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Unknown Sanctuary 1F/2F Item Drop Rates + Boss Info

Here are the drop rates for all the items that drop in the new hunting ground added with the latest update.

-You need 470 gearscore to enter the hunting ground.
-You can only enter 1F solo, but 2F can be done in a party. If done in a party, all loot is split among members.
-You must pay 500,000 silver to enter the Hunting Ground from Klaipeda, Orsha, or Fedimian. You will have a buff for 1 hour that lets you fight monsters, and you can extend the buff inside or outside the hunting ground. Entering from a city requires the guild that owns the city from GTW to give permission, otherwise it must be entered from Kirtimas Forest (and costs 1 million silver instead).

Drop Rates

2F Boss Info

2F Boss Map

(map image credit goes to M9)


note that skiaclipse can spawn in one of the 3 middle circle locations surrounding velcoffer.

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How much is that silver pr hour?

about 1m per hour if you can kill fast and consistently. include the materials, u already cover the cost. However, it is not a silver farming but more to material farming.

1m per hr… that’s very sad to hear lol

Everyone milage may vary, but if you sell your drop, perhaps 3-5m per hr. Additionally, items in player market don’t stay at the same price all the time. Today can be cheap, tomorrow can be expensive. You need gabija coin and scale to progress anyway but scale is expensive for now. Some people just straight up sell everything including scale and without touching snake raid normal, they just keep accumulating silver. Tbh, silver usage is very minimal now.
A note of venezualian money can be 1bil or 1 dollar, but doesn’t mean we can buy a burger with it.

I’m taking a break from the game, but during the first week of the update, I was making 4 million raw silver per hour on 2F just farming bosses solo. The drops afterward can be sold for a fair bit of money, so it was very profitable for me, even ignoring the very rare expensive drops that can happen.

Now that time has passed and people are stronger, the kill speeds will only go up, making the silver per hour increase further.

Looting chance works here or it’s useless? o-o?

Thank you! =D
This status is too useless… =/


Still very low bro… i was making about x10 of that rate spamming cm before. I understand the reason behind it, but I think we cannot deny how too drastic the measure is. The income cut off is to much, everything else still needs the same silver expenses (except for the ones qe can now get via coins).

I feel it is a desperate attempt to deflate the economy. But it is somehow their own fault. They make the game spam this spam that, sell resets via tp, even give raw silver too.

I dnt know man, if feels not worth to grind them atleast for me

ah old inactive player who still locked in the past era of silver earning, not knowing endgame equip are using gabija token to advance, not silver anymore

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True and true. I have a few hundreds of silver in my storage that I want to use for cosmetic, but right now I’m desperate for gabija coin. We need a lot of gabija coin at +16 enhancement and beyond.

Crown need silver, lot of it. But, casual player like me don’t even need to touch it because the contents that really benefit from crown is whale content anyway.

There are many quality-of-life improvement done in this patch, this particular forum community rather focus on how to make silver.

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Grind gabija, not silver.

you can use gabija coin to buy the enhancement 100k voucher for crown. But you still need some silver to: do goddess grace, at least 15m each char to unlock luciferi, buying whatever vaivora you might need, crafting blessed/condense transmutor.

Who said I’m after end game equip?

It is also exactly like what you said, the guy’s inactive so thus unaware/outdated. Is there anything wrong with that?

There are also other things that coins cannot buy. A casual inactive player is perhaps a bit more interested in other things than slave himself for daily or weekly resets?

You see I speak up and although it may be an unpopular opinion, a minority of players could share the same feeling as I do who may not frequent the forums.

who said you’re after end game equip? Then again you asking about newest HG silver, you think you can farm silver there without using endgame equip?

Nothing wrong until you make some judgement about current state


Your opinion there is based solely on your nostalgia.
As Holmes said, It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

Moreover you admit you are a

Ergo, from 1 casual active player to another casual inactive player, i’m opening your eyes, silver is not as necessity as before goddess patch. Casual player can just farm gabija token/merc badge and become stronger/feeling making a progress every week too

but you can farm gabija token without slave yourself for daily or weekly reset.

NGL, personally i earn more from participating the market and sell some frequently materials in the market. Just to name a few

Aether Gem Frag
Boruta Seal Frag
Goddess Enchant Jewel
Dark Red/Divine Power pieces
Moth Talc (for some reason)

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Yes. I realize this problem. I wish they disassociate the cost entirely from silver. Despite currently the actual silver cost to make those is much cheaper, i still wish they entirely disassociate silver from gear progression and just stick with cosmetic and quality of life items. I want to say more, but forumer might just label me whiteknight imc. :confused:

This game is already 5 years old, if you are unhappy how IMC drop their content, move on. It will not change, never will it be.