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Here's what you could contribute to stop this stupid system

I myself is a spender in previous games i played. I really dont mind buying in-game stuff with real money as long as its legit, its a way to say “thank you” to the team when they do a good job managing the game. However, ToS simply is not worth to do that. Looking at several cases where people spent 1000TP or even more to gacha, and in the end still cant get what they want, and have to settle by using silver to buy the desired item in market with a ridiculous price.

This sentence hits the spot, “scammish” and “unhonest” are indeed the 2 adjectives to correctly describe what they are doing right now.

I feel like a lot of things in ToS are purely based on luck, which is completely random (or not?) in the database. While with common sense, we always expect something in return when we decided to work hard for it. Its not fun and game anymore, its silly and ridiculous.


Hiring more staff won’t solve everything.
I was speaking specifically about people who clearly say “They need more money, they don’t have much” (last time there was this guy saying how they should advertize their game more because they need more money if they want to fix things…).
It wasn’t even about whether they need to hire more staff or not, it was more about the fact a lot of people claim they have no money. Which makes no sense.

Not our job doesn’t only mean “we’re not paid for it”, but also it isn’t what we came here for and we don’t even have the means to make it perfect for everybody, since we don’t know how it is done in IMC’s office.
I’m all for suggestions and saying what we like/dislike, but it’d be impossible for us to find the perfect one.
This was what Lunar and I were talking about, it wasn’t a talk about anti and pro suggestions.

If some toasters want to help translating and ask for it, I’m fine with it (although I disapprove). But IMC coming and asking them to translate for them ? No, just no. Because it is an actual job. Don’t expect them to do it for free. If you want them to specifically do some work for you, then there’s a thing called “hiring”.

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Since we are talking about buying in-game items with real money, I have a stupid question…

I’ve never bought any cubes before, and I don’t really plan to atm. What is the difference between letitia cubes and goddess’ blessed cubes?
Also, for the goddess’ blessed cube this week, (or this month? Or this season?) can the rank A and B items be exchanged for medals in the TP shop?

leticia cubes have different sets of items, and is much cheaper. goddess cubes are more on costumes, hats, and less pots and what nots

usually it’s the main event costume (golden dog warrior) that will eventually get to be exchanged for medals (usually the headgear is not included).

What I meant is you don’t get people to do what you’d like by telling them they’re bad. It’s more beneficial for everyone involved if you communicate your perspective and/or try to compromise.

Persuasion requires communication, understanding, patience and often compromise.

It was me attempting to reply to the original post and the general tone of the thread while trying not to be dismissive. I should’ve been more concise and less wordy.

Despite ToS’s seemingly forced “release” years ago the game is still heavily in development. Systems are consistently being reworked, adjusted or discarded. Considering the aforementioned and limited resources/funding I don’t believe prioritizing tasks and feedback is surprising.

All that said, I think I understand your perspective. I had a similar one in the past

What what? #1.

IMC actually made a poll about it. Players voted for the 1 month thing as far as I can remember.


10160 votes. Is 10k votes a vehemently fight against the thing you actually voted for as if you wanted it?

Wait what? #2

C3 costumes always were sold on Cash Shop. They were never taken away from the base game lol

We don’t have cube drop rates though. It’s higher than 0.001%. I’d say either 0.01 or 0.02%.

Which Anvil update? The bonuses on +11/+16 and price reduction?

Forum didn’t actually fight against it. lol

Can you post any source?

There’s no rank reset in cash shop.

You can buy 1 via DLC (unique per account) which actually matches with A LOT of other forum users asking for rank reset to be in cash shop.

They actually listened to BOTH sides in a actually okay-ish way.


I won’t comment about each one of the items because for some you’re mixing overestimation of issues with other actual valid complaints.

It requires more quoting from older posts and I’m too lazy to do it right now for those.

Don’t get your hopes up kid, if you try troll, someone’s going to call you out, just like I did now o wo


Strange how there’s no “No Early Access at all” option.
Also strange how the 1 month option had much, much more appealing rewards.

Basically, yet another trickery / mind game / scam.

Yet you wanted it, voted for it and was happy about it. :woman_shrugging:

I voted for it because it was the least worst option. Very nice mind game.

Also, EA was hilarious. I had to buy a second pack because I created my character on the wrong server and the support of course said they couldn’t do anything about it. Then like 2 days later they announce a free renaming program. So yeah, I was more bitter than happy back then.

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IMC has broken promises time and time again. The people who defend IMC bullsh!t will say this is what every MMO does. Then they will compare it to to game made Almost 20 years ago that is absolute trash.

Then to top it off they derail posts then say they do it to piss off “trolls”. Only people who ever call others trolls are the people who are deepthroating IMC.

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Gathers 10k people saying: “I want this!”.

IMC: Ok people, decided by your votes!



I’ll never understand trolls.

Perfect example of a person who is deepthroating IMC viciously.


If I had a choice I would have preferred Supporter Packs with no early access at all. But I didn’t have a choice and had to pick the least worst option. Reminds me of the referendum in Crimea.

I applaud your efforts LunarRabbit, but are you sure it is worth it? The battle is endless.

Generally speaking, the people who frequent forums are usually more bitter and/or have a sense of being wronged. These individuals often dwell on the forums only to spread misery, doom and gloom while everyone else moves on. Seemingly they thrive on it.

And that’s your opinion, not everyone’s else. That’s where comes majority of votes against your opinion.

A lot of people in the poll thread also thinks that 1 month is good enough for for testing the servers and game and prevent the overpopulation issues iCBT2 had.

Yes, it is.

And that’s why it is worth. Forums are read by a lot of people. If all there’s here are people complaining and talking about non-existent issues or overestimating things it hurts the game in the long run.

Not everyone that read forums actually post. The posters are actually a really smaller part of usual forum users.

Some type of posts can affect readers negatively.

It’s also true that most users thinks the same way and won’t lose much time answering or “feeding” trolls (they want attention). But we also don’t have heavy moderation from IMC (and trolls would can that censorship lmao).

With a lot of nice people saying “it’s not worth answering them” and having actually too many negative posts one after another about overestimated issues, non-existent things, plain lies and made up things…

What image do you think you’re passing to readers about the game and forums?

A) The correct one that have real issues.

B) The overestimated views of the trolls that actually tries to push people away out of finding joy in ruining things.

As much I’d like to just ignore trolls, you probably agree that people will still read their posts and think everything they said is true since no one seems disagrees. It’s easy to show this, just look at the amount of people that keep repeating, even unintentionally, the things trolls used to say a lot in the past.

If we actually get more people calling out trolls for their lies and balancing more the negative/positive posts and preventing lies/overestimation/made up things from spreading we can pass a way more accurate image to readers, reduce the number of forum conflicts and make forums a better place and hopefully have more posters open for nice discussions like we had in the past before we had the “hues” and trolls in almost every single thread, just like it’s happening currently.


Don’t be stupid please. It was a biased poll with an illusion of choice. It’s like asking “Do you want me to punch you in the balls or in the face?”. The answer is obviously “How about you don’t punch me at all?”. Or maybe it’s not that obvious to some people.

Then why no one in the thread but a guy using a trollface as avatar asks for no early access at all?

Ok, you have it, 64% of 10158 votes against 2.

Did it change anything?

It’s a poll thread and the poll doesn’t have an option to vote for “No EA at all” for some reason.

But it’s good that this EA poll discussion was brought up. You can see the tactics and trickery used here.

ehh i remeber this shitstorm lol

i voted 1 month since i was set on buying it, because of hype.

i didnt want to feel like an ■■■■■■■ if i voted for 3 months and i didnt want to rip myself off if i voted for 1 week

tbh it would have been better if they removed EA and did something else, in the end people just wanted to play, and they milked that desire with this poll pretty well lol.

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Troll tricks are such a nice thing right @Memester?

I’ll watch some more anime. Have a nice day o/