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[Guide] Character Growth Guide

[Last Updated September 19, 2021] Slowly updating the whole guide to add the new changes after Goddess Patch. Updated Steps 1-4.

Title: [Guide] Character Growth Guide
Server: [SEA] Telsiai
Team name: Redrelle

This guide aims to help newbies and returnees on how to gear up and progress in the game. I will try to make it as simple as possible for readers to fully understand.

This is assuming that you are a new/returning player and you are on your first character.

1. Finish Episode Quests and get [EP12] Savinose Dysnai selection boxes.

List of episode quests can be found in Quests (F5).

Each episode gives rewards such as EXP Cards that will help you level up faster. Make sure you get them. Note that you can only receive the episode rewards once per team.

After finishing Episode 12-1 quest line, you will receive the episode rewards - [EP12] Savinose Dysnai selection boxes.


Armor Type

What type of armor should you use?

  • Leather - if you are a DPS
  • Cloth - if you are a Healer
  • Plate - if you are a Tank, and is commonly used in PvP

At this point, try to reach Lv450. You may do:

Level Dungeon (Lv400)

  • Entry point: Sentinel Rian in Klaipeda (there is also an NPC for Orsha and Fedimian)
  • If you have, use Instanced Dungeon Multipliers and Instanced Dungeon Reset Vouchers to make your runs faster. Always check in-game events as they usually give these as rewards.
    If you do not have, do not bother to buy and just save your silvers.
  • Do not forget to use exp boosts like x32 EXP Tome, x8 EXP Tome and talk to Weekend Burning NPC.

Episode 12 Ramda Quests

  • Can be found at Receptionist Ramda NPC in Klaipeda.
  • These quests will give you lots of EXP Cards that you can pop up to reach Lv450.


Better if you can go straight to Lv460 by spamming level dungeon and using x32 EXP Tome. The tome drops in fields.
Just do the next episodes (EP12-2 and higher) once you reach Lv450. Do level dungeon if you encounter level gap with the quests.

While you are in the process of leveling, you may do the next steps:

2. Complete your equipment so you can do some game contents.

EP12 Scrolls

You can only put enhancement, transcendence, and set effect to EP12 Savinose Dysnai by using the EP12-1 scrolls. You can obtain these via in-game events.
Go to the Event NPC and look for [EP12-1] Scroll Shop.


Get your first fixed ichors and accessories:

Fixed ichors - Get Galimive Dysnai armor set. Mercenary Badge Shop has the Galimive Armor Box, buy 2pcs and transmute them.

Thank you to therhay for this tip on how to get Galimive ichors:

  • Tutorial - can be found beside the mini-map. Complete the tutorials to get rewards. Some of the tutorials give Mercenary Badges.


  • Ichor Transmutation - go to Blacksmith Teliavelis npc in Fedimian and select Ichor Transmutation. Put two identical armors (e.g. top + top / gloves + gloves) to make them ichored. You may use the silvers you earned from quests to buy the other materials needed.

Accessories - You may get Nepasgritas / Nematomas / Rangovas accessories in Mercenary Badge Shop. In case you lack badges, just use the free accessories you got from episode quests.
Note that Botanic Accessories are from TP packages. This guide assumes that you are a non-TP spender. :smile:

Seal - Complete the quest named Boruta (Lv360 quest in Vedas Plateau) to get a Kaze Seal.

Ark - Complete EP12-1 quest line to get the default Ark.

3. Collect Mercenary Badges!


Mercenary Badge is needed when you buy items at Mercenary Badge Shop. This shop also contains the one entry vouchers of daily/weekly contents such as Challenge Mode, Division Singularity, Sole Hunt, Dimensional Collapse Point. Source of silver is in the dailies (daily CM and DS grind) so you need to collect as many badges as you can!

There are many ways on how to obtain mercenary badges (listed below are weekly contents - so make sure to do them every week!):

  • Uphill Defense
    Try to join those who are looking for party members at world chat. But with your current gears by this time, you might have a hard time joining a party because most players prefer geared ones for their party. If so, you may skip this but try as much as possible.

  • Dimensional Collapse Point (DCP)
    This also requires a party and need for you to survive longer, but can be done easily than Uphill. Just buy Turn Undead Scrolls at market before joining a party.

  • Remnants of Bernice Dungeon
    The most convenient one in my opinion since it is a solo content. Try to finish it as high as you can (higher stage = more badges).

  • Weekly Boss Raid (WBR)
    Also a solo content so it is also convenient. Try to get the 20M Total Damage Reward for the badges (if you can do higher, the better).

  • In-game events
    Always check in-game events!

4. Grind for Silvers!

If you have collected at least 30,000 mercenary badges, you may start doing daily Challenge Modes (CM)!

Note that there are daily and weekly vouchers DS (Division Singularity). As its name says, Daily vouchers have only 1-day duration, so make sure to consume it immediately.

You can enter in CM/DS via Contents Status Board (F10) > Dungeons > Challenge Mode > Solo or Auto Match (Party) for CM / Division Singularity for DS. Hover on the Entry Limit to check the requirements to enter.

Gear Score and Attribute Achievement Rate

You can find these in Character Information (F1).

Gear Score identifies if you can enter some contents that have Entry Level score such as CM and DS. It is calculated based on your gears.


Calculation for Gear Score (Source: Tree of Savior):

You may also check the link above to see the required gear score for each content and the gear score of legend accessories.

Attribute Achievement Rate identifies the amount of attribute points required to enter some contents. It is calculated based on the total attribute points used in your character’s learned attributes.

Calculation for Attribute Score (Source: Tree of Savior):

Repeat and repeat and repeat! Do the dailies and weeklies until you acquire funds to level up your gears! Keep the loots you are getting from your dailies such as Nucle and Sierra powders, and Blessed Shards. They are materials needed for the next steps.

5. Gear up!

You now have the funds to improve your items so you can be called “geared”. Complete your gears one by one:

  • Fix your EP12 Savinose Dysnai’s random ichors
  • Get Goddess/Demon fixed ichors for your armors.
  • Make your Glacia Legenda set (make armor set first, followed by weapons). Enhance and transcend little by little while you are in the process of gearing up
  • Make random ichors for your Legenda. Get Vaivora for your weapons’ fixed ichors.
  • Put set effects to your Legenda
  • Get Karaliene/Luciferie accessories (Karaliene while you are in the process of gearing up until you can make Luciferie). Enhance and transcend little by little while you are in the process of gearing up
  • Get Boruta Seal (+1 while you are in the process of gearing up until you get +3)
  • Craft Ark
  • Put Arts (little by little while you are in the process of gearing up)
  • Gems
  • Cards
  • Enchantment and Awakening
  • Assisters

It doesn’t necessarily to be in this order, and you can do the others at the same (e.g. you’ll be able to complete your goddess/demon fixed ichor one by one while making your legenda set since their materials drop in different contents).

Below are the detailed guides of each steps.


Random Ichors

These are the so-called colored stats. You need to make this on unique-grade equipments and by using different types of magnifiers.

Later on, you will need to make Glacia Legenda set for raids. For now, you will need to have decent ichors for your EP12 Savinose Dysnai first. Random ichors for Savinose Dysnai cannot be removed (it’s permanently equipped) unlike Glacia Legenda that you can unequip.

To make a random ichor:

  1. Identify an unidentified item (to Blacksmith npc or to appraiser shops at towns). Unidentified items are those items that do not have stats. Recommended to use Primus Dysnai items.

For Savinose Dysnai, you just need to identify the Savinose Dysnai itself.

  1. Use Mysterious or Artisan Magnifiers to get the maximum number of lines for that item (four lines for armors/one-handed weapons, six lines for two-handed weapons, two lines for trinkets).


  1. After getting the max lines, get your desired colors/stats.
    One way is to use Sandra’s Magnifier (a.k.a. blue sandra). Using this will change the color and stat.


Another way is to reidentify it at Blacksmith npc in towns. You can do this if you have the desired color but want to change the stat. Just go to the npc and select Item Re-identification.
Note that this will change all the stats, unlike blue sandra where you can select the stat that you want to change.

  1. When you have the right stats, use Sandra’s Detailed Magnifier (a.k.a. red sandra) to change the value of the stat.


Max stats for Primus Dysnai:

Source: found somewhere at /r/TreeOfSavior discord - credits to the one who provided

Fixed Ichors

These are fixed stats of an item. You don’t need to create this since it’s already “fixed”, you just need to extract to make it ichored.
For your fixed ichors, current end-game are the Goddess and Demon Ichors for armors.

To make Goddess Ichors, you need six different Stone Debris of Divine Power. These can be drop from Division Singularity mode by chance. Collect six to obtain one Complete Piece of Divine Power. You need 2 complete piece to obtain a Goddess Armor recipe.

What set should you pick?

  • Vakarine: Midnight Baptism - if you are a tank
  • Zemyna: Saint Oath - if most of your skills are auto attacks
  • Dahlia: Infinity Blessing - if most of your skills are channeling
  • Gabija: Holy Flame - if most of your skills are casting
  • Austeja: Divine Enigma - if you are a healer

Same method to make Demon Ichors but you need Dark Red Soul Stone Fragment instead. Collect 10 of these to make one Dark Red Soul Stone Piece. You need 2 complete piece to obtain a Demon Armor recipe.

Demon Armor that is commonly used is the Ziburynas: Overload Raid set. Rumpelstiltskin: Reckless Gambler is only good if most of your skills are installation.

For your weapon’s fixed ichors, current end-game is the Vaivora item. It drops by chance on CM and DS (so make sure you use those loot chance buffs!). Your EP12 Savinose Dysnai have vaivora scrolls for the weapons so it’s fine. But you also need a vaivora item for your Glacia Legenda later on.

Update: Removed using loot chance buffs as it does not affect Vaivora drop.

Extracting an Ichor

Go to Teliavelis npc at Fedimian and select Extract Ichor.
Note: There is also Ichor Transmutation option but I will only cover Ichor Extraction in this guide, as this is the most commonly used when extracting an ichor. Transmutation will require you two pieces of the item you want to extract, so more cost.

Materials you need: Ichor Extraction Kit and Sierra Powders. You can buy an extraction kit at the same npc (select Shop).

In-game events also gives silver and golden extraction kits as rewards.
Using Silver Ichor Extraction Kit will not require the use of sierra powders. Can also buy this at mercenary shop.
Use Golden Ichor Extraction Kit if the item’s potential is 0 so it won’t break upon failure.

Failure of extraction losses 1 potential of the item, so be careful and use golden extraction kit if item’s potential is 0!

Equip / Unequip an Ichor

Method 1: Go to Teliavelis npc in Fedimian and select Equip Ichor / Unequip Ichor (Fixed) / Unequip Ichor (Random).

Method 2: “Sit down” (press Insert), then select Ichor Equip/Unequip.


Glacia Legenda


Legend Equipments - the highest type of equipment, so this is mostly what you will use. These are the ones that you’re gonna wear.

Target legend equipments:

  • Armors and weapons: Glacia Legenda (for raids), Savinose Dysnai (for CM/DS)
  • Accessories: Karaliene/Luciferie accessories

Aim to get Moringponia or Drakonas accessories while you are in the process of gearing up so you can do some Legend Raids. List of raids can be found in Contents Status Board (F10) > Raid > those with Legend in the title. Make sure to include these on your weeklies.

Same with CM and DS, some raids also have Auto Matches - and they have entry requirements too, so check if you have them. If not, they can be done in a pre-made party as well. Keep the loots you are getting as they are needed to craft your end-game gears.

Either by doing Legend White Witch Raid or buying materials in the market, make Glacia Legenda set as they give bonus damage to raids. This is essential since Legend Raid is one of the end-game contents.

You can craft Glacia Legenda and other legend equipment at [Blacksmith] Teliavelis npc in Fedimian (select Craft Legend Equipment).

Brikynite and Magic Stones can be obtained via CM or DS.
Refined Heart of Glacia can be obtained when you do Legend White Witch raid. You can either get the refined or normal Heart of Glacia by chance. Right-click the normal Heart of Glacia to convert it to Refined.

Karaliene / Luciferie accessories

Luciferie will be your end-game accessories. One material needed for it is Karaliene accessories. You need to have Karaliene first before you can craft Luciferie.
You can craft both at Teliavelis npc in Fedimian.

Scorched Valuable of Tel Harsha can be obtained when you do Sole Hunt: Tel Harsha. Make sure to include this in your weeklies. One entry voucher can be also bought per week at Mercenary Badge Shop.

You might see the Incomplete Karaliene in the selection. I suggest to opt for Incomplete only if you do not target to have Luciferie. Crafting Incomplete will cost you more so if you are going for Luciferie, craft the normal Karaliene accessory.

Luperium and Violetin Crystal can be crafted at Professional Alchemist npc.


Try to enhance your gears to at least +11 for all. Better if you can go +16-21 especially for weapons.

You need anvils to enhance an item. In-game events usually give these.

  • Normal anvil - can be bought at Item merchant npc.
  • Silver anvil - will not require silver if you use this.
  • Golden anvil - use this when the potential of the item is 0.
  • Ruby anvil - same with golden anvil, but use this when potential is 0 and the item’s enhancement is already above +10.

Note that using golden and ruby anvils will cost you a lot of silvers. If you can afford, use Shining Advanced Golden Anvils and Shining Ruby Anvils. These anvils do not require silver fee for enhancement. Another way to save silver on enhancing is to have Enhancement Coupons. Some in-game events give these as rewards.


It is best to transcend end game gears at Lv10, especially weapons.
Same npc (Blacksmith Teliavelis) is where you can transcend legend items (select Transcend High Grade Item).

You need Goddesses’ Blessed Gems (BG) to transcend. It will indicate how many BGs are required for 100% success rate. Make sure you obtain the right amount to avoid failure.


Where to get BGs: Common way is to just buy them at the market.
Blessed Shard is also available. You can convert 10 BS into 1 BG. Get blessed shards when you do CMs and lvl400 dungeon. Recipe to craft BG is available at Item Merchant npc.


Legend Set Effect

You can apply set stats to Legend equipment. Go to Professional Alchemist npc and select Apply Set Stats.

Drag your equipment, then select your desired item effect in the dropdown. It will indicate the material needed and quantity. Set stats description is shown on the right side.

In order for the 6 Set Effects to activate, you need to put set effects to all of your armors and weapons (4 armors + weapon + subweapon = 6 set).

For Glacia Legenda’s set effects, required material is Pamoka Solution. Just by these in the market.



Aim is to get at least +3 Boruta Seal as this is too pricy to level up.

Where to get seals: Game contents like Weekly Boss Raid, Uphill, DCP give boruta seals by chance.
Boruta Fragments are also available. Get 10 of these to obtain 1 boruta seal. You can get fragments in the Fedimian Public House Balloting or market (tho I do not recommend gambling, so just save up and buy a seal at market :D).

Enhancing a Seal

Where: Blacksmith Teliavelis in Fedimian (select Enhance Seal)

To make +2, you need two lv1 seals (your main seal and the sacrifice) + magic stones. Amount of magic stones required will be indicated. Get that amount to have 100% success rate.
To make +3, you need two lv2 seals + magic stones. Note that for lv3 and above, success rate is not 100% even if you put the max number of magic stones required. This really requires luck to be on your side.
If luck is against you, you can just save money and buy a +3 one.
And yes, making +4 to +5 seal is reeeeally pricy plus it requires luck, so most just opt for +3.

Boruta Seal: Common

Unlike the boruta seal per class, this is the seal that can be used by any class. To exchange the class-specific skill into common seal, go to [Teliavelis’ Disciple] Naujoves npc (just beside Teliavelis) and select Seal Exchange.
Note that you cannot revert it back to a class seal once you made it common.


Default Ark is given as a reward when you finish Episode 12 quests. In late game, you will also need to craft the end-game arks.

Crafting an Ark

Go to Professional Alchemist npc in towns and select Craft Ark.

You need two arch stones to craft an Ark. Arch Stones can be obtained by chance in contents like legend raids (hard mode) and in goddess’ blessing lottery. There are also Arch Stone Fragments available - 10pcs of this can be converted to one arch stone. Fragments can be obtained (also by chance) in contents like legend raids, wbr, dcp, ds.


Thierrynium can be crafted in the same npc - select Craft Special Ingredient.

If you got lucky and obtained an Arch Stone, but it is not the one you need, you can exchange an Arch Stone at Professional Alchemist npc - select Arch Stone Switch.

Enhancing an Ark

“Sit down” (press Insert), then select Ark Craft.


Mystic Tome Pages can be obtained in contents such as WBR and drops by chance in Legend Raids.
Sierra Stone recipe can be bought at Item Merchant npc.

You can also transfer an Ark’s level to another ark. To access it, sit down (press Insert) and select Ark Transfer.


Arts are used to enhance a skill or to acquire additional attribute of a skill. They are great factors to increase skill factor.

Upgrading Arts

  1. Go to your Main Class NPC (Swordsman, Wizard, Cleric, Archer, Scout) and select Craft Mystic Tome.

  2. Drag the required material - Unidentified Mystic Tome. Some in-game events give these as rewards, so take that opportunity.
    You can also obtain an unidentified mystic tome with 2 Mystic Tome Pages and 5 Goddessess’ Blessed Gems. Right click the mystic tome page to make it a tome.

  3. Select the sub-class where you need arts in the upper dropdown selection.

  4. Select your desired art in the second dropdown selection. You can hover in the book image to check the description of the art.

  1. Enter the number of tomes you need. Click Craft.

To use it, right click on it in your inventory. It will show a message that it requires a number of attributes, so you also need to have attribute points with every use. In-game events and contents give a lot of attribute points.

For enhanced upgrade arts, 1 tome = 1 level. You can see the applied arts in Skills and Attributes (F3). Click the skill and it will show below if arts are available for that skill.

Note that arts will not reset if you use skill reset potions. To reset arts, you need the Arts Reset Potion - available at Wings of Vaivora NPC. It will return as unidentified mystic tomes and some attribute points used will be returned as well.


  • Colored Gems - These gems give additional stats depending on where you put them. You can also increase its level by using Gem Abrasives.
  • Skill Gems - These are class-specific gems that gives +1 level to a particular skill. It is fixed to Lv1 and cannot be leveled up. You can only put them on specific part of armor (top/bottom/gloves/boots) or weapon (weapon/subweapon).

Where to get gem abrasives/colored gems/skill gems: Some contents such as Uphill Defense give gem abrasives. You may also get daily at Geraldasia npc (in Klaipeda) or Geraldason npc (in Orsha) - one free draw, pay silver for next succeeding draws. This is also where you can get white gem (loot chance gem) or if you’re lucky, skill gems!
Skill Gem Cube also randomly drops at contents like Dimensional Collapse Point (DCP).


There is also a higher type of abrasive like Shining Lv10 Gem Abrasive. Can sometimes be obtained in some in-game events and TP packages.


Enhancing a Gem

“Sit down” (press Insert), then select Gem Enhancement.


Recommended level of gems:

  • Weapons: Lv9-10
  • Armors: Lv8-10 or skill gems

How to insert gems into armors/weapons: Right click on the gem and select the equipment. Make sure that your equipment has available sockets.

Adding a Socket / Extracting a Gem

Go to Blacksmith npc and select Socket Management.

Note that it will consume a potential for every socket you insert. If your item’s potential is 0, you may use Shining Golden Socket.


Remember to roast your colored gems before putting it in your equipment (to remove the negative stat, applicable to colored gems only). There are plenty of Alchemist shops in towns that offers roasting service.


Fill in your card album! Recommended for it to be 10 star (for regular cards).
For legend and goddess cards, the higher you can, the better.

Types of Cards and where to get them:

  • Normal cards - A monster card album will summon a random boss monster when opened and will give you either a Monster Card or Enhancement Card once you defeat it. You can buy it at Mercenary Badge Shop. There are also free ones in the daily login attendance.
    There are also Master Cards that you can buy at Mercenary Badge Shop or can be obtained via in-game events.
  • Legend cards - You can get these by chance on contents like WBR and Legend Raids.
  • Goddess cards - Can be obtained by doing Reputation. You will get here once you’ve reach Lv458 and above.

While you are still gearing up, focus on normal and legend cards first.

Enhancing Cards

Sit down (press Insert) and select Card Synthesis (for regular cards) or Enhance Advanced Card (for legend cards).

You may check Legendary Card Guide by Crevox for more information on Legend Cards and how to upgrade them.

Be careful when you remove your cards. To avoid losing a level, select the large red button (Unequip without level decrease option).

Enchantment and Awakening


Enchant an item

You will use Enchant Jewels for this. In-game events usually give these as rewards. Some also can be obtained when you dismantle an item (for example, you can get by chance a legend enchant jewel when you dismantle legend gears). Can also be bought at Mercenary Badge Shop.

Higher level of enchant jewel gives more chance of giving high stats, so just use legend jewels.


To use it, just right-click on it in your inventory and place your item.

The list of possible enchant lines and their max values are shown below:

Accuracy (25%)
AoE attack ratio (3)
Block (25%)
Block penetration (25%)
Critical rate (25%)
Critical resistance (25%)
Damage on boss monsters (15%)
Damage when critical (15%)
Evasion (25%)
Magic damage taken reduced (25%)
Main weapon attack damage (15%)
Movement speed (3)
Physical damage taken reduced (25%)
PvP damage (15%)
PvP damage taken reduced (25%)
Subweapon attack damage (15%)

Awakening an item

Alchemist shops at towns have this service. You need Awakening Stones and Awakening Abrasives for this. In-game events also give awakening stones as rewards. It can also be bought at Mercenary Badge Shop.

Transfer Enchantment / Awakening

You can also transfer enchant or awakening to another item via Professional Alchemist NPC and select Transfer Bonus Stat (Awakening) or Transfer Bonus Stat (Enchantment).

For awakening, you can only transfer it to the same type of item (e.g. you can transfer a top’s awakening to another top).

Also take note that enchantment and awakening on a 0-potential item can only be transferred to another 0-potential item, so make sure that your item has potential if you want to sell your enchantment.


Don’t forget to complete the quest at Geraldasia NPC in Klaipeda.
You can find its UI in Assister Cabinet.


Assister cards can be obtained via Assister Card Album. This is also available in Mercenary Badge Shop and in-game events. It is also given as a reward when you do Assister Dungeon.

You can open your Assister Card Albums via Assister Cabinet.

Assisters have different grades: Normal, Magic, Unique, Legend. The higher the grade, the better their performance will be.

Passive Effect

These are the bonus stats that you can get when you equip assisters.

  • Original Passive - the original passive of the assister in main slot.
  • Combination Passive - passive depending on the combination of property and type of the assisters.
    In the above image, I got Block bonus because I equipped Succubus and Froster Lord which are both Ice-property types. I got Critical Resistance because Maru and Ferret Marauder are both Earth-types. And got All Stats +1 because Succubus and Ferret Marauder are both Plant-types.

Some guides regarding assister bonuses:

Source: -TOSkemon - Assister Tips (updated day 1, month 2, year 2021) - outdated as of now

Source: found somewhere at /r/TreeOfSavior discord - credits to the one who provided

Fusion and Evolve

Fusion - rerolling three random same-grade assisters to obtain a new random assister of the same grade (or higher grade by chance).

Evolve - leveling up your assister. You need three identical assister cards to level it up (e.g. you need 3pcs 1-star Moringponia assister cards to make it 2-star, then 3pcs 2-star to make it 3-star).

Assister Dungeon

This is also a weekly content so make sure to include on your weeklies. Assister Card Albums and Attribute Points are given as rewards upon clearing certain stages. You can enter via Contents Status Board (F10).

You may refer to the assister’s info when choosing what assisters to bring in the dungeon. Some guides with list of assister’s skills are outdated, will add here once I found an updated one.




This sets the limit on the grade and combination of assisters that you can equip.
Cost of an assister is identified by:

Normal grade = 1 x number of stars
Magic grade = 2 x number of stars
Unique grade = 3 x number of stars
Legend grade = 4 x number of stars

Sharing more info regarding Assister Cost from my guildmate Snipester:

List of achievements where you can get additional Costs:

If you are finished with step 5, you can now be called “geared”!

6. Go on until you reach Lv458-460.

Upon reaching Lv458, you may now do EP13 contents such as

  • Res Sacrae
  • Reputation
  • Vaivora and Goddess/Demon armor leveling

I will add more details regarding step 6 in the future since these are just recent and I am also exploring it. :smiley:


correction: vaivora drop isnt affected by loot chance

Thank you for the correction. I already crossed out that part. Maybe loot chance can be a separate discussion or guide.

To be precise, vaivora drop from any EP12&13’s elite monster. I got my 1st vaivora from killing elites at field

I think you can get 20.000 mercenary badges by doing the Tutorial, then use this to buy 2 packs of Galimive gear and use ichor transmutation on them.

Thanks for the tip! I haven’t thought of this since I really haven’t done ichor transmutation ever since. :sweat_smile:

thanks for the guide… will be sharing it w/ friends who are new

Your assister table comes from here -TOSkemon - Assister Tips (updated day 1, month 2, year 2021)

Made by @greyhiem from itos forum or his youtube channel: ludo tos. Last seen in the forum at asio/wastrel era.

Btw, there is something wrong with his table, iirc baby skia is not holy beast category

Thank you! Will add the source.
I’m also looking for an updated assister table like that, hopefully can find since I can’t make one (too busy).