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Channels killed in all the maps after last maintenance

I saw some grind zones now have more channels

On fedimian on Truffles we got 1 channel more atm

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They want more players farming white boater, that’s their intention for keeping channels like West Siauliai 20+ channels.

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thanks again korea .

So… I just got this message from @STAFF_Max in TOS reddit

“The rearrangement should not have negative effects on normal gameplay” I lol’ed at this line.


I got the same reply on this thread.

Efficiency is fine and all but as what’s discussed in the topic they probably made a big mistake on choosing which maps to have their channels reduced

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I’m pretty sure they didn’t manually choose the maps, it was probably automatically calculated based on how many players visited the map the past week or so.

Also IMHO, channel hopping to grind shouldn’t be required in the first place. It’s just a work-around people use to deal with the problem of too few monsters.

IMC should fix those problems first before removing extra channels. It’s like they WANT to kill this game at this point.

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IJust what they said. Probably they are cutting cost.
Numbers might be increasing at some point of time cos there’s a few players trying how the game looks like but it’s still different from " LOYAL and genuine players that they “USED” to have.

I can see that it is slowly falling thus cutting cost to atleast provide a “playable” server.

Am I right to say this guys? @STAFF_Max @STAFF_Ines

Cutting channels wouldn’t be that big deal if spawns/drop rate and silvers weren’t so bad

No, they want to solve the problems that seem to be most important for players. In this case lag and instability issues.

They knew the spawn rate of monsters and the density of monsters has been an issue since closed beta and chose to do nothing about it. Then suddenly decide to reduce the number of channels.

Sorry, no. There are better solutions to lag by creating proper netcode and hardware upgrades rather than reducing ‘channels’. IMC needs to stop looking for the 5 second solutions (that create more problems than they solve) to cut down on labor costs and apply real solutions.


Channels cut down? Where are all the “game is dying” threads when we need one lol.

The “should not have negative effects on normal gameplay” gets me the most. How stupid can you come up with that.

Rip silver farming at dina bee, rip grinding in the 211+ maps, can’t efficiently farm for anything anymore.

You have mine, see I told you.

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Nice freaken decision to cut down channel of high level maps, especially popular grinding map WHEN U F-K-I-N never port in the ktos higher level quest patch.

They sliced Evacuation Residential District down to 2 channels in klai :frowning: only 2 parties can grind there now.

I get it for places that have 19 channels and maps where it is not a popular grind area like the beginning maps, At least make more mob spawn.

This is a load of crap.
The fact that they didn’t put this up on the patch details already tells you they know this is bad for the players.

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Reducing channels on grinding maps, causing more ks and disputes between parties.

This is the kind of screw up that pisses off everyone. Well done IMC yet again.

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