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Known Issues - July 5th

Greetings, Saviors.

We have compiled and uploaded the list of known issues. We are aware and currently working on those issues.


Please let us know via Support Ticket if you are experiencing other problems. When reporting issues, please be as detailed as possible. Screenshots, character/Team/server/class details, and timestamps would be greatly appreciated. That way we can have more information to work with on a more specified problem allowing it to be resolved faster.


:sparkling_heart: @STAFF_John



you reduce max channels on tenet church 1f… GG

And yes I have submit a ticket a long while ago to which i got no reply till today.

@STAFF_John The first thing that I’d like to do is to save every day till eternity passes away. Just to spend them with you…


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Noted. Will forward it to our QA team. And is the problem still persisting after today’s patch?

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You got me singing the whole song :smiley:

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Sadly, it is, I keep trying all the method over and over a day gap or so and after every patch or immanence. Still the same.

been wondering around in the forum and seems like this is one issues since the 1st CBT that is not taken care of.

Im just weird as to why I suddenly get it out of the blue since the last update.

Just a question, why didnt you guys include channel reduction in patch notes? I think it’s actually important to put them there because ninja’ing important things like this several times over just makes players even more mad

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Regarding the decrease in the number of channels.
We have reorganized the number of channels in certain areas to enhance the server efficiency. The rearrangement should not have negative effects on normal gameplay.

If that’s the case, I think there are far better areas to have channels reduced.

Even places like Klaipeda and orsha, outside of the first 5 channels most of them are usually empty or filled with random afks.

It’s really a major pain to have some channels reduced, like tenet church where we’re already fighting with bots in mob competition and now we even have less channels

The effect is big unless you guys doubled the monster spawn.


You reduced channels but didn’t increase monster spawns. This means the players now need to fight more with other players and bots. It also reduces resources driving up the price while making it harder for players to acquire the material.

You can reduce spawns to every hour and really make this game more difficult but 95% will leave it entirely. Fighting against players and bots for quest monsters isn’t fun. Increase monster spawn or expect an exodus of players when they feel the very real effects which are only negative.



Why is the cutscene bug not even addressed despite the fact that its been here for a week?


I’m just going to remind you:

kTOS has:
x3 more silver (people farm 130 dungeon for silver)
5 dungeon runs instead of 3.

And yet the whole International ToS community gets twice as less channels to play the game.

No negative effects you say?
Let me tell you:

  1. Grind parties (Truffles, Evac, Storage, Abby) will suffer. Because they will have to compete the farm on the same map with another party. And we don’t have quests up to 280 like kToS. We have to manually grind it for hours and hours and hours.

  2. Prices on rare items like battle bracelets, mithril, pincers (for grynas set) and others will skyrocket. We will have to pay absurd amount of silver to buy it from market. AND WE HAVE FAR LESS SILVER INCOME THAN KTOS. How are we going to get this silver? How are we going to invest into our attributes and buy gear?

  3. Reduced channels will only make world boss hunting even more effective. Because Cerberus, Ella and other valuable bosses spawn on Channel 1. Just a reminder that we still have no daily cube limitations you can get from WBs.
    BUT even if world boss mafia will continue to get every boss with their fletchers and organized groups (normal players have no chance to compete), WHO IS GOING TO BUY THEIR GLADIATOR BAND RECIPES for 5+ millions? We have no silver to buy it because iToS droprate is so much lower than kToS.

  4. Gimmicks on maps. Reduced amount of channels only means that you will get twice as less cubes every day with pendulum chest hunting.
    Twice as less Rasvoy Lake SP potions. Twice as less Thauma HP potions. Etc.


and about Silute???

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Of course it has negative effects…
The monster spawn rate and amount of monsters on the map(in some cases at least) were bad enough because you never actually changed them, they still respawn every two minutes (middle) and every five minutes(large).

This is NOT fun!!
We have to switch channels because it’s usually faster than waiting for the monsters to respawn and now you’ve reduced the channels on important grinding maps, so yes, it DOES affect normal gameplay.

Please, if you’re going to reduce the channels do something about the monster spawn rates.


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