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Known Issues - July 5th

Earth tower 7Floor is bugged in that the portal only has 1 hp.
Should be an easy but important fix and therefore top priority.

Whose normal gameplay? Bots? Because we have barely space to do quests there when there are 4-10 bots running wild there killing everything before we can even do, at least on melee chars.

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This would not be a big deal if the maps were open and not designed like ■■■■■■■ corridors but no, this IS a big deal. Only TWO channels in Evac now, the one only map to grind from 228 to 248 there is NO ROOM for two parties per channels. What is your problem? Cut channels and not compensate with better spawns, way to go men!

Farming anything is a real pain now, was still a pain before with the bots now it’s just impossible. Dina Bee farm is one of the two maps that could give decent amount of silver, now what can you do there?

How is this ‘not have negative effects on normal gameplay’. What is this logic? Stability? Please…

I STILL lose connection when trying to return to the character screen, being forced to quit the game, have to reopen the launcher 4-5 times in a row because it does ■■■■ all.

Step the ■■■■ up. You’ve been shitting at us for so long if you didn’t realize.


I second this.
Evac works only if your party is alone on the map.

Right now, a single grinding party can occupy an entire channel and still not be killing at max efficiency due to the lack of things to even kill (lol). Likewise, a single person can occupy an entire channel at popular farming spots. Instead of increasing spawn rates or adding channels though, you decrease the number of channels. There is literally not enough room for players now. And don’t even get me started on bots, who are already slowing player progress by killing everything in sight (less monsters mean slower exp and slower questing). You don’t ban them fast enough to begin with, and now you’re funneling bots previously spread over 5 channels into 2? What the hell?

The icing on the cake: Empty noob zones that you can go through in 10 minutes or skip altogether still have like 20 channels. Lol. If you used an algorithm instead of common sense, your algorithm sucks. If it’s the latter, it’s severely lacking.

Remove that stupid Team/Lodge system! Character name is character name but wait in ToS everyone can be a Kirito! For IMC “unique connection” between player and his character doesn’t matter. They count only the money. That’s the stupidest system I’ve ever seen in history of mmorpg games hahaha next time don’t delete my message.

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Too bad @STAFF_John you got rekt this time
Blame your boss man, for this hot mess
You’re still best though :+1:

Nothing about silute re-relocation? FeelsBadMan @STAFF_John

What do you mean no negative effects on normal gameplay? Do you even play the game?


what about the cutsceen bug while in a party, it kinda makes the game unplayable whith friends…

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You dont even notice us on patch notes that a MAJOR CHANGE like reducing channels on every map going to happen, all that we have is useless costumes and hairstyles… GG

IMC doesnt even play the game, like… you erase a respawn of Necroventer field boss dafuq

Fix the game already, theres tons of bugs like ET floor 7th and field bosses that dont respawn at time

Yo like -


Nobody’s responded so. Yeah.

"Corsair- Jolly Roger: “Folly Roger, More Like"
Damage buff not working.”

YES! YES! YES! Finally you noticed that <3

I’m sure you know this issue too:

Still no fix or acknowledgement of Physical Link causing damage to allies when buffing.

I use high empty channels cause they are free of spammers and my compu cant run crowded "big"maps :frowning:

Regarding the decrease in the number of channels.
We have reorganized the number of channels in certain areas to enhance the server efficiency. The rearrangement should not have negative effects on normal gameplay.

Even casual players (like me) are experiencing a negative impact on this sudden reduction rather than calling it “re-organization” of channels.

You guys are well aware that the quests lacks to push someone up into the end game.

Good for the server yes but for players it has a negative impact, you guys chose blindly without any consideration and careful planning on which channels to reduce. How about reducing newbie channels to up to 4-6.

Have you guys done a survey on what maps are being occupied through an entire game time before reducing the channels?

Can the cards and journals push you up to the end game? The stress of doing journals for casuals are no fun. We all know that games are supposed to be enjoyed not to be a stressful past time. Hardcore gamers might be suffering more than we do.

yes they can…

am doing a no grinding run and am already 194 with enough cards to hit 205 and there are dungeons, missions and daily quests…

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IMC, you really want to tell us, that rearrangement should not have negative effects on normal gameplay? Tell us that this is a joke, please, or you will lose very many players…