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[Guide] Character Growth Guide

[Last Updated March 29, 2024] Added EP16-1 patch

Title: [Guide] Character Growth Guide
Server: [SEA] Telsiai (now W Server)
Team name: Redrelle

This guide aims to help newbies and returnees on how to gear up and progress in the game. I will try to make it as simple as possible for readers to fully understand.

This is assuming that you are a new/returning player and you are on your first character.

Guardian Equipment

This will be your first set of gears. It will be given to you upon character creation.

Open the selection boxes and select your main and sub weapons

While doing the Episode Quests, you can enhance the Guardian Equipment with Guardian Seals which can be obtained through Episode Quest rewards or hunting monsters in the field. You can enhance them at Goddess Equipment Management UI.

You can advance your gear to the next stage as you level up:

Source: Tree of Savior

Note that you can convert (Succession) the Guardian Equipment into Reservoir/Falouros later on!

New/Returning Saviors Settling Support

This is a daily login attendance rewards for new and returning players. It will prompt to you once you login and it can also be found under System Menu (Esc) > Attendance Reward Check.

Attendance Rewards
Special thanks to my guildmate Astrivard for sharing me this image!

You are considered a New or Returning Savior when:

  • New: Newly created account
  • Returning: Old players that have not logged in for 30 days or more

The attendance rewards have a 30-day duration (Check Period), starting from the day you first logged in. There are 14 rewards available and you can claim them as long as you login for 14 days within the duration.

These rewards are what you need to gear up so it’s a must to get them! Here is a list of the items that you can obtain in case you are wondering what’s inside of those boxes.

Episode Quests

List of episode quests can be found in Quests (F5).

The important episodes you need to complete are from EP12-2 onwards. The rewards that you can get from these episodes are also needed for your gear progression.

Expand the Quest List and click the Shortcut to go to the starting NPC.

Quest Shortcut

Lv460 Armor/Weapon (Vasilisa)

You can get Vasilisa and Vaivora Vision Selection Boxes when you finish EP12-2 quests.

What type of armor should you use?

  • Leather - if you are a DPS
  • Cloth - if you are a Healer
  • Plate - if you are a Tank, and is commonly used in PvP

The gears are already at +7 Enhancement (ENH) and Lv10 Transcendence (TRA). The TRA is already at max level, so you just need to enhance these gears further. You can increase a goddess gear’s ENH in Goddess Equipment Management.

Note that goddess gears will be character-bound once equipped!

Is there a way to change or transfer the goddess gears? Yes, you can use:

  • Equipment Type Change Tome - if you want to change the armor type (like if you want to change your leather armors to cloth). Available at Wings of Vaivora NPC and Exchange Shop.
  • Equipment Bound Removal Scroll - if you want to remove the bound and transfer the gears to another character! Available at Wings of Vaivora NPC and Exchange Shop.

Goddess Equipment Management

Can be found in Inventory (F2).

Goddess Equipment Management


This is where you can Enhance, Enchant, Transcend, and Evolve your goddess gears.


  • This is where to enhance your gears. It will also show the materials needed.
  • Enhance Aids are additional ingredients that you can use to increase the success rate of the enhancement. It can be obtained by chance in some contents or killing monsters on fields. These are also available at TOS Coin Shop. Premium Enhance Aid is a “premium” version of it - can only be bought at TP shop.

Note: For these three, you only need them until Vasilisa gears. You may skip it if you will go directly to Reservoir/Falouros.

Legend Set Effect


This is usually what people will do the last because of one of the materials needed which is the Evolution Stone. You can get this by a very low chance when hunting in Unknown Sanctuary or EP14 maps.


This is where you can save your random ichors. Engraved ichors are character-bound. Each character have 2 slots for engrave, can add more by using engrave slot voucher.

For your Vasilisa gears’ random ichors, you can save your old Primus ichors (armors only) in Ichor tab.

To apply the engraved ichors to your gears, go to Apply Engraving tab.

After applying, you can make changes to the stats using Sandra Magnifiers. Once you’re done modifying, you may save it in the Save Engraving tab.

Materials needed (for Vasilisa): Sandra Magnifiers which are used for ichoring. [Lv460] Engrave Stones are also available which are used to increase the success rate of engraving a random stat. These items are also available at Gabija Shop.

More about Random Ichors Note: This is only for Vasilisa's random ichors. Lv480 gears have a different way of obtaining random ichors.

To make a random ichor:

  1. Identify an unidentified item (to Blacksmith npc or to appraiser shops at towns). Unidentified items are those items that do not have stats. Your goddess gears are all unidentified when you open the selection boxes.

  1. Use Mysterious or Artisan Magnifiers to get the maximum number of lines (four lines).

Mysterious and Artisan Magnifiers

  1. After getting the max lines, get your desired colors/stats.
    One way is to use Sandra’s Magnifier (a.k.a. blue sandra). Using this will change the color and stat.

Sandra's Magnifier

Another way is to reidentify it at Blacksmith npc in towns. You can do this if you have the desired color but want to change the stat. Just go to the npc and select Item Re-identification.
Note that this will change all the stats, unlike blue sandra where you can select the stat that you want to change.

  1. When you have the right stats, use Sandra’s Detailed Magnifier (a.k.a. red sandra) to change the value of the stat.

Sandra's Detailed Magnifier

To know the max stats, just hover to the gear and press Alt.

Max stats

Socket Management

This is where you can put socket and gems in your gears.

More about Gems

Colored Gems

These gems give additional attack and can only be put in weapons (main weapon and sub-weapon). You can increase its level by using Gem Abrasives.

Where to get gem abrasives/colored gems:

  • Geraldasia npc (in Klaipeda) or Geraldason npc (in Orsha)
  • Mercenary Badge Shop (8-Star Gem Abrasive)

Gem Abrasive

There is also a higher type of abrasive like Shining Lv10 Gem Abrasive. But this is quite rare nowadays.

Shining Lv10 Gem Abrasive

Enhancing a Colored Gem

Go to Rest mode (press Insert), then select Gem Enhancement.

Gem Enhancement

Remember to roast your colored gems before putting it in your equipment (to remove the negative stat, applicable to colored gems only). There are plenty of Alchemist shops in towns that offers roasting service.

Skill Gems

These are class-specific gems that gives +1 level to a particular skill. It is fixed to Lv1 and cannot be leveled up. You can only put them on armors (top/bottom/gloves/boots).

Where to get Skill Gems: Skill Gem Cube can be obtained at Fedimian Public House Balloting by consuming balloting vouchers which you can get from doing Weekly Boss Raid and Goddess Lottery.

You can also get a Skill Gem Selection Cube by consuming 10pcs. Skill Gem Fragment. You can get a random skill gem and a fragment by dismantling skill gems at Naujoves NPC at Fedimian (select Combine Skill Gem).

The Expected Results means that I have 40% chance of obtaining a Swordsman class skill gem (since I put 2 swordsman skill gems) and 20% for Wizard/Archer/Cleric (because I put 1pc each).

You can save and collect skill gems at Equipment Storage.

Skill Gem with Additional Stat

Skill Gem with Stat

  • This kind of skill gem will not be destroyed when you unequip it.
  • How to get: Consume 7 [Lv480] Sparkling Skill Gem Fragment. You can get fragments by chance when hunting at EP14 maps.
  • Can be dismantled into fragments at Pyromancer Master NPC (Item Fragmentize).

Aether Gems

These are gems that you can put in weapons that give additional stats. You can get this once you reach Lv460.

Where to get Aether Gems: You may check my other guide [Renewed] Bounty Hunt and Aether Gem guide to know more about aether gems.


This is where you can craft Vasilisa and Isidavie gears.

Magic stones can be obtained in Division Singularity and can also be bought at Uska NPC in Klaipeda


This is where you can convert a gear’s rank.

Gear rank that you can convert via Succession:


  • Legend rank (Glacia Legenda/Savinose Dysnai) → Goddess rank (Vasilisa) → Goddess rank (Reservoir/Falouros) → Goddess rank (Demonic/Upinis)
  • Goddess rank (Guardian) → Goddess rank (Reservoir/Falouros)


  • Legend rank (Luciferie) → Goddess rank (Isidavie) → Goddess rank (Baud)

Type Change

This is where you can change an armor or weapon to a different type.

Equipment Storage

This is where you can create and upgrade your Fixed Ichors, Accessories, and Ark. It can also be found in Inventory (F2).

Equipment Storage

For returning players with progressed gears, you may dismantle the following at Professional Alchemist npc (select Dismantle Special Items):

  • Ark
  • Goddess/Demon ichors
  • Vaivora ichors
  • Luciferie Accessories - extract the ENH and TRA first before dismantling your accessory set

You can extract your old luciferie set at [Teliavelis’ Disciple] Naujoves at Fedimian (Extract Luciferie Property).

Extracting these items will give back the materials. Amount of materials refunded are much more than you invested before, so you can make more accessories. For Luciferie, you will be given Property Restore Scrolls - the ENH at TRA of your old luciferie is saved to it.

Property Restore Scrolls

Note that the gears created via Equipment Storage are character-bound and cannot be transferred via team storage.


Right-click the Vaivora Vision you obtained from EP12-2 rewards to register it to Equipment Storage.

  • Put the fixed ichor in your gear at Apply Ichor tab. Place the gear on the box and click Apply.
  • Upgrade your item at Upgrade tab. It will list the materials needed. Right click the materials in your inventory to register it.


Use the Storage Goddess’/Demon God’s Armor Register Voucher you got from EP13 rewards.

Same process as the weapons, apply and upgrade it via Equipment Storage.

Goddess Treasure

This is a new set of Fixed Ichors for Goddess armors introduced in EP16-1.

To craft these, you need 10pcs of [Lv.1] Power of Fire/Sign of Fate/Symbol of Fertility which can be obtained by chance at Isle of Despair raid.


You will see Karaliene set first in the Equipment Storage. You need to make them first before the Luciferie set appears. Note that the materials shown are for the whole set already.

  • Use the Storage Karaliene Accessory Register Voucher from EP13-1 rewards.
  • Do the Sole Hunt to get Scorched Valuable of Tel Harsha. Sole Hunt one-entry vouchers are available if you need more runs.
  • Once have enough materials, upgrade the Karaliene in your Equipment Storage into Luciferie.
  • Use the Luciferie Accessory Set Create Voucher to create the accessory set!
  • If you have a hard time clearing Sole Hunt: Tel Harsha, you may use the Karaliene Accessory Create Voucher so you can have decent accessories. If not, you may keep it for future use.
  • For returning players who have Property Restore Scrolls, you may use them on the luciferie set to instantly put ENH and TRA!

You can increase the ENH of luciferie accessories using anvils. For TRA, you may transcend it at Teliavelis NPC in Fedimian.

More about Enhancement and Transcendence Note: This is for Luciferie accessories and Legend gears only.


Try to enhance your accessories to at least +11. Better if you can go +16-21.

Kinds of anvils:

  • Normal anvil - can be bought at Item merchant npc.
  • Silver anvil - will not require silver if you use this.
  • Golden anvil - use this when the potential of the item is 0.
  • Ruby anvil - same with golden anvil, but use this when potential is 0 and the item’s enhancement is already above +10.

Note that using golden and ruby anvils will cost you a lot of silvers. If you can afford, use Shining Advanced Golden Anvils and Shining Ruby Anvils. These anvils do not require silver fee for enhancement. Another way to save silver on enhancing is to have Enhancement Coupons. It is available at Gabija Shop.


You can transcend your Luciferie accessories and other legend rank items at Blacksmith Teliavelis NPC in Fedimian (select Transcend High Grade Item).

Same material (Blessed Gem) is needed and make sure to put the right amount for 100% success.


Use the Storage Ark Register Voucher, then create the ark and use the Character Bound Ark Level Up Scroll (Lv10) to level it up instantly!

More about Ark

Crafting an Ark

You may do this at Register tab under Ark category.

Arch Stone Fragments can be obtained (also by chance) in contents like legend raids, wbr, ds, sole hunt.


Thierrynium can be crafted in the same npc - select Craft Special Ingredient.

If you got lucky and obtained an Arch Stone, but it is not the one you need, you can exchange an Arch Stone at Professional Alchemist npc - select Arch Stone Switch.

Enhancing an Ark

Go to Rest mode (press Insert), then select Ark Craft.

Ark Craft

Mystic Tome Pages can be obtained in contents such as WBR and drops by chance in Legend Raids.
Sierra Stone recipe can be bought at Item Merchant npc and Gabija Shop.

After doing the steps above, you are now ready to do some contents! Use the one-entry vouchers you got from attendance rewards when you do contents and keep the loots you are getting as you need those to upgrade your gears further.

Blessed Shard

  • Can be obtained in Division Singularity (DS).
  • If you have Goddess Blessed Gems, you may convert them into 10 Blessed Shards by using the recipe available at Goddess Token shops.

Advanced Blessed Shard

  • You can convert 3 Blessed Shards to one Advanced Blessed Shard by using the exchanger recipe which is available at Goddess Token (Lada) shop.

Litis Powder

  • Can be obtained in Challenge Mode (CM).
  • You can also use the Nucle - Litis or Sierra - Litis exchanger recipes at Lada shop to convert your Nucle/Sierra powders into Litis.

Nucle and Sierra Powder

  • To get Nucle Powders, you can convert your Litis Powders into Nucle by using Litis - Nucle Exchanger recipe at Lada shop.
  • To get Sierra Powders, you can exchange your Nucle Powders into Sierra at Goddess Ingredient Exchange Helper NPC in towns.

Brikynite and Magic Stones can be obtained via CM or DS.
Heart of Glacia and Moth Talc Powder can be obtained when you do Sole Hunt. Right-click the normal Heart of Glacia and Moth Talc to convert them into Refined.

Scorched Valuable of Tel Harsha can be obtained when you do Sole Hunt: Tel Harsha. Make sure to include this in your weeklies. One entry voucher can be also bought per week at Mercenary Badge Shop.

Luperium and Violetin Crystal can be crafted at Professional Alchemist npc.

Attendance rewards will also give you Mercenary Badges and Goddess Tokens that you can use to purchase items at their respective shops.

Mercenary Badge


Mercenary Badge is needed when you buy items at Mercenary Badge Shop. This shop also contains the one entry vouchers of daily/weekly contents such as Challenge Mode, Division Singularity. Source of silver is in the dailies (daily CM and DS grind) so you need to collect as many badges as you can!

There are many ways on how to obtain mercenary badges:

  • Remnants of Bernice Dungeon
    This is a weekly content so make sure to do this every week! Try to finish it as high as you can (higher stage = more badges).

  • Weekly Boss Raid (WBR)
    Also a weekly (and solo) content. Try to get the Total Damage Rewards for the badges (if you can do higher, the better).

  • TOS Coin Shop
    Mercenary Badge vouchers are also available at TOS Coin Shop!

If you have collected at least 30,000 mercenary badges, you may start doing daily Challenge Modes (CM)!

Note that there are daily and weekly vouchers for DS (Division Singularity). As its name says, Daily vouchers have only 1-day duration, so make sure to consume it immediately.

You can enter in CM/DS via Contents Status Board (F10) > Dungeons > Challenge Mode > Solo or Auto Match (Party) for CM / Division Singularity for DS. Hover on the Entry Limit to check the requirements to enter.

Gear Score and Attribute Achievement Rate

You can find these in Character Information (F1).

Gear Score identifies if you can enter some contents that have Entry Level score such as CM and DS. It is calculated based on your gears.


Calculation for Gear Score (Source: Tree of Savior):

Attribute Achievement Rate identifies the amount of attribute points required to enter some contents. It is calculated based on the total attribute points used in your character’s learned attributes.

Calculation for Attribute Score (Source: Tree of Savior):

You can check the required gear score and attribute score of a content when you hover on the Entry Limit found in Contents Status Board (F10).

Goddess Token

Doing CM and DS also gives Goddess Tokens. It is much like both mercenary badge and silver. There is a Goddess Token Shop where you can buy useful items via these tokens. It is also used when upgrading the current end-game gears.

The Goddess Token Shop changes every season.

Previous Goddess Tokens

Items from the previous seasons can be found at the Previous Goddess Token Shop NPC at towns. Here you can also purchase the previous goddess tokens in case you need them.

Previous Goddess Token Shop

TOS Coin

You can also acquire TOS Coins while clearing contents! These are used to buy items at TOS Coin Shop where useful items and materials can be found.

Just look for the TOS Coin Helper NPC in towns.

There’s daily acquisition limit and it doubles on weekends! For complete details, you may check here: Every Day with TOS!~Spring of Savior ~

Gear Progression

While doing your daily grind, you may upgrade your current gears once you reach certain levels and continue to add the remaining gears you need:

Lv470 Accessory (Isidavie)

Convert your Luciferie accessories to Isidavie once you reached Lv470.

More about Isidavie

Conditions when succeeding:

  • Luciferie accessories should have transcendence lv8 or above
  • 50% of the enhancement will be carried over to Isidavie
  • Awakening and Transcendence will be removed

Materials for enhancing Isidavie:
You need Refined Revive Soul Fragment which you can get in Delmore Battlefield raid.

Lv480 Gears (Falouros/Reservoir)

Convert your Vasilisa gears to Reservoir/Falouros once you reached Lv480.

More about Lv480 Armor

Conditions when succeeding:

  • 50% of the enhancement will be carried over
  • Enchant, Awakening, Transcendence, Set Effect will be removed
  • Colored/Skill/Aether gems should be removed from the gears before succeeding

Materials for enhancing Lv480 gears:
For Reservoir, you need Processed Corrupt Corpse Doll Thread which you can get in Turbulent Core: Reservoir of Corruption raid.
For Falouros, you need Processed Falouros Leather which you can get in Turbulent Core: Falouros raid.

Lv480 Goddess Ichors

More about Lv480 Goddess Ichors

Types of Goddess Ichor:

  • Normal Goddess Ichor
  • Advanced Goddess Ichor - Stat values are higher than the normal ones.

How to get Goddess Ichor:

  • Consume 7 Goddess Ichor Fragment to get one Goddess Ichor, low chance to get Advanced Goddess Ichor.
  • You can get fragments when killing monsters in EP14 maps and contents like WBR.

How to change stats: See Lv500 Goddess Ichors

Lv490 Accessory (Baud)

Convert your Isidavie accessories to Baud once you reached Lv490.

More about Lv490 Accessory

Conditions when succeeding:

  • 50% of the enhancement will be carried over to Baud

Materials for enhancing Baud:
You need Mended Rose’s Ribbon which you can get in Thurible of Salvation raid.

Lv500 Gears (Upinis/Demonic)

Convert your Lv480 gears to Demonic/Upinis once you reached Lv500.

Conditions when succeeding:

  • Lv480 gears should have enhancement lv20 or above
  • 50% of the enhancement will be carried over
  • Colored/Skill/Aether gems should be removed from the gears before succeeding
  • Skill Transmutation will be carried over. If you haven’t opened the skill transmutation in your Lv480 gears before succession, you need to unlock it in your Lv500 gears.

Materials for enhancing Lv500 gears:
For Demonic, you need Refined Fragment of Slogutis which you can get in Abyssal Observer raid.
For Upinis, you need Refined Upinis Wings which you can get in Dreamy Forest raid.

Lv500 Goddess Ichors

Types of Lv500 Goddess Ichor:

How to get Lv500 Goddess Ichor:

  • Consume 7 Goddess Ichor Fragment to get one Goddess Ichor, low chance to get Advanced Goddess Ichor.
  • You can get fragments when killing monsters in EP15 maps and contents like WBR and CM.

How to change stats:

  • Go to Pyromancer Master NPC and select Reset Item Stat.
  • Only one stat can be changed.


  • Goddess Ichors will be team-bound after changing a stat.
  • You can save the ichor at Goddess Equipment Management > Engrave > Ichor.
  • Stat values cannot be changed.
  • Goddess Ichors can be dismantled into fragments at Pyromancer Master NPC (Item Fragmentize).

Lv510 Accessory (Nebiltis)

Convert your Baud accessories to Nebiltis once you reached Lv510.

Conditions when succeeding:

  • Baud accessories should have enhancement of +20 or above
  • 50% of the enhancement will be carried over to Nebiltis

Materials for enhancing Nebiltis:
You need Refined Black Pearl of Merregina which you can get in Isle of Despair raid.

+25 EHN and higher Nebiltis accessories can be upgraded with [Upgrade Accessory] to enhance special effects. The [Upgrade Accessory] is available through the [Equipment Transmutation Helper] Kupole NPC in town, and the upgrade will succeed if the result is higher than the existing value.

Boruta Seal

Aim is to get at least +3 Boruta Seal. As you progress, try to make it +5.

More about Boruta Seal

Where to get seals:

  • Weekly Boss Raid (by chance)
  • Boruta Fragments are also available. Get 10 of these to obtain 1 boruta seal. You can get fragments in the Fedimian Public House Balloting or farming at Unknown Sanctuary or EP14 maps.

Enhancing a Seal

Where: Blacksmith Teliavelis in Fedimian (select Enhance Seal)

To make +2, you need two lv1 seals (your main seal and the sacrifice) + magic stones. Amount of magic stones required will be indicated. Get that amount to have 100% success rate.
To make +3, you need two lv2 seals + magic stones. Note that for lv3 and above, success rate is not 100% even if you put the max number of magic stones required. This really requires luck to be on your side.
If luck is against you, you can just save money and buy a +3 one.

Boruta Seal: Common

Unlike the boruta seal per class, this is the seal that can be used by any class. To exchange the class-specific skill into common seal, go to [Teliavelis’ Disciple] Naujoves npc (just beside Teliavelis) and select Seal Exchange.
Note that you cannot revert it back to a class seal once you made it common.

Jurate Seal

This is an upgraded version of Boruta Seal that you can do when you reach Lv480.

Types of Jurate Seal:

  • Jurate Seal - Punisher
  • Jurate Seal - Protection

How to make Jurate Seal:

  • Consume 30 Jurate’s Blessed Relic to convert a +5 Boruta Seal Common into jurate seal.
  • Consume 10pcs of “Advanced” type of Relic to convert a +5 Normal Jurate to Advanced Jurate Seal.
  • Consume 5pcs of “Superior” type of Relic to convert a +5 Advanced Jurate to Superior Jurate Seal.
  • You can get relics when doing Followers and in Goddess Grace.
  • Right click the materials to show the UI to convert (Transmute Jurate Seal).


  • Jurate seal can only be traded via market.


Arts are used to enhance a skill or to acquire additional attribute of a skill. They are great factors to increase skill factor.

Mystic Tomes and Attribute Points are also included in the attendance rewards. You need these to upgrade Arts.

More about Arts

Upgrading Arts

You can put arts in Skills and Attributes (F3).

For enhanced upgrade arts, 1 tome = 1 level. Click the skill and it will show below if arts are available for that skill.

Note that arts will not reset if you use skill reset potions. To reset arts, you need the Arts Reset Potion - available at Wings of Vaivora NPC. It will return as unidentified mystic tomes and some attribute points used will be returned as well.



Fill in your card album! Recommended for it to be 10 star (for regular cards).
For legend and goddess cards, the higher you can, the better.

More about Cards

Types of Cards and where to get them:

  • Normal cards - A monster card album will summon a random boss monster when opened and will give you either a Monster Card or Enhancement Card once you defeat it. You can buy it at Mercenary Badge Shop. There are also free ones in the daily login attendance.
  • There are also Master Cards that you can buy at Mercenary Badge Shop or can be obtained via in-game events. Attendance rewards also give these.
  • Legend cards - You can get these by chance on contents like WBR and Legend Raids.
  • Goddess cards - Can be obtained by doing Reputation. You will get here once you’ve reach Lv458 and above.

Enhancing Cards

Go to Rest mode (press Insert) and select Card Synthesis (for regular cards) or Enhance Advanced Card (for legend cards).

You may check Legendary Card Guide by Crevox for more information on Legend Cards and how to upgrade them.

For Goddess Card leveling, you need Goddess Enhancement Cards and some Token of Follower - you can get these in the reputation shops of EP13 maps.

Goddess Card Leveling


More about Assisters

Don’t forget to complete the quest at Geraldasia NPC in Klaipeda.
You can find its UI in Assister Cabinet.


Assister cards can be obtained via Assister Card Album. This is also available in Mercenary Badge Shop and in-game events. It is also given as a reward when you do Assister Dungeon.

You can open your Assister Card Albums via Assister Cabinet.

Assisters have different grades: Normal, Magic, Unique, Legend. The higher the grade, the better their performance will be.

Passive Effect

These are the bonus stats that you can get when you equip assisters.

  • Original Passive - the original passive of the assister in main slot.
  • Combination Passive - passive depending on the combination of property and type of the assisters.
    In the above image, I got Block bonus because I equipped Succubus and Froster Lord which are both Ice-property types. I got Critical Resistance because Maru and Ferret Marauder are both Earth-types. And got All Stats +1 because Succubus and Ferret Marauder are both Plant-types.

Some guides regarding assister bonuses:

Source: -TOSkemon - Assister Tips (updated day 1, month 2, year 2021) - outdated as of now

Source: found somewhere at /r/TreeOfSavior discord - credits to the one who provided

Fusion and Evolve

Fusion - rerolling three random same-grade assisters to obtain a new random assister of the same grade (or higher grade by chance).

Evolve - leveling up your assister. You need three identical assister cards to level it up (e.g. you need 3pcs 1-star Moringponia assister cards to make it 2-star, then 3pcs 2-star to make it 3-star).

Assister Dungeon

This is also a weekly content so make sure to include on your weeklies. Assister Card Albums and Attribute Points are given as rewards upon clearing certain stages. You can enter via Contents Status Board (F10).

You may refer to the assister’s info when choosing what assisters to bring in the dungeon. Some guides with list of assister’s skills are outdated, will add here once I found an updated one.



This sets the limit on the grade and combination of assisters that you can equip.
Cost of an assister is identified by:

Normal grade = 1 x number of stars
Magic grade = 2 x number of stars
Unique grade = 3 x number of stars
Legend grade = 4 x number of stars

Sharing more info regarding Assister Cost from my guildmate Snipester:

List of achievements where you can get additional Costs:

Giltine Crown

Do the quest at Laima NPC located at Laima’s Sanctuary after you finish EP13-1 quests to get the Giltine Crown (a.k.a. Res Sacrae Crown).

Required Gem Level means that you can equip a gem with Level x or below.

More about Giltine Crown

Crown leveling

You can access the crown by clicking the green arrow button on the crown slot in your Inventory.

Res Sacrae Customizing

Charge RP - This is where you can recharge your RP (Res Sacrae Point). This requires ectonites.

Where to get Ectonite:

  • Demonic Sanctuary
  • Res Sacrae Dungeon
  • Mercenary Badge Shop
  • Gabija Shop

EXP - This is where you can level up your crown. You need Purified Breath of Power to do this. You can get a purified breath by consuming 10pcs. Breath of Power.

Where to get Breath of Power:

  • Res Sacrae quests
  • Unknown Sanctuary
  • Mercenary Badge Shop (Recipe - Breath of Power (150))
  • Gabija Shop
  • Content Point Shop
  • In-game events

Right-click the Breath of Power to purify it.

You need materials like Breath of Power Purifier for this. There are also other materials that can be used as purifiers (hover on the Help icon (?) on the upper left to see the list of materials).

You also need Res Sacrae Discount Coupons to avoid silver fee. You can get these in Goddess Lottery.

Note that the level of your crown is shared with all of your characters.

Socket - This is where you can put and extract gems in your crown.
Note that there is no penalty when extracting gem (no silver or level deduction).

Res Sacrae Gem

There are three gems for your crown - Cyan, Magenta, and Black Gems.
Effect of Black Gem is passive, while Cyan and Magenta effects are activated when you use Res Sacrae Liberation.

Res Sacrae Liberation

Res Sacrae Liberation is available in your Common Skills (F3). Put it in your skill slot to use the Giltine Crown. RPs are consumed with every use.

You can set it to auto-refill the RP (when in town) in the Settings (System > Game > Res Sacrae (RP) Auto Charge).

You can get gems (by chance) when you open a Res Sacrae Gem Cube. It will be a legend rank, chances also that you can get a goddess rank.

Where to get Res Sacrae Gem Cube:

  • Res Sacrae Dungeon
  • Demonic Sanctuary (Party)

Goddess Gem

Goddess Cyan Gem

You can make a goddess gem by consuming 15pcs. Goddess Gem Fragments.

Goddess Magenta Gem Fragment

To get fragments, go to Pyromancer Master NPC (at Pyromancer Master’s Lab) and select Develop Res Sacrae Gem.

In Combine tab, you can dismantle three gems of same color to get one random gem and one fragment (of same color).
You also need Prism Coals for this.

Where to get Prism Coals:

  • Gabija Shop
  • Content Point Shop
  • Opening Res Sacrae Gem Cubes
  • Dismantling some gems in Dismantle tab. You need discount coupons for this.

Gem leveling

You can level up your gem in Enhance tab.

It will show the success/fail probability and the materials needed.
Extra Ingredient - You can also use Enhance Aids here to increase the success chance.
Coupon Status - You can use the discount coupons to avoid the silver fee, and Res Sacrae Gem Catalysts to remove the BG requirement. You can get the catalyst on Demonic Sanctuary raid.

You can also transfer the level of a gem to another in Transfer tab.
Note that the old gem will be destroyed once level is transferred.

Equipment Storage

You can save and enhance your res sacrae gems at Equipment Storage.

Fire Flame Earring

More about Fire Flame Earring

For starters, you may get free earring in Vakarine or Gabija Shop. This also increases your gear score.

Gabija Shop

Stats - These are the character stats (STR, CON, DEX, SPR, INT). Maximum of 3 lines can be obtained. Minimum value is 50, maximum is 150.

Skill Stats - These are the additional skill level that you can have in a class. Maximum of 3 lines can be obtained. Minimum value is 1, maximum is 5.

  • The value enclosed in the brackets is the tier of the skill in that class.
  • The value at the end with a triangle icon is the number of skill point that will be added.

Rank - This is the total of the skill stats.

In the image above, +4 skill points will be added to all tier 1 skills of Blossom Blader, and +3 to all tier 1 skills of Hackapell. It’s rank is 7 (4 + 3).

Blossom Blader skills

To make an earring, you need 6 pieces of Fire Flame Earring Fragment. You can get these when you do Memory of Flame raid and Archeology.

Fire Flame Earring Fragment

Note that the stats are random and not changeable. It will also be character bound once you equip it. If you want to remove the bound, a Fire Flame Earring Bound Removal Scroll is available at Exchange Shop.

You may also dismantle your extra earrings into fragments at Pyromancer Master npc (Pyromancer Master’s Lab) - select Item Fragmentize.

Belt of Insight

More about Belt of Insight

Types of Belt:

  • Normal Belt of Insight
    Consists of one Group 1 (green) and three Group 2 (purple) stats.
  • Advanced Belt of Insight
    Consists of one Group 1 (green) and three Group 2 (purple, yellow) stats.
    Stat values are higher than the normal ones.
  • Superior Belt of Insight
    Consists of one Group 1 (green) and three Group 2 (purple, yellow) stats.
    Max stat values are applied.

How to get Belt:

  • Consume 20 Belt of Insight Fragment to get one Belt of Insight, low chance to get Advanced Belt of Insight, very low chance to get Superior Belt of Insight.
  • You can get fragments when doing Sinking Seizure raid.

How to change stats:

  • Go to Pyromancer Master NPC and select Reset Item Stat.
  • Only one stat can be changed.


  • Belt will be team-bound after changing a stat.
  • Belt will be character-bound once equipped.
  • Belt of Insight Team Bound Scroll - allows a character-bound belt to be team-bound.
  • Belt can be dismantled into fragments at Pyromancer Master NPC (Item Fragmentize).

Spaulder of Ferocity

More about Spaulder of Ferocity

Types of Spaulder:

  • Normal Spaulder
    Consists of one Group 1 (green) and three Group 2 (purple) stats.
  • Advanced Spaulder
    Consists of one Group 1 (green) and three Group 2 (purple) stats.
    Stat values are higher than the normal ones.

How to get Spaulder:

  • Consume 20 Spaulder of Ferocity Fragment to get one Spaulder, low chance to get Advanced Spaulder.
  • You can get fragments when hunting monsters at EP14-2 maps.

How to change stats:

  • Go to Pyromancer Master NPC and select Reset Item Stat.
  • Only one stat can be changed.

Transmute Item Stat

  • You can change the value of a stat (small chance of getting the max value).
  • Can be found at Pyromancer Master NPC and select Transmute Item Stat.


  • Spaulder will be team-bound after changing a stat.
  • Spaulder will be character-bound once equipped.
  • Spaulder of Ferocity Team Bound Scroll - allows a character-bound spaulder to be team-bound.
  • Spaulder can be dismantled into fragments at Pyromancer Master NPC (Item Fragmentize).

Skill Transmutation


  • Falouros or Upinis armor with ENH of +21

How to transmute:

  • Where: [Skill Transmutation Helper] Kupole NPC in towns
  • A random skill will be applied to the armor upon transmuting
  • The skill will be added in the Skills and Attributes(F3) UI - [Common] tab
  • Materials needed: Vakarine Tokens, Skill Jewel

How to get Skill Jewels:

  • Can be obtained when doing Wailing Graveyard raid


  • Skill transmutation is for armors only
  • If you have more than one same common skill equipped, their levels will be added up
  • Limitations:
  • List of common skills can be found here: Tree of Savior
  • If you have opened the skill transmutation in your Falouros armors, it will be carried over to your Upinis armors upon succession. If you have not opened it in Falouros, you need to unlock it in your Upinis armors (need to be +21).

Other Guides

[Renewed] Bounty Hunt and Aether Gem guide
ToS Hidden Map Areas Guide


correction: vaivora drop isnt affected by loot chance

Thank you for the correction. I already crossed out that part. Maybe loot chance can be a separate discussion or guide.

To be precise, vaivora drop from any EP12&13’s elite monster. I got my 1st vaivora from killing elites at field

I think you can get 20.000 mercenary badges by doing the Tutorial, then use this to buy 2 packs of Galimive gear and use ichor transmutation on them.

Thanks for the tip! I haven’t thought of this since I really haven’t done ichor transmutation ever since. :sweat_smile:

thanks for the guide… will be sharing it w/ friends who are new

Your assister table comes from here -TOSkemon - Assister Tips (updated day 1, month 2, year 2021)

Made by @greyhiem from itos forum or his youtube channel: ludo tos. Last seen in the forum at asio/wastrel era.

Btw, there is something wrong with his table, iirc baby skia is not holy beast category

Thank you! Will add the source.
I’m also looking for an updated assister table like that, hopefully can find since I can’t make one (too busy).

Did a massive update of this guide to cover end-game stuffs. Newbies and returnees will certainly catch up with the rewards from Settling Support Daily Attendance!

KToS dev blog also posted the future EP14 update which includes an area for newbies and returnees to start at Lv440. O_O So yea, still hoping for more players to arrive. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Just wanted to drop in to say how much I appreciate this. As a new player, getting those boxes that jump you to max is awesome, but it also leaves me completely lost. I was getting completely smacked in Episode 13-1, and after reading this guide and following as many of the steps as I could, I was able to smash it after. Not to mention I feel like I actually know more about what the gear progression is like in this game. So thank you so much! You’ve helped me a ton.


In this guide to character development in writing, we explore a few of the best ways to help your characters grow and space bar clicker develop as individuals. Grouped in this way by character development, character types include the*dynamic character, the round character, the static character, the stock character, and the symbolic character . . Dynamic character: A dynamic character is one who changes over the course of the story.

Hi scarletred76, thanks for the awesome guide! I am a returnee and have some questions if you could please help clarify. My last played was at level 440 and with the +8[EP12] Savinose Dysnai gear sets with TRA 3, armor+weapon. This is the last gear I got before quitting.

  1. Can I do anything with this type of gear currently? Is there a trade where I can enhanced it or make it better? I am trying to complete episode 12-2 but having a hard time because I only do very minimal damage to the monsters, I died alot. Still currently at episode 12-2, quest 3 for a while now.

  2. Do I need to start over (gear wise) by getting the Guardian set and start from regular guardian > elite > royal? Even then, will I have enough damage to complete Episode 12-2?

I think Im essentially a new player because I do not remember anything at all lol. But I do have a high level character and would like to continue rather than starting over if possible.


While playing the game, you accumulate TOS coins. After you get some of them, you will talk to the TOS coin NPC and check the shop for premium items. There will be some scrolls for sale that can turn these items from +8 t3 to +11 t8. I hope this fixes your problem, although the bonuses on Dysnai are pathetic and I fear it won’t be enough. At 460 you could inherit these to Vasilisa and upgrade them using Vasilisa scales, but I’m not even sure Vasilisa is enough now…

The BIG problem you face is that the patch from last week rebalanced mobs from episodes 1-13 by giving them ten times the hp they had before and removing the Growth gear that was tailored for episodes 1-13 in favor of new Guardian stuff which has to be manually enhanced using mats that drop from episode 1-13 mobs or gained from episode 1-13 main quests. This patch made everything below level 480 obsolete.

Yes the Guardian items have bloated stats which are enough to accompany you through episodes 1-13. The BIG problem here is that they are made for people starting from level 1 which can gain a crapton of Guardian Seals just by completing the main quests for episodes 1-13. The drop rate for seals on mobs is also really high, but it’s a pain in the butt collecting them from the ground (they don’t automatically “jump” into your inventory, you have to walk on EACH of them and wait a good 2-3 seconds before they are registered… it’s really annoying).

I wanted to level up my level 290 squire to 470 to use an earring to pump food buffs and all I can do is farm low level maps (Tenet Garden is fine for that) for hours to get the 3-4k seals required to upgrade from regular to elite… then I’ll have to farm again some midlevel maps (DP2 for example) to get the 3-4k elite seals to upgrade again from elite to royal before I can resume main quest in Kalejimas…

For you which have a level 440 char it’s even worse since you won’t be able to get seals from quests until you resume episode 12 and then it’s just gonna be a few ones. Then it’s just depends on how you feel about your character. I would probably not restart and just farm for a few hours, but just be prepared to be bored to death with that…

Hello ToS_Fan and welcome back to the game! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  1. You will have a hard time if you will only use the Savinose Dysnai gears, and I think it is not worth it to upgrade it (I also can’t remember if you can enhance them further using anvils or they are permanently +8 ENH and 3 TRA).

  2. Yes, I recommend that you start over again by creating a new character and do the episode quests. They recently updated the leveling path - episode quests gives more exp now and they introduced the Guardian Equipments which can be advanced too while you are leveling up. Though I’m not sure how long will it take for you to reach Lv460 with that, I haven’t tried it yet.

Better if you can join a guild or maybe the Support Guild so you have some players to ask or help you level up. Have fun!

Thank you for asking, I realized that they removed the jump cards and the contents of the New/Returning Savior Attendance have been changed. I need to update the guide again. :laughing:

Heyyy, thank you both for replying! scarletred76 and draconis.

dragonis; yeah I did exactly that, farmed the seals for hourssss on my wizard. The new update is certainly not aimed at returning players or the intention to keep them long term, lets be honest lol. I did start over on a swordsman’s and the only good thing right now is that we can skill/class reset for free. So I have been testing alot of combinations. Also, I don’t think we accumulate TOS points? Are you talking about the “TP”? Don’t we only get a refresh of 5 everyday, non-stackable?

scarlet; hey~ thanks for the guide. It’s a nostalgia feeling for my friends and I to come back again, but everywhere we look its very outdated info or non at all. Coincidently saw your active participation '‘last edit’ yesterday and thought it’ll be a good opportunity to ask (:. Our friends are talking about instead of partying up to do dungeons, we now have to party up to complete EP12 and 13. Lmao.

Appreciate the help fellow TOS~ /no1

I was referring to this (it’s now a permanent feature):

This is targeted to endgame characters, but even at low level you can still accumulating coins by simply staying connected (300 per hour) or doing dungeons.

Ayooo, this is pretty neat. Getting coins to stayed online or just doing dungeons. @scarletred76 I think this is something notable to include in the returnee guide (as long as it is still active). Players can still get some decent items from the TOS NPC~. Tons of cards, card EXP, attribute points too, and even class voucher unlocked! ← is this unlocking it permanently? o-o

Yes, hidden class unlock is permanently unlock for that single character.
Will need another unlock if you created another character in your team.