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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge


Backstab’s range was increased. The size is not as big as fencer/matador but it’s definitely an improvement.

Hope to see more hackapel on itos after rank 10. However the archer distribution will likely be:
Musketeer, (fletcher) mergen, falconer on top, then bulletmarker, reiter, hackapel, moving to the remaining archers builds without higher class ranks6-7-8, and finally cannoneer bottom. Good luck during resets. I will update info on the new raid’s weapons (for hackapel) when they are released.


New sword looks good for pvp tho


Ohh aún juegas :3, porfin podres ser hackapell 3.


I’m still contemplating with Hacka2 or Hacka3 so I’m setting my other character first. Couldn’t find videos for Hacka3 vs Velco. Hope someone can sharee from ktos or itos.


The damage is really subpar compared to everything but matador3.
Now velcopter is not a proper boss anymore because of the damage rank10 provided.


i really want to stick to hacka 3 but its kinda not worth cause the dmg gain in the extra circle is almost nothing, also the new skill its pretty lame.

I think that fletcher3 or falc3 with hacka 2 are the best option tbh, have to try it yet.


Infinite assault damage is really LOW and the skill can also bug or send you to another place instead.


You were thinking about swapping 1 fletcher rank to rogue1 right? (of ranger3 fletcher3 hacka3)
Consider swapping hacka3 to hacka2 and rogue1 instead (ranger3 fletcher3 hackapel2 rogue1). It’s stronger than hacka3, especially vs boss. Hacka3 just if you really enjoy the class. Hacka is best at second circle, as mentioned prior.

Or perhaps change to the ranger3 rogue1 falconer3 hackapel2 build (or variation).


@lunettesrouges @atomsk.cs @greyhiem that’s discouraging to hear :frowning:

I agree for maximizing build, it’s better to mix classes like Druid3-Exo2, Falconer3-Hacka2, Warlock2-Shadow2, etc but to me not going c3 is like losing the identity as a Hacka and more like Falconer.

I’ll see if I have the time to level new character so I can separate Falconer and Hacka. I still think Mergen2 is superior than Hacka2 for Falconer3, another reason I’m a bit hesitant to to mix them together.


Unless they seriously buff/ add attributes or nerf the synergies, if players want to min max damage ( it’s not even needed actually in PVE) they’ll naturally come to this conclusion.
When I’ll get 390 and I’m not especially rushing I can record another video for 360 but the boss would take too much damage because of differences in level and r10 damage / attributes.
This is why It’s better to wait a nice 390 proper boss to see what it’s actually worth.
If you have enough characters slots, just make a separate hackapell3 xD


Hackapel friends, swords did not change (no buff).

Showing the new items briefly:

Common materials for all recipes
3 practoniums,
100 to 250 mithrils (Nicopolis raid) or 100 to 250 sapphire (Novaha raid),
and sierra powder.
The remaining item varies. It drops from mobs at the new maps (memorials, barynwell, astral, nicopolis).

Example of sword recipes:

Back to hackapel topic

@redwea I think you are set on hackapel3, so going ranger falconer3 mergen2 and making a new hackapel to become ranger fletcher hackapel3 sounds good.

@lunettesrouges new raid bosses are easy too.


I recently changed to ranger3-hakka2 and i’m playing with auto swap, curious is there a way to lessen the lagg when using hakka skills with auto swap from bow to xbow+sword?


how is going hakka? I propouse this build time ago focus on critical damage to improve the hakka burst while you can wait the cd with AA from quarrel.

my doubt is if hakka3 damage its good enough to beat the fletcher mergen and the musketer builds.


I got back to itos recently and noticed I have a high delay whenever I change inventory-items (such as item lock/unlock). Auto-swap is a bit laggy too. I don’t know if this is caused by an add-on or just implemented, because I did not notice the delay on the KR client.

@javier.mendez your proposed build is viable. It is a bit weak at AoE. Hackapel3 cannot beat musketeer or fletcher mergen damage output. Hackapel3’s infinite assault skill is not strong at all, so you just get a stronger grind cutter (mainly) at hackapel3. I did not meet any hackapel3 after the end of the reset event.

Musketeer debuff boss with 50% defence break, that debuff is unbeatable. Debuff supports other party members too. Bit weaker at consistent AoE.
Fletcher mergen consistent damage, a lot of skills and includes defence break with bodkin point. Decent at AoE with AoE ratio investments. This is also one of the highest hit-count builds for archers (due to magic arrow and down fall).
Bullet builds are good too. Bit weaker at consistent AoE. The bullets I know all play a variation of ranger3 archer2 rogue builds, so they have high crit on boss from behind. Bullet’s 2 most used offensive skills ignore a portion of def.

Reposting vids, so you will be able to compare some builds (with higher gear) at Mobbing and Bossing.
Drake raidboss
archer2 ranger3 rogue2 bullet3 drake boss<<
ranger3 rogue1 falconer3 hackapel2
ranger3 fletcher3 mergen3 as party member<
archer2 ranger1 wugushi3 musketeer3 rogue1<< . Rangee Po also brings ranger3 fletcher3 mergen3 to raidboss at t=10963 (around 3:00:00 of the vid)

Challenge mode (solo)
ranger3 rogue1 falconer3 hackapel2
quarrel shooter3 rogue2 ranger1 hackapel3 <<
qs3 rogue1falconer3 hackapel2
archer2 ranger3 rogue2 bullet3 <<
Had a vid of ranger3 fletcher3 mergen3 very fast challenge mode solo but it was deleted.


How good is combination between Limacon and Hack appelle? Is Attack speed noticeable?


I did not notice it.


May we have a link to this calculator?

other skill planners still not updated including the one you suggest in the initial post, this one though seems to be in English or translates properly with translation websites so it seems like that should be the one suggested!


Oh and below where you suggest tosbase in the original post under “build” you have wrote:

“Note: hackapel3 is not stronger than hackapel3 because the infinite assault skill is weak.”

This doesn’t make sense if you re-read it! but it seems from context that the second instance of Hakkapelle 3 should read Hakkapelle 2


I made a mistake there. It should indeed read hackapel3 is not a lot stronger than hackapel2. I will correct it.

I suggest this skill simulator for now, until the new one is finished. I know a new one is being built for Steam Server currently.

(English) Thai TOS skill simulator site:
Find it here
Example image:

There’s also the TOSCAMP one:
There are a few more but unavailable in English.


I was avoiding hackapell because I like rogue 3 and daggers but eh. I bit the bullet since
Decided to switch from my Ranger c3, rogue c3, Merg c2 to Archer c3, Ranger c1, Rogue c3 Hacka c2 and eventually c3. Tried Pied Piper but that class is…disappointing to say the least. Was going to go BM again but realized I hadn’t done it on this char and got bored doing the quest :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite enjoying the gameplay surprisingly of Hackapelle.

175 crit rate +150 evasion from Archer c3.
50 crit damage from ranger 1 + 5% Missile damage.
-75 crit resist from High anchoring as well.
60% Crit Rate from the back for Rogue, + 42% evasion down from Feint.
Its a shame Feint doesn’t have 2 overheart or a lower CD.

Crits come quite easily :smile:

Don’t know about viability but Im enjoying this more then I thought I would. Though still hoping an eventually Dagger based r8 class comes out.


Pied is just a very good filler for pvp, nothing else.

What build are u guys playing now?
A1R3 is the meta now, and hacka2 is the best option so far. That leaves you with 4 circles to build something.

I tried Rogue1Falc3, good aoe but its so slow on dealing dps (for velcoffer raid for example).
im gonna try fletcher now, guess thats all the decent options we have :tired: