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[Guide] Musketeer Indept Thread

Apparently alot of people still have issues searching for musketeer discussion and indept guide line.

This will be serving as a indept guide to and general guideline that all new Musketeer will be interested on.

This include builds variant and STATS.

I will leave out skill builds for various reasons because it is debatable and spec to various liking.

This Variants and keywords requires Players at least investing abit on archer line before you understand

Before i start this will be the few key things that i must highlight.

  • Musketeer sucks with auto weapon swapping.
  • Musketeer is a Stand Alone Package Class as of R8
  • Musketeer have a great burst of up to 3.4million currently attainable in 1 rotation
  • Musketeer is costly but does not require as much funding as others to be decent
  • Musketeer C2 skills are trash as of now
  • One of the better single target Archer R7/R8 Class for now
  • Musketeer CD rotation is 10 seconds after finishing upon last cast each
  • Musketeer is a HIGH RISK/REWARD play-style centric class
  • It have Rifles. ITS GUNS

Here are a list of Musketeer build Variants.
This is a general Guideline Variant with slight key description to how it is played.

Circle Variants

QS Variant Musketeer

A1 > QS 3 > A2/X > X > Musketeer 2

Where X can be Ranger, Archer, Rouge , Falconer For PVE and Scout for PVP more. Fill in accordingly to Circle limit.

This variant focus on Running shot, Caltrops. Pavise, Stone shot (great stone) that QS have ultimately this are utilities skills that is useful generally in pvp + pve

Do bear in mind we can skip QS orientated weapon later due to weapon swap lag sucks issue that is never fixed.

Running shot do have issue with Pings. It is a ping reliant skill

Ranger Variant Musketeer

A1> R3 > A2/X > X > Musketeer 2

Where X can be Archer, Rouge , Falconer For PVE and Scout for PVP more.

This build focus on having all boost utilities for Musketeer itself ( Steady aim + 20% damage add on to Butt stroke later (total 120%))

While filling in the CD of rotation with Barrage and Spiral arrow

Hunter Variant Musketeer

A2 > Hunter 2 > Hunter3/X > X > Musketeer 2

Where X can be Ranger, Archer, Rouge , Falconer For PVE and Scout for PVP more. Fill in accordingly to Circle limit spec.

Basically your companion Sniper. Honestly It is decent but with how IMC programs Pet AI.
It’s face palm try to avoid hunter 3 variant if you want less rage inducing issue now.

Sapper Variant Musketeer

A1 > A2/X> Sapper 3 > X > Musketeer 2

Where X can be Ranger, Archer, Rouge , Falconer For PVE and Scout for PVP more. Fill in accordingly to Circle limit spec.

Your Typical Trap master. It has a decent burst and works well in later of stage especially if paired with rouge/Falconer it do some neet work in the cooldown of your highest potential skills.

WuguShi Variant Musketeer

A2> R1/X > wugu1 > wugu2 > wugu3/X > Musketeer 2

Where X can be Ranger, Archer, Rouge , Falconer For PVE and Scout for PVP more. Fill in accordingly to circle level limit .

Basically Uguushi are physical damages mages with deployment debuff.
It is one of the highest damage over time.
While abusing Musketeer heavy burst that works well in this synergy.

The key issue is all poisons skill does not Crit and Musketeer favors Crit more. Which will have a stats mismatch thus needing high optimization to pull out for this build [/details]

Scout Variant Musketeer

A1 > A2 > X > Scout 3 > Musketeer 2

Where X can be Ranger, Archer

This is pretty much the bread and butter for Scout farmers who do not want a mergen path and The having a Musketeer path.

Do i need to explain more? Scout is a 1 circle for utilities or 3 invested for Split arrow.

Rouge Rainbow Variant Musketeer

A2 > R1 > X > Rouge > X > Musketeer 2

Where X can be Ranger, Archer, Rouge , Falconer For PVE and Scout for PVP more. Fill in accordingly to Circle limit spec.

Basically A Build that has rouge feint + barrage combo not losing too much on Ranger 2-3 (10%) steady aim can have scout cloak as well or falconer AOE.

This build focus is dependent on cards usage.
( Sneak Hit + Glass Mole/WW possible).
With this build you can spec higher Strength .

Archer Mechanics

With Build Variants On top

I will want to Cover some small Key points Regarding Archer Class itself.
This are more towards Archer Mechanics.

1.Full Draw is God Send it does triple damage when you Linked an enemy

Full Draw Mechanics[/details]

2.Archer Class Do gain Bonus Critical Rate with Level.

Formula for Bonus Critical rate with Level

3.Archer do gain Bonus Evasion to level.

Evasion Bonus

4.Archer Missile Types do have a penalty against Size.

Missile Penalty

5.Every Missile attack that hits the target will apply a debuff that reduce 10% defense. It will be caped up to 50% on a target (5 hits)

Other Skill Interaction Highlights

This part will highlight skill interaction combo for various classes before Musketeer. More will be added along hope i don’t miss too much out

Pavise + Tear Down

This can actually tear down building type structure like the orb on 290 dungeon Etc. For pvp it can tear down statues

Running Shot

It is basically a Tier 2 Buff Base on Basic attack. Swapping weapon will cost the buff’s damage to be decrease to it’s original. This applies to all QS series weapons

Kneeling Shot

With Kneeling shot Max on A3 you can hit Bosses out of aggro range and they will be stuck

Feint and Barrage

Double the Hits of Barrage on Point Blank 10 hits total


Even though AAR is reduce on Circling you still need to aim on the Center of Monster Mass inside the circling for Full Splash


Rouge capture is a little special and basically like it says capture almost all deployment skills and use it for later. That includes Circling and other people skills etc Frost cloud

Musketeer Skills and Skill Combo Rotations

Circle 1 Skills Listing

Covering Fire

Musketeer Bread and Butter 11 True multi-hit it is a must max skill. What is true Multi-hit. Basically it can deal more than 199k. True multi-hit have a 200k hit per cap so a 11 hit means it caps up at 2.2 million

[details=Head Shot]Musketeer second to max skill for now
Since it have a reload attribute that turns Head Shot into 2 True Multi-hit so it caps out at 400k. This is also extremely good in PVP for 2 shot KO.[/details]

  • Easiest to CAP max damage of 200k with not much Funds Invested. Basic 1 hit shot that flies straight directly.
  • If you can Predict the movement of the player/mob and shoot on the point he will move towards. IT is lethal.
  • Keyboard mode will have auto targeting but it is not reliable

Penetrating Fire
  • Extremely hard to use.
  • Decent Aoe.
  • Hit ups to 4 hit on Boss targets.
  • Shoots 1 straight line.
  • Decent Only after upgrade of Rapid Fire Attributes at C2

Butt stroke

1 point just to use with C2 attributes debuff + 100% to gun damage

Circle 2 Skill Listing

Volley Fire
  • 1 Pointer or 0.
    *extremely crap now capping at 200k.
    *Fake multi hit and needs 328m to max attributes.
    *No % base skilling.

Bird Fall
  • 1 Pointer or 0.
  • extremely crap now capping at 200k.
  • Fake multi hit and needs 328m to max attributes.
  • No % base skilling.
  • More damage to Flying Targets.

Combo Rotations
Since Butt stroke at C2 gives you 100% on all Guns damage.

It’s best to start off with it

AA >Butt stroke > Covering fire > head shot cancel > Snipe >head Shot > Pen Shot>
Butt stroke > Fill in > Covering Fire > AA >head shot X2 > Fill in

After that it depends on your cd and your rotation “decision”
More importantly Pull as much covering fire as possible for highest Rotation.


How do we allocate points?

Before we allocate points i have to highlight this as of now on ITOS

  • There is news that STR, INT and SPR is getting a revamp but that is not known WHEN.
  • STR sucks we all know only useful for special compositions and block pen.
  • DEX is highly crucial for Musketeer
  • CON is useless and HP can be obtain from Headgear,Gems and Transcend armor
  • SPR is another pointless stat for Musketeer
  • INT i don’t think magic Musketeer works as Cure scroll uses Physical damage for musketeer instead of magic LOL.

How much Critical Rate rate can we get from Gears and level?

[details=Gears]Max Peta > 14 dex (14 Crit rate)
Sissels > 37 Critical rate each , max of 2 equipped 74
Lolopanther Leather set > 46 Critical rate and 25 Dex (25 Crit rate)
Finisher ( Weapon) > 27 Crit rate
Emengard Musket (Weapon) > 15 Critical Rate + 35 Dex (35 Crit rate)
Green Gems > lv6.42 lv6.56 lv8.72 each

Most ideal set up for now is Lolopanther + 2 sissel + max peta + emengard musket
46 + 25 + 35 + 15 + 37 + 37 + 14 = 209
with just equipment alone.
If there are green gems add it in for more. (up to 3 slots)

Now why Crit?

As a musketeer. Half of your skills are 1 HIT HEAVY hitter missing a critical will render it as huge damage lost.

[details=Scenario Example] Snipe hits for 99k-130k alone on Critical. With butt stroke it will be cap.
If we do not strike a Critical it will be 1.5x less damage and white damge of Snipe is at 65k ~ 87k >>> double with butt stroke debuff >>> 130k~ 174k.

Basically a summarize version
Not striking a critical in your one high hitting damage skills results in a lost of 20k ~ 70k damage.[/details]

Special Conditions for Rouge Variant

[details=Sneak Hit]There is special application such as Rouge Sneak hit that adds 70%-90% critical chance regardless upon meeting condition.
As due to the fact it promotes conditional gaming. Some may like it some may not.

This comes into play of a debate where how much Critical rate do you want to get to compensate in case you screw up your positioning[/details]

The Ideal Stat allocation for General

For starters we will want to attain at least Optimally 630 Critical Rate Without Swift steps.
This will ensure we have at least 787 Critical Rate which is 100% on all non crit resist and 81% on 150 Crit resist.
With Chrono Quicken we will attain 100% critical rate regardless.

[details=Critical Rate Maths For General]To Hit 630 Crit rate by yourself. If we factor in Ideal Equipments and 0 Gems which is 209 crit rate.
We will need about 421 crit rate
As mention with level bonus for archers it gives of you up to 66
That means we infact need 421- 66 = 355 crit rate.

  • Which sums up to 355 Dex. This sums up to a total of 270 Invested stats.
  • With about 100 stats point to throw around.
  • This 100 can go into strength for MAX MIN or con if you think you dislike seeing low HP at early.
Critical Rate Maths For Rouge

This is totally different as Sneak Hit adds flat 70% Crit rate to 90% at Rouge3.

That saying Rouge 1 with 70% as of current 330

Gear provides at least 209 and level bonus + base = 284
Swift step is 1.25x
Crit resist average up at 175 here at R8
All you need is reverse engineer it 30% = (Crit rate - 175)* 42 /330
you will need about total 410 Crit rate here.
Which is actually in base 328 Crit rate.
That means with Quicken you do not need additional Crit rate. But for general safety you will need at least 38 dex and you can throw the remainder all to full strength.

Remember this are Ideal stat allocation.

  • It does not factor in play style and everything.
  • As there are key issues as this actually DEPENDS on how much you want to throw in for Musketeers.
  • Also forget about block pen it’s pretty pointless unless you want invest more than 500 strength which sucks for now.

Gems Choice and Cards

Red or Yellow or Green on Main weapon?

Rule of Thumb Optimal Crit rate first.

General Idea is Stacking Red is better for Musketeer with glass mole x8 pushing out the maximum.

If you prefer the general lazy style you can go 8 Ellaganos 80(dex)
with Yellow gems instead.

Green are only if you are special case such as Rouge who just need 1 slot for it to compensate 0 Dex added…

Basically Gem and Cards fix is mix and match base on your stats and circle chosen.

As for now Yellow gems are more stable in damage.
Red is totally for gamblers.

Red can win Yellow <-- this is totally dependent on RNG
This must be pair with Glass Mole.

but majority of the time Yellow does win Red on Optimal.

With this i End here. Feel free to post any question below or use this guide line.

The next post will have a compilation of variants on various gameplay.

As of 31th March. I have completed quit TOS. If you want me to update parts of the guide or address something just drop me a PM. I will drop by every week to check it out.

Good luck Saviors and hope this helps.


Musketeer List of Gameplay videos Compilations.

QS Musket

290 Boss rush

Ranger Musket

Rouge Musket

Rouge Musket long Game plays

Wugu Musket


A2-R1-Scout-Rouge-Falc-Musket2 thoughts?

Come back in a while i am still heavily editing the first post.

Updated most of the stuff up there. Go have a look.

Imo it’s decent. Just that the time where you choose to feint + Barrage must be not auto swapping it might have a issue with musket skill.

One way is having musket as main and bow as sub instead. So it will swap back with minimal impact.

When I see new update of Cannoner.
I think…
Why why Musketeer have to pay 800k to use just one skill while kneeling.
Why Musketeer can’t use Snipe/Pen/CF while kneeling. It’s pretty suit for Musketeer (even we have to run and shot lol)

To bad no new update for Musketeer right now T T. only tool tip fix… Sigh IMC alway being IMC.

Musketeer is a HIGH RISK/REWARD play-style centric class<< well we are something like swordman right now lol.

I don’t see bayonet stab in there, any reason why it isn’t worth getting a point as a fill in for AAs or when every other skill is on CD?

I know this might be a preference thing but i would like a second opinion before putting a point in there and have to use a reskill pot.

I just want to mention… You need around 20k ph atk to reach 200k per hit of CF at level 10

Butt stroke effect work for AA(gun/rifle) and almost every skill of musketeer. But not work for bayonet(melee pierce), Butt stroke(melee strike).

Also you will need around 28-30 point for CF/Headshot/Snipe/Butt stroke/Penetration Shot

if you have only 2 point left what skill you will choose?
Volley Fire
Bird Fall

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Bayonet stab/thrust is extremely bad. By bad i mean the damage is insignificant as a filler and it’s worse than volley fire and bird fall which already sucks bad due to being a fake multihit aka capping at 200k total skill damage.

Er don’t think so. 12k PA will do. Assuming you have some crit attack.

it will be roughly 12k PA + 1k crit attack to cap.

for 2k PA you will deal up to 30k each gain.

I see, thanks
Don’t mind me asking but what’s a good musket to use/start with from 220 and up?

Cheapest one would be superior, if you can farm the mats you can try finding vienie musket. 220 bis is finisher. After that just go for Emengard at 315 or Dragon piper if you can’t wait

I don’t see where you take the numbers from. 2k does add to up to 34k per hit, but 12k adds up to 124k (not saying it’s low. It’s absurdly high xD). Also, what do you think about lolo musket vs emengard? I honestly think +2 levels of all your skills would add more damage than the raw (+ transcended) boost emengard would give. Not sure if 13F is still bugged though

Emengard for sure. Lolo skill gains for skill only actually helps out for headshot and Snipe. Covering fire gain is lesser lol.

Covering fire has 1.5x base mod. Also glass mole has a 1.8x base mod.

Covering fire skill mod stack multiplicative with glass mole and Crit.

so + skill damage 1404 1.5x * 1.8x * 1.5 (crit proc). + crit attack.

Remember buttstroke will just multiply the end product to 2 x.

After all this double it by attributes and then double it again by T2 butt stroke. or quad it for simple.

Lolo is the next budget bis rifle actually.

Atm i have 6 glass mole double proc. base 2k ish > 5k basically shows me a spike of 31k ish > 63kish.

Some simple math.
1 k crit attack , 12k pa treating enemy is 0 defense. glass mole not counted will deal 122k.

With glass mole effectly it will be 20k.

(12000 * 1.8 * + 1404)*1.5 * 1.5(crit proc) + 1000 * 2(attribuites) * 2( butt stroke)

Maybe i misread your Sentence. If you are refering to TOTAL pa. Then yea

A total accurate value of 20000 will be around > 11.1k Base PA. but more is better anyway lel.


(((12000*1.8) + 1404)*1.5) +1000) *1.5 *2 *2

where’s that 12000 come from ?

well if you wanna compare eme vs lolo

Lolo base = 490 crit dmg 240 earth pa 68 skill+2
+10per enhance
Emengard base = 683 str 33 dex35 crit rate 15
+11per enhance

ex +5
lolo = 540
eme = 738

skill+2 =
snipe 1402
cf 216
head shot 862

trans lvl 3-5
lolo = 864 / 1080 / 1350
eme = 1180 / 1476 / 1845

roughly at trans lvl 5 eme’s cf stronger than lolo

trans lvl 6-10
lolo = 1674/2052/2484/2970/3510
eme = 2287/2804/3394/4059/4797

roughly at trans lvl 9 eme’s head shot stronger than lolo
but even at lvl 10 eme’s snipe still weaker than lolo a bit. (it’s cap at 199k dmg anyway = =)

that mean solmiki stronger than Emengard a lot…

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oh my bad i saw wrongly base mod rip. The weather is getting into me

Just base comparing how do we hit 200k with CF.

Solmiki has bonus of 2 skill + similar PA after transcend so its’ a given…

Best of all did u see solmiki leather set? + 818 pattack rofl.


base 615 if +5 = 670 critdmg 474 holy 141

at trans 10 = 4355
eme 10 = 4797

at trans 10 eme x sol 's cf = almost same power.
but for other skill sol still stronger.

trans 10 gm str crit dmg plus
sol = 12373
eme = 13041
when use gm. eme’s head shot/cf is stronger. only snipe is weaker (but just a bit)

ok then Eme better than Solmiki for me because it’s save mana while almost same power lol. also Eme give us 35dex + 15crit rate too

Yes. But if damage cap is lifted solmiki will be better a little. Then again god know when.

That saying it save you money for snipe and head shot cap LOL :stuck_out_tongue: . well lel. Too hard to attain stares at grim reaper 67m hp 4.3k mdef