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Ran3-fletc3 stongest. Don’t bother rogue if you don’t understand that class.

Gem red or green whichever you like.

Stats depends. There’s no magic number anyone can provide. Enough con for velco, enough dex to spam skill.


Thx for answer :slight_smile: How much is enough dex?Like 60?70?


Thanks for your information.

Is there any reference or test about cavalry charge debuff?


I don’t take str in all my archer. Once I put enough con and spr, I put the rest in dex.


Even in caster archers?Cuz Fletcher 3 ranger 3 is caster not AA.You even take gear with dex only?ANd like go full dex and critical rate?Plus my build got no archer 2 So rip Crit rate from swift step


Yes to spam skill. Already told ya stat point is subjective :sweat: Mergen Hacka

Both with 130 con 90 spr 180 dex.


Ok thanks Very much!! im having 2 last questions cuz I must be tyring you redwea sorry :stuck_out_tongue: my first is I have A 2h +11 bow aswell and A +11 sword ANd i have a good primus crossbow with stats but i dont have it transcended or enhanced cuz they told me i need only good bow and sword not Crossbow…Im asking cuz i saw you have a trans 6 xbow +11.And my last question is how much Critical Rate WIll i need to crit often?


I still cast some non pistol skill on my SR3-BM1 hence the trans. You don’t need if you have other char to use it.

Latest run without party to reduce crit defense. This is using Bleed Combo card. Didn’t see much crit compare to my Rogue1-Falcon2-Mergen2. Dunno if it’s Rogue or Zalciai was up all the time. But it’ll do for now. Hopefully I’ll get a better sword in R10.


impossible, it is minimum of 0. :slightly_smiling_face:

About AoE, I put an explanation on first post now. I might have a list of archer skills affected by AoE, it does not always show in the skill description. I must find it again.

The reiter skills are not affected by AoE (not even limacon). Just wild shot and concentrated fire use AoE, but those skills are rarely used. Hackapel offensive skills except leg shot and infinite assault use AoE attack ratio.

Some players take rogue1-2 with a dedicated aggro-tank for bossing. Damage boost is big when you attack from behind but it is difficult to solo and level the build. Lachrymator acts like a stun on mobs. Rogues suffer from weak attack and low AoE.

My own test result is 33%, this is why I put 33% on the first post. However recently discovered it is 35%, at least I was close.

Image shows 3500 (+35% crit chance) added when cavalry charge debuff is applied.
Notice it adds a true +35% on top of the ‘crit table formula’ (crit rate ^0.6).
If you have 0% crit chance, cavalry charge buffs it to 35%.
Have 20%, cavalry buffs to 55%.
40% crit chance, cavalry charge makes it 75%.
Have 60% crit chance, cavalry charge boosts it to 95%.
Cavalry charge debuff is very good.

@weterser use stats for comfortable leveling, you can always reset later if you really want to min-max damage.
The formula for crit chance % = (your crit rate - enemy crit resist)^0.6. Crit resist of enemy is half of their level. Level 300 mob crit resist = 150. Then calculate using your own desired crit rate.
For example 400^0.6 = 36% crit, and 500^0.6 = 41% crit.

If you are used to other classes such as wizard, please note archer AoE cannot match builds like elementalist warlock.

If you dislike qs3 builds, try ranger3-fletcher3 hackapel1-2-3 (ok boss), or ranger3-free rank-falconer3-hackapel1-2 (AoE utility). Free rank could be rogue, for the feint+barrage combo to double barrage hits (view second post), or archer2 for bonus crit rate on swift step.

Currently playing hacka+falc, need some suggestion, please give your insight! and its for PVE

@redwea the calculator

input changes yourself online


Finally have time to mess around with the calculator. Seems like adding extra 300 str or 5x level 7 Red Gem is like 15% ish increase with 7500 patk. This decreased more if you have higher weapon refinement or further buff around.


Dex benefit for some skill spamming and evasion while still getting some increase damage.
Str benefit extra raw power and Glass Mole activation.
My conclusion is if you have extra stat, go for stat of your build/playstyle.


Is this a simulation of your gear with buffs/debuffs? 10k physical def mob, must be Dragon (edit: dragon’s pdef is higher).

Most of damage power will be from Weapon, trans, anvil. Without needing to min-max damage, I think a mix-stat is most useful especially for new archer players.

qs3 ranger1 rogue2 Hackapel3 challenge mode

qs3 rogue1 falconer3 hackapel2 challenge mode

Rogue3 burrow allows the use of Piper Dissonanz too. No other new skills added. Burrow available skill list on second post.
Rank 10: Feint + Barrage combo still works to double barrage hits. Feint-debuffed enemies receive 2 hits per barrage arrow instead of the usual 1 hit per arrow. Each arrow of barrage uses 4 AoE attack ratio, and may be boosted by AoE attack ratio.


Yeah my Mergen with +11 T8 2h bow and Hacka also only with +12 T8 sword.

I see many dead archers doing Velco without enough Con when in random party. Even some still dead with Linker3-Kabba3 because random is not as organized as fixed. Plus lag and delay…100-150 basic stat is the most comfortable for me to stay alive altho some party I will switch to Plate-Con gear on Drake phase 3.

Btw how much is Velco’s pdef? Also does it resist debuff like Cavalry Charge and Feint or I’m just missing the hitbox?

Barrage definitely boosted by AAR. Been using it to CC CM with knockback to wall.

About QS3, surprised people still using it on build other than BM1. Good skill but it’s ashamed that BM have access to Holy Bullet making it hard to compete (Musketeer on different tier). Hence, the reason I reset my SR-Hacka and split to Fletcher-Hacka and SR3-BM1.


On video I see you are very good at dodging most of dragon’s attacks, good timed jumps and moving around. Other archer players ought to practice dodge too.

The debuffs work on dragon. Perhaps the many other debuffs are pushing your debuffs out of display?

Found 36581 pdef and 32730 mdef but unsure whether it is correct.


I thought about that too but then when you Grind Cutter with no crit, feelsbadman. Feels like I don’t have enough Crit rate in non -crit defend party so I have switched my Sword’s Yellow Gem to lv7 Green Gem. Will try in similar party.

Also considering A1-Ranger3-Fletcher2-Rogue-Hacka3 when R10 come. Losing 5% -def and 10 hit of Magic Arrow with better crit chance and stronger Barrage probably comparable. I don’t think I can afford Lord Marnox card as I’m playing too many character.

  1. Is this an AA build?
  1. Why would you recommend him/her to have masinios xbow for a hacka build??? NO WAIT,
    why would you put a medium high investment on one skill that’s only used as a filler if s/he could use a primus raffyes which are significantly cheaper and can have better stats than masinios? (not to mention, both base damage are equal)
  1. So if I were to choose QS3 > falc3 > mergen2 instead, does that mean I should invest on masinios xbow because it feels like a basic requirement :thinking:


yeah, to me primus have way better stats than masinios.
Investment in main hand is not required, but can help a lot evetually.


Hi everyone.
I would like to share my Hackpell build (again) after 10th balance.

My build is Arch1 > Rang1 > QS1 > Wugu1 > Rogue2 > SR1> Hackapell 2.

  • Ranger 1 is a “must” chose to get Critical Shot buff
  • QS1 can Provide some PVP tools.
  • Wugu1 - Enhance the AA damage and provide poison status.
  • Rogue2 -can provide some crit rate, Back stap’s stun is ok in PVP.
    Feint-Barrage combo and Lachrymator are also useful.
  • SR1 can provide basic AA capability and Retreat Shot is a convenient skill.
    We can also use Caracole to escape from strong PVP players in Resource scramble.
  • Hackapell2 is the main damage source in this build.

This is a greedy build that contain may functional low rank careers.
this may not be a damage optimized build, but it have good flexibility.

And here are some game play video for reference.
330 Unique Raid solo
Velcoffer Nest boss round1
Velcoffer Nest boss round2
Sausys Room 10 challenge mode stage 5 solo



The new raid sword (item specifications are subject to change), provides
2 AoE atk ratio
248 phys def
325 Strike damage
10% chance for Strike-type attacks to provide a 5s buff which doubles your critical rate.
It is not useful on hackapel because hacka does not have good multi-hit low cooldown strike attacks.


The physical attack is the same on regular primus 380 swords. If you already have a strong sword or drake sword, it is not worth to swap to this sword unless you really need the AoE attack ratio. Edit: unless you are falconer3 hackapel, all falconer skills deal strike damage so it might be worth to get this sword.

Please note: new special options provide up to +3 AoE attack ratio, so a regular sword will be sufficient for AoE too.

After rank 10 patch, builds changed to:

Ranger1 as best filler circle, like the old ‘archer 2 mandatory’ now.
Ranger3 rogue1 falconer3 mergen2 over qs3 version.

Qs3 x falconer3 bullet2/hackapel2, and qs3 musketeer3 are the few qs3 builds left.
Bulletmarker builds moving to Bullet3 drop qs3 because outrage cannot stack with running shot.

Musketeer3 strongest boss (debuffer). Sniper serenity buffed attacks are the strongest armour break debuff.
Falcon3 still best archer support/utility.
(Ranger3 fletcher3) mergen3 performance is great at AoE and boss, but is less vs boss when compared to musketeer3. This build beats musketeer at AoE.

Piper3 for guild territory wars.

Reiter still ok.

Hunter, scout and cannoneer are regarded as very low classes (reason for cannon’s rework as requested by ktos players). Lately sappers are becoming less too. Rogues are used for the sneak hit buff and rogue3 is very rare. Archer2 is slowly disappearing, for ranger1. With the new special options, you easily get +10% critical (max +25% critical, but this is rare).

Hope this answers all ‘what after rank 10 patch’ questions. Finally I will tell you to play any build/class you enjoy.

This previous post shows falconer3 hacka2, and hacka3 <<click

Compare to mergen:
Ranger3 rogue1 falconer3 mergen2 challenge mode <<<<click

Challenge mode Ranger3 fletcher3 mergen3 <<<click

Hunter3 and qs (pavise) builds are safe builds for this spot. Though hunter3 is rare.
Ranger1 hunter3 falconer3 mergen2 challenge mode <<<click

QS3 falconer3 bullet2 challenge mode <<<click

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