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IMC better do something with the acquiring of silver in the game

CM gives 200k silver at best. Used to be 1mil+
DS gives 400k silver at best. Used to be 2mil+

New HG requires players to be hella equipped, AND pay an upfront of 500k silver, for a time limited buff.
Times up? Well just pay again, but DOUBLE this time!
You died? Well just rebuff inside, but DOUBLE this time!

I do not despise whales! I was a whale before!
I’m grateful for whales and dolphins because they help keep the server running and also pay IMC’s employees.

But this silver nerf is just too much in my opinion.
Nucle sierrra drops are the same pitiful amount. Both in cm and in the fields.
Chances of DS dropping debris/dark frag is the same sad affair as always. And always Lada ffs.

Gosh I’m tired. I think I’ve commented a crapton on other posts regarding this.

So please IMC, give us F2P/Low spenders a chance to save up and buy the stuff we need to catch up to those who are, well, practically out of reach to be honest.

The way this is going, the only people who’s gonna be left in the game are big spenders.
The new players who wants to enjoy the game casually will soon realize they have to swipe, no-life grind, or just gets scared away.
OR WORSE! Steal stuff from their own guild and run. Yea check that link. Just for the sake of silver.

I have a LOT of things to say still. But I’m tired. I still enjoy the game. And fingers crossed you guys (IMC), wakes up and smell the coffee. Not just the freshly printed money.

I’ma stay away from forums for a while.

Peace out!


Is the silver nerf only in iTOS, or kTOS as well?

I’m in iToS; I’ve no idea hwo kToS is sorry.

Both KTOS and iTOS. We’re a 1-2 patches behind KTOS now.

There are a few things that required silvers and not goddess gabija tokens:

  • Players need silvers to anvil/upgrade accessories (Karaliene/Luciferie/etc)
  • Players need silvers to buy items from market (materials/scale/cosmetics/etc)
  • Players need silvers to maintenance or purchase buffs from players’ shop
  • Players need silvers to purchase extra items like like stamina pills or utilities item from shop.

I understand that the new challenge mode/singularity/etc offers a lot of gabija coins to compensate the silver nerf and help players to purchase valuable items from the Goddess Token Shop, but this is not enough for new/return players.

Trading/Buying items on market is a core part of MMORPG because it help players progress through the game and obtain items that they can’t get normally through content or unlucky with the drop rate.

I’m speaking this from my own experiences as a player who devote a lot of time in research and helping new/return players:

I did full 30 alt characters low level challenge mode grinds for the past 30 days, which estimate up to 900 challenge modes in a month.The number of silvers that you’re looking at a screen is coming from items/equipment/recipes that I sold to the Merchant NPC in town.

Each challenge mode take 4-5 minutes per run, which is 120 minutes - 150 minutes a day. That’s roughly 2 hours x 30 days = 600 hours a month for 42 million raw silvers.

I have to admit, the strategy that I used is brutal, but this is the only “efficient way” to obtain silvers early game for new/return players. Moreover, I had to stop recommend this guide to everyone who wanted to try out the game, because how brutal it is to farm silvers.

I can definitely sell the materials for silvers, but please keep in mind that silvers will continue to drop and drop over time until someone start to farm mindlessly and inject more silvers into the market. Players aren’t willing to drop the price for majority of items on market either, because they fears that they won’t have enough silvers that they can use in the future.

Also, players need a token for market or personal trade. Otherwise, they will lose out silvers A LOT.

The new hunting ground is a great way to farm silvers, but players won’t be able to access it if they aren’t using meta build like Linker/Sheriff classes combo or Wizard Pyromancer/Elementalist/Taoist etc to farm efficiently.

You guys made the changes because players would only build the same multiple classes/characters, and passing gears through team storage to farm challenge mode. However, the silver nerf and shift in contents would only force players to try out meta-classes and avoid building classes that won’t benefit them or show results.

Please put your shoes in the new/return players’ perspectives, and not as current players. You will understand how painful it is to farm silvers.

Please understand that there are players besides myself who want to see the game to growth and successes. That is why we’re providing feedback and our honest opinions about the game.

I also wanted to express my gratitude and thank you to all the players who continue to support the game by purchasing packages/Leticia cube/ goddess cubes. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch and you guys made it possible to keep the game running and letting us free players enjoy the game as much as possible.

Sorry for the long wall of texts fellas, thank you for reading, and have a good day.


Even as a current player who whaled before.
The current grind is way too painful and disheartening.

Amazing write up my man!
Let’s hope IMC actually considers this.

PS: Since the new HG is the most efficient way to farm silver, IMC PLEASE ADD MORE CHANNELS.


Each challenge mode take 4-5 minutes per run, which is 120 minutes - 150 minutes a day. That’s roughly 2 hours x 30 days = 600 hours a month for 42 million raw silvers.

This hurts to even read.

I hope IMC really checks forum. Post like this one should be acknowledged, because it really affects new, returning, and F2P players.

Just to share my disappointment with the silver nerf - this is for a starting/growing guild’s point of view.

For a guild, you need silver when you:

  • Upgrade labs (e.g. weapon lab)
  • Use guild buffs (group buff) - costs 1M per buff level

Probably one of the reason why most guilds and players just prefer to be casual. They are already having a hard time earning silver for themselves, what more can they give to a guild. I hope they consider to revamp this, like make gabija tokens as an option to upgrade guild stuffs (guild members can donate gabija tokens as well), or just revamp the whole silver acquisition system. Being competitive in this game is just for whales.

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The big problem in Tels right now is item stock. Raid Stones are 140k silvers each and the Res Sacrae Dungeon Hard ticket demands 50 of those to craft. Legend Raid recipes are costing 2m silver a recipe. And many other stuff that are so low in stock. If the server had more of these essential items, the prices would drop and this big silver nerf wouldn’t be a problem. Right now its imbalanced AF, what most people earn VS the prices they have to fight with on a daily basis. No wonder people quit.

I’m a returning player (with enough saved silver from the past) that never bothered to write on forums, but I took my time now since this is probably my last shot at this game.

The problem is how IMC poorly handles the game since its release, as it always been.

Silver is the tip of the iceberg and it wouldn’t have been a real issue if things were planned ahead with a minimum amount of effort from IMC side.

Silver is an issue because no one is willing to drop market prices, whales coming first, guild carried f2ps coming next.

In other words, people don’t give a damn about new or returning player and IMC did nothing to prevent this kind of situation, that was, frankly, foreseeable.

Putting a limit to market prices was too much of an effort.


Then they reward people for afking in the supposedly “support guild”, even worse rewarding vice guild masters that repeatedly leave snake runs.

Or guides dismissed by their own author shortly after he got his rewards, like the one written by the guy above.

And that’s just unrealistic too: the 5 mins per run do not include the time spent waiting for the purple mob to spawn, taking from 10 to 30 mins depending on the map, mob density and respawn time.
In the lucky situation of finding portal scrolls in the market, what he earned would be way smaller, assuming that every char runs the same CM in the same map (around 2 runs per portal).

Buying 30 slots to spam CM is the highway to frustration and to burn yourself out.

But that’s players being players, I guess.

Let’s just face it: everyone knows that there is a problem, no one is willing to do his part to solve it.

Telling people to use Gabija to repair their equip isn’t going to solve it, leaving snake runs is not going to solve it, being the viceguild master of the support guild for the sake of free TP isn’t going to solve it nor help anyone.

Whales aren’t helping anyone but themselves: no one but established players is going to buy their 40M tokens, nor the costumes listed for 20M to exchange for medals.

When I started playing there were just enchant scrolls in the TP shop that could’ve been called “p2w”, now the whole shop is a p2w galore.

New and returning players, unless guild carried, are pushed to swipe to progress and that’s what IMC’s medal exchange rework screams.

The new HG, albeit doable without VVR4, has a return of around 1M/hour + drops for established players, with an entry fee of 500k silver.

That simply means that anyone going in without decent gear is going to lose silver.

The 440 CM doesn’t help either: I’ve seen many established players, support guild’s vice guild masters too, ■■■■ around weak players that end up getting less silver than going 400/440 solo.

IMC had this brilliant idea to make people (whales/veterans) compete between each other to get the biggest chunk of silver that shunned completely the idea that it could become frustrating.

Then we have servers controlled by a couple of guilds setting taxes to 20% out of pure greed.

The state of the game is a complete nightmare for anyone but whales/veterans and if things don’t change asap there soon will only be whales and guild carried f2ps playing.

The game touched its all-time lowest point and its losing players in droves: 250 players per server aren’t enough and I’m assuming an even distribution, which is not obviously the case.

Limiting the market prices is the cheapest and fastest solution, although is going to piss some whales off.

Point is: this situation is bad for everyone, with most of instances deserted from Tuestay to Saturday, long CM queues (unless willing/able to solo), a dead marketplace and so on.

Either everyone stops being selfish or the game is fubar.

IMC never listened to ITOS players, you have to cross fingers and hope that KToS players complain too.


I am absolutely curious on how the KToS community are after these changes.
Are they okay with it?
Anybody got info?

They’re in the same situation as we are right now:

Actually, the biggest problem with automatching overall is the fact the userbase is too small, no matter what anyone says. Looking at the patches and updates IMC adds, they don’t seem to be aiming to increase the number of users. They seem to just be trying to create an optimized game with the current user pool. Automatching needs to be revamped if they’re going to keep things how they are, as the situation is only getting worse.

From that link, I see no mention regarding the silver nerf.
Did I miss it? Or are the KToS community okay with it?

Yeah, that’s ultimately what I was getting at when I asked if they had the silver nerf as well. - What was the situation over there initially, and what have the effects of the change been for them? I’m coming back to the game after a couple years away, so I’ve only got a general understanding.
In all likelihood this whole scenario is a Korean solution for a Korean problem. Whatever the issue was that resulted in them taking this course of action - while it undoubtedly existed in iTOS, I doubt the actual impact in our version was as severe as kTOS. Since there are a number of factors that affect a game’s economy (population, etc), there isn’t going to be a global solution… even with the same root problem involved. Even if it wasn’t an issue at all for us, the fix would be implemented as part of a content update.

I’ve played a few different Korean games (RO, DFO, TOS), and my understanding is that the international versions are just a downstream operation. They are ran by a totally different team that has nothing to do with development. We get whatever Korea does - just several months later. Feedback from other servers usually doesn’t get much attention, and that’s if it gets passed along at all. Even if IMC does make it a point to take our interests into account, the Korean version will always take priority, simply as a matter of proximity.
One thing I can say for sure… There’s a much greater probability of them addressing our concerns if we can come up with a solution ourselves. Figuring out how to do something is usually more difficult than actually doing it. If we put together a list of suggestions, things to change that wouldn’t conflict with their overall objective. As long as it isn’t going to cost them anything or involve a lot of work coding, I think they would be more inclined to hear us out.

New HG is a scam unless you have a fixed party and farm 2F. I finally tried it today (1F solo) with a decent char and barely made a million silver in an hour :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:. Only good thing is getting those magnifiers and enhance aids, these are always useful.

I don’t think you have to pay double, can’t you just leave back to city and use the guild gate again?

Well you can buy enhancement coupons from Gabija coins, which also work for Giltine Crown, which is great.

Silver is only useful for market purchases now, but yeah for F2P player like me who used to purchase a token every month this has become impossible unless I put back every penny I earn each month into those 40 mil tokens :frowning:

Oh ok so 1M per hour is the average, this is even more sad…

Here’s where it is unfair: veterans had months to farm CM at 1M per run, accumulating silver easily. Now that silver is less common, they still have access to a large pile. New players don’t… unless they purchase packages with TP (see Treasure Chest Package for example).

Fortunately not on EU server, the main guild here is comprehensive and sets tax to 0%. :ok_hand:

I think 1000 players is the average and the number won’t drop that much after that. You have the core players that will stay whatever happens, which is probably half of the playerbase, then you have a pool of new players that “come and go”, playing for a while then leaving, but at the same time replaced by a batch of new players again. The problem is not the number of players, it’s keeping the new players interested so we get more.

Kinda of topic but…more than 50% of that population are just alts at least in Tels :smiley:

My hypothesis:
IMC knows ToS is dying and it’s only about time they cut the servers.
So they want to get the biggest slice of pie they can get their hands on before the ship sinks.

My hope:
I hope I’m fvking wrong lmao.


Yo. You good lads can also refer to this thread Unknown Sanctuary 1F/2F Item Drop Rates + Boss Info

Quite a few people don’t really agree with your sentiments. For them, You really don’t silver to play the game coz gabija coins is all you need. Duh.

Irony aside, I’m not saying don’t play the game but as an advice don’t heavily invest your time and money on this game anymore coz it is not worth it in 2021. Pick another game. Do another hobby. Just like I did.

This is not even doomsposting coz game’s been on a steady decline for a long time.