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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge


I think BM3 alone have enough rotation on it’s own with outrage so can fit rogue or something if you don’t mind losing Fletcher’s Bodkin arrow.

Hacka probably need other class for good rotation and it doesn’t feels Hacka if you don’t got C3…at least for me.

And Velco Kraujas set is too good to pass up especially for CM camp. But I have so many weapon to get.


I was originally going for a1-Qs3-Rouge2-Appraiser-Hacka2 but I’m not really that confident with these choices.
I can’t seem to justify going qs3 other than mobility and some filler AA and Ranger seems really good right now.

  • Falconer is not an option for me since I really want to go Hack3 once r10 drops. (regardless of whatever)
  • Also, I would want to stick to just xbow/sword despite the 50% anti-air bow bonus. (so no SR/bm too)
    That said, is it better for me to:
  1. a1-ranger3-rogue2-appraiser-hack3 ?
  2. a2-ranger3-rogue2-hack3 ?
    (is appraiser now less of an option cuz of ranger? and will A2 provide me with a better consistent crit rate? do I even need to take rogue?)

Would really appreciate any build suggestion/feedback.

0 interest on pvp btw


End gear performance of Qs3 - Rogue2 - Ranger1 - Hacka3: repost video challenge mode <<click . Notice hackapel skills are used for AoE clearing because qs3 and rogue are bad at AoE.

Qs3 is decent sustained filler damage but lacks AoE. Qs also provides pavise to lockdown bosses.
For AoE you may swap qs3 for ranger3. Ranger3 + 3 free ranks + hacka3.
If you are looking for high damage, the highest damage option is fletcher3.
For your choices:
Ranger3 - rogue2 - archer2 is the easiest choice (no appraiser unlock).
Appraiser version: Blindside and devaluate are useful debuffs for party play too. Overestimate does not buff sword levels.

Archer2 vs appraiser for crit:
Archer2’s swift step adds 150 crit rate. Crit chance % = (your crit rate - enemy crit resist)^0.6 , so if you already have high crit rate, 150 crit rate adds less % crit.

Appraiser blind side: if you fail to crit, you get another chance to crit.
The crit chance % = blindsideLevel x 5% (so 25% second chance to crit at blindside lv 5).

Rogue2 backstab will use sword to damage an enemy. Rogue is very bad at AoE. Rogue does not provide strong damage skills but buffs for your other class skills. Rogue is a buff class for sneak hit (vs boss), or feint + ranger’s barrage combo to double barrage hits. You don’t have to take rogue if you do not enjoy this class. Rogue is most effective when you stay behind enemies, which is difficult vs mobs but easy vs boss. If you just need the ranger barrage + feint combo, rogue1 is sufficient.

@redwea yes. BM3 is a stand-alone class similar to musketeer3 now. The most used bm3 build is archer2 ranger3 rogue2 bm3. I have seen a few ranger3 fletcher3 bm3 (skipping outrage) as well but skill rotation must happen even faster than mergen3 version. I think sapper or wugushi bm builds would be fine too. Those two classes include an attribute to use secondary physical attack so they scale on pistol.


Ranger3-Rogue1-Falconer3-Hackapell2 Raid


Is Hackapell 3 so weak that every Hackapell video I see in online (other than skill demonstrations) are all Falconer 3 Hackapell 2 builds, or is Falconer 3 that strong?


Hackapel3 is not weak, just the best skill grind cutter is already unlocked at hacka2.
Falconer3 utility just too good after Aiming buff (cannot be destroyed anymore). Infinite assault after buff is still too weak, and the bonus crit damage attribute is already covered by ranger’s critical shot buff on falconer3 hacka2 build.

Ranger3 Fletcher3 Hackapel3 is decent but players prefer mergen3 version for this build.


Warlock2 shadowmancer2 or druid3 exorcist2 are in the same boat.
For the brave hackapell that will go c3 route, they may wait 6 months 1 year before they get buffed or updated to be in the same tiers of “meta”.


Which would be the better build to complement Ranger3 > ??? > Falconer3 > Hackapell2, Rogue1 or Appraiser1?

Rogue1 sounds nice for Feint + Barrage but attacks need to be back hits and I heard Calvary Charge no longer makes monsters turn around. Appraiser Blindside sounds great but not sure if it’s worth losing Feint + Barrage.

A pity this is how Hackapell 3 has ended up, being outclassed by a rank 2 and rank 6 class.


@4lkruzeth it’s not that hacka 3 is bad, it’s just that it’s not a big enough boost over c2 to warrant not being falc 3. falc’s aiming skill just meshes so perfectly with hacka c2 that it’s hard to pass up. honestly i like that IMC aren’t making all r10 classes (r8 class at c3) so overpowered that you have no option but to take the full 3 circles for it. hacka 3 is still a serious option with archer1>ranger3>fletcher3>hacka3, it’s just that the meta for that would be mergen instead of hacka. no matter what, mmo’s always have meta builds because it’s impossible to balance every class to do the exact same damage output. and if every class did do the exact same damage output, then things would feel very bland.


Rogue1 is most worth during bossing. Attacking the boss from behind is easy for hackapel. Hackapel is able to dash and reposition fast behind the boss. Feint & barrage on aiming-debuffed target is strong.
Appraiser’s debuffs are more worth for party play with physical characters. Blindside (& devaluate) are easier to use, compared to sneak hit’s requirement of rear-attacks.
Pick one to suit your playstyle, rogue for combo and buff (for boss) or appraiser for a bit more utility debuffer. You will be able to try both if itos receives rank reset event for rank 10 too.

Also falconer has already received their new attribute. It should stack with blindside’s effect. Either rogue1 or appraiser, with hackapel’s cavalry charge debuff and falconer’s attributes you will have many crit sources for the falconer3 hackapel build.



Nice, didn’t know that falconer’s new attribute also stacked with Blindside’s separate crit roll. Has anyone on kToS tested which of the two tends to crit more?

Leaning towards Appraiser 1 so I don’t need to do back attacks since its quite unreasonable to expect doing back attacks reliably in a group of mobs.


Falconer is way too strong compared to other classes now, i wonder what the devs smoked this time


Hey grey

do you know if you get a 3rd chance with new falconer C3 attribute crit attribute?

Is it like:
your crit chance
appraiser crit chance
falconer crit chance?

or more like
your crit chance
appraiser + falconer crit chance?

or more like
your crit chance
appraiser or falconer crit chance (which ever is higher replaces the old one)?

EDIT: ok nvm I read your thoughts about it


@4lkruzeth @Cless_Alvein Think it’s

1.Your crit chance (+rogue sneakhit if applicable, +cavalry charge debuff, …)
If fail crit, another chance for crit:
2.(Legendary Marnox card + blindside + falconer’s attribute for falcon skills)

Will have to look for a test video or more info.

Falcon is very valuable for raid. To quickly clear the statue room.

Also tom is covering the new archer skills on his channel, for example
Bulletmarker3 click here<<
Piper3 <<<
Mergen3 <<<.
Will update first post with these links too.
Of course they were already covered by others, and available on the rank 10 class forum thread. If you enjoy the video format it might be worth to watch.


Thanks for that info haha, now I’m more split on Appraiser and Rogue xD. Think I’ll wait for more videos to fully decide (especially since rank resets and R10 next week T T)


If you need more input or opinions, you could ask these 2 players on their video on comment. They understand several languages including English:
Tom (waiting for his hackapel vid) (for ENG, KR, CHI)
or AhnJeenBom<<click (for ENG, KR, JP)

I think itos will receive the skill balance patch + new fantasy library raid + rank 10 and the new Circle3 classes + new maps & quests (Barynwell waters -> astral tower, Starry Town maps, and new Memorial maps) + new Hunting Grounds + rank reset exchange event in next week’s patch. Hopefully the new enchant jewel system and new attributes too.
Ktos is preparing for the release of 2 new raids and the raid’s new item drops.


As expected, the predicted patchnote for itos:

Previously the Weistrer sword was announced, view the special effects in this previous post <<click. Obtained at the Magic Experimentation Site raid (nicopolis raid).

The other raid was announced today, the Novaha raid. The Ashio sword drops from the raid:

+1 AoE attack ratio
62 STR
72 CON
Special effect: activated when you crit with a one-handed sword attack. Provides an initial stack of +250 critical attack for 10s. Subsequent stacks provide +80 critical damage per stack (max 6 times).


Eh doesn’t seem much compared to other sword’s effect. They stat also ain’t that much compared to unidentified gear.


Sword remains the weakest melee-weapon in game, sadly. Get a primus 380 over this sword with new cap stats (76~78), and an enchant jewel option with +3 AoE attack ratio. The other sword’s 10% activation chance on Strike attack is low for hackapel3 (cavalry charge, infinite assault), however on falconer3 (all strike skills, pre-emptive strike proc sonic strike every 5s) hackapel2 it might be worth. But this sword lacks bonus stats.

Also the raid swords drop as recipe and must be crafted. If the materials are difficult to get, it won’t be worth for hackapel. The swords seem like they were made for peltasta-rodelero-murmillo(3) swordman classes without the ability to equip stronger weapons (such as 1-handed spear). The strike-proc sword would’ve been nice for monk but it is unavailable for clerics.


Looks like a weapon for rogue 2/rogue 3 hackapells if they still exist.

To be honest, I’m just waiting for IMC to decide that backstab gets the fencer matador increased range :joy: