my team. Help me with the other 21 points tho, thought of:

  1. maximize revive, but IIRC revive has a limited time so I don’t know if it’s worth.
  2. Exorcise: can help with damage output
  3. maximize asper for better phys defense.
  4. maximize blessing for better damage output, eventho my spr isn’t high.

Oracle: I was doubting if druid could be better due to chortasmata and helping with telephaty, I find that the useful skill are in C2 but I can’t go for this path.
I’ve read that oracle arcane energy makes a 10 min debuff which can help with incinerate, and also counterspell is godlike for PvP, but I’m not sure for prophecy since PD has Bloodletting or even fumigate.
In a balance and how the meta is, Oracle is my choice, but I’d like to know opinions of that, I don’t know if chortasmata deals nice damage or if it’s “easy” to land telepathy.
Maybe I should wait for Miko tho, since this class can take out each enemy debuff.

Plague doctor:
Healing factor: I’ve read that level 5 (DM) this skill can be uptime 100% and is the best heal of the game, so even if it isn’t with DM level 4 should be enough.
Maxed incineration and plague vapour of course.
Bloodletting lvl 3 should be enough due to prophecy up as well.
Fumigate level 3 can cure my team and a pet of raise, with divine might it’s 7 targets IIRC so it should be fine as well.
Dunno if I should take pandemic this level tho, maybe level 1 and take these 2 remaining points into healing factor and fumigate. Actually I’m not sure what it does lol.

I’ll reply as soon as possible, will appreciate every single answer since I don’t know much about this job in general. Thanks in advance.

Plague doctor bloodletting & healing factor are different at PvE and PvP.
At PvP:

Healing Factor

  • Duration lasts a fixed duration of 27 seconds.
  • Skill Cooldown increase by +20 Seconds.

Blood Letting

  • Duration becomes 15s + 2 per level.
  • Skill Cooldown increase by 20 Seconds.

Pandemic spreads debuffs (but not all debuffs) to all targets in range, amount of targets increases per skill level. Plague doctor poison is cured by antidote.

Pandemic spread list (it spreads black death steam too): [Plague Doctor] Pandemic Experiments

Beak mask is a better duration PvP option to prevent CC, but it doesn’t help your team.

Healing factor will remember the amount of HP you had when you stepped on it. If you get damaged, it will steadily heal back to the remembered amount. It needs a few seconds to heal back. So it won’t help if you get bursted too fast (malleus in the face, etc.).

Healing Factor

  • Duration lasts a fixed duration of 27 seconds.
  • Skill Cooldown increase by +20 Seconds.

This is always the same? Level 1 or maxed?
Also reminds me, revive is shortened in PvP, same question, is always the same time being level 1 or being maxed? I know that there is a huge difference between 5 and 45% of max HP, but if it’s the same time I could balance some skill points there.

Then level 2 should be enough right? That list is pretty useful tho.

For priest:

[Team Battle League] Resurrection will only apply once per round

[PvP] Buff duration has been decreased 90 → 30
[Team Battle League] Revive will only apply once per round

Still, the amount of %HP recovered increases per revive level, for PvP. Also the invincible duration after reviving increases.

Yes, healing factor duration is always the same at PvP. I think higher lvl healing factor will heal faster to the remembered amount than lower level healing factor.

Okey, this quotes are clarifying a lot, don’t know where to find this info so really gratefull you pasted it here.

Could you help me with the other aspects? Stats: More Con less spr for example?
Or skill distribution? Don’t know how exorcise works and less in PvP x) with exorcise maxed I can level up pretty high asper and max revive, but forget about blessing. Without exorcise I can’t max revive and lower asper ><

Excorcism creates a magic circle in front of you. It puts a debuff (level 2 debuff) on enemies.

It can put debuffs on enemies, total of 1 enemy per skill level.
For example excorcism level 2 will disappear after hitting 2 enemies.
Once an enemy is hit, it will start receiving damage by the debuff.

vid, at PvE:

It shows magnus exorcismus too, but you won’t use that of course (chaplain skill). If an enemy doesn’t touch the circle, it won’t be useful.

Blessing damage ignores player defence (similar to PvE), blessing always hits for the amount it shows. Though the damage is not very high.

Mind different stone skin priest scaling at PvP:

Stone Skin
[Team Battle League] The block rate scaling
has been decreased to [SPR x 0.5]
(PvE is still [SPR x 4])

If you wish to use stone skin, you need a lot of SPR to make it work at PvP.

Well, for sure you will not be cookie cutter
Cleric 2 - Diev 3 - Oracle - Kabbalist - Inquisitor for PvP :confounded:

That video and this quote means a lot and are really helpful, really!
One last thing, do you have heal, mass heal and blessing formula? Looks like Stone skin and exorcise are pretty bad in PvP, maybe these 10 points can be better for blessing even with that low spr?

Cleric Heal
[PvP] Heal Tile Circle Duration will expire after 10 seconds.

Each heal tiles heals at least 5% of your max HP + a random bonus.

Heal level 10 bonus
Minimum heal bonus: (165% of your INT) + 259
Maximum heal bonus: (195% of your INT) + 306

The game randomly selects a number between the minimum & maximum.

Original base bonus

  • 6% of your SPR per (skill level minus 1) bonus,
  • 2% of your INT per (skill level minus 1) bonus.

So level 15 blessing adds 84% (6% x 14) of your SPR as bonus damage, plus 28% (2% x 14) of your INT as bonus damage.

Mass heal
-Restores %max HP (10% at lvl 1, then +2% per level), plus a flat base amount.

  • flat bonus from INT + SPR.
    1 int = +1 hp recovered, 1 spr = +1 hp recovered.

Rip spr then, I’ll adjust skills knowing all of this or just wait until int/spr changes they said they were doing, dunno if this may help anyone looking here but it helped me a lot.
There isn’t need to make a whole thread just for one person replying tho, so next time (if you let me) I’ll just PM you instead.

Once again, all that info was really usefull to reconsider the path, I’m really greateful x)