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[Renewed] Bounty Hunt and Aether Gem guide

[Last Updated November 5, 2022] Added Lv480 Bounty Hunt and Aether Gem

Title: Bounty Hunt and Aether Gem guide
Server: [SEA] Telsiai
Team name: Redrelle

Contents of this guide will tackle the following:

  • Bounty Hunt
  • Aether Gem
  • The updated Remnants of Bernice Dungeon

Bounty Hunt

Bounty Hunt is a solo content that will be available once you reach Lv460.
You can start the Bounty Hunt from the Wanted Board NPC located in each town (Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian), and you need a Written Order.

Wanted Board NPC

Lv460 Written Orders can be farmed in the following maps:

  • Ashaq Underground Prison 1F
  • Ashaq Underground Prison 2F
  • Ashaq Underground Prison Containment Area

And there are three types of Written Order:

  • [Lv.460] Written Order - Klaipeda
  • [Lv.460] Written Order - Orsha
  • [Lv.460] Written Order - Fedimian

Written Orders can also be purchased at TP Shop.

To start, talk to the Wanted Board npc and give the Written Order. The destination map will be shown.

You just need to go on an adventure and arrive at the destination map within the time limit (30 minutes)… by walking. :smiley:
Any kind of teleportation is unavailable when Bounty Hunt is in progress.

Swift movement limitation
Source: Tree of Savior

Route guide for your smooth adventure (credits to the creator):

Along the way, monsters will randomly spawn (and they will always spawn around you). You need to defeat these monsters to proceed with the next map. There’s a buff where you can see the monster count.

A boss is waiting for you in a random location once you arrive at the destination - you just need to find and defeat it. Note that you can also see the boss of other bounty hunters, you’ll know if it’s yours if you can hit it.

Rewards that you can obtain in Bounty Hunt are Goddess Token (Gabija), Breath of Power, Aether Gem Fragments, Arcanum Brewing Materials (by chance).


Time is gold and it is better if you can clear one hunt fast so you can do more. Some tips to increase your movement speed for faster hunting:

  • Having a class with increase movement speed skills (like Plague Doctor and Cataphract)
  • Botanic accessories
  • Wind Runner boots
  • Goddess Statue buff
  • Miracle Seed buff
  • Movement speed enchant (in hair accessory and armor enchantment)

Superior Written Order

This is a higher (?) version of written order. You can obtain this type of written order (Lv460) same as where to get the normal ones:

  • Ashaq Underground Prison 1F
  • Ashaq Underground Prison 2F
  • Ashaq Underground Prison Containment Area

And there are also three types of Superior Written Order:

  • [Lv.460] Superior Written Order - Klaipeda
  • [Lv.460] Superior Written Order - Orsha
  • [Lv.460] Superior Written Order - Fedimian

Superior Written Order
This is also available at TP Shop.

The difference is that the Wanted Slingers and Wanted Monster/Final Boss are “superior”, they are a bit harder.

A Demon Merchant NPC will also appear once for the entire hunt when using Superior Written Order.

Demon Merchant appears

Demon Merchant NPC

Talk to it and it will give you three options:

Demon Merchant encounter

Note that you need to finish your encounter with the Demon Merchant before you can proceed to the next area. Yes, you need to select one of the options. :smiley:

Barter - Demon Merchant will ask for an item in exchange of [Lv.460] Aether Gem Catalyst and you need to give it to him to resolve the encounter. The items it asks can also be obtained as one of the rewards when you finish a Superior Written Order hunt.

Barter item

You can succeed or fail in Barter by chance. :tired:

If it is successful, you will receive the Aether Gem Catalyst and encounter will be resolved.

If failed, two options will appear - Fight or Leave.
Fight - you can receive Aether Gem Catalyst by chance (O_O) once you defeat the Demon Merchant and encounter will be resolved.
Leave - Demon Merchant disappears and encounter will be resolved.

Fight - You will fight with the Demon Merchant and you can receive Aether Gem Catalyst by chance once you defeat it.

Demon Merchant when you select Fight

Persuade - Three options will appear. Each option has 50% chance to resolve the Demon Merchant encounter and 50% chance of fighting the Demon Merchant.

Rewards you can get when using Superior Written Order:

Arcanum Brewing Materials can also be obtained by chance.

You will also get a random barter item - the item that you can exchange at Demon Merchant NPC during Barter.

Lv480 Bounty Hunt

You may do this once you reached Lv480.
It is almost the same as Lv460 Bounty Hunt, only few differences:


You need to have a Gear Score of 15,000 before you can do Lv480 Bounty Hunt.

Written Orders

  • Normal [Lv.480] Written Order can be purchased from the Goddess Token (Vakarine) Shop.
  • [Lv.480] Superior Written Order can be obtained by chance when hunting the monsters in Episode 14-2.

Wanted Monsters

In Lv480 Bounty Hunt, the wanted monsters will be boss monsters (one boss monster for normal bounty hunt, more than one boss monster for superior bounty hunt).


Source: Tree of Savior


Mounts are mainly used in casual contents and they cannot be used in battles unlike companions. They have special effects that are useful, some includes effects for bounty hunt. You can use them via ‘Summon Mount’ skill in Skills and Attributes (F3) > Common.

There are mounts that you can get for free by doing achievement quests and there are also premium mounts which can be bought by TP. You can find the complete list here if you are interested: ToS Mounts

Aether Gem

You can get one Aether Gem of your choice when you right-click 20 pieces of Aether Gem Fragments.

Aether Gem Fragment

Types of Aether Gem:

  • [Lv.460] Aether Gem - STR
  • [Lv.460] Aether Gem - INT
  • [Lv.460] Aether Gem - DEX
  • [Lv.460] Aether Gem - SPR
  • [Lv.460] Aether Gem - CON

Aether Gem increases the stat by 2 per gem level. Maximum level of a Lv460 Aether Gem is Lv120.

You can enhance Aether Gems by doing Remnants of Bernice Dungeon.

Equip your Aether Gem in Goddess Equipment Management > Socket Management. You need an Aether Gem Socket Key to open the socket.

Aether Gems can only be equipped in weapons (main and sub). You need to open the weapon’s two normal sockets before you can unlock the Aether Gem socket.

The socket key is also one of the rewards (Rank S and A) when you do Bounty Hunt. It also has a recipe and is available in Gabija Shop.
Right-click the crafted key to make it a reusable key.

Lv480 Aether Gem

You may transfer the level of your [Lv460] Aether Gem to a Lv480 one once the Lv460 gem reached its max level (Lv120).

You may do this at Pyromancer Master NPC and select Transfer Aether Gem Enhancement Level.

Transfer Aether Gem Enhancement Level


  • You can transfer it to a Lv480 aether gem with a different stat (example: you can transfer the level of a [Lv460] Aether Gem - STR to a [Lv480] Aether Gem - INT).
  • The [Lv460] gem will be destroyed upon level transfer.
  • There will be no decrease on the enhancement level once transferred.

Lv480 Aether Gem works just the same as a Lv460 one:

  • Consume 20 [Lv480] Aether Gem Fragment to select one [Lv480] Aether Gem of your choice.
  • [Lv480] Aether Gem Catalyst is also available and can be obtained (by chance) when you do barter at [Lv480] Superior Bounty Hunt.
  • Use [Lv480] Aether Gem Socket Key to open the socket on your Lv480 weapons. This can be obtained by chance at Lv480 Bounty Hunt and recipe is also available at Goddess Token (Vakarine) Shop.
  • Same way of leveling up - via Remnants of Bernice Dungeon.

Remnants of Bernice Dungeon

You can run this dungeon weekly. Enter the dungeon via Content Status Board (F10).

When entering, you need to select the stage where you want to start.

Your highest cleared stage will be saved (and it will not reset every week).

You just need to kill all the monsters within the 3-minute time limit.
When you successfully finished the stage, a Kupole NPC will appear where you can enhance your Aether Gem.

You can enhance an equipped or unequipped aether gem.

You can enhance up to 5 times only. To enhance more, you can purchase one entry vouchers in Mercenary Badge Shop and enter again.

Aether Gem Catalyst can also be used to increase the maximum enhance count by 5.

Success rate of enhancement depends on the level of Aether Gem and the cleared stage. As for my screenshot, the gap between my gem level (15) and the cleared stage (26) is above 10 so there’s 100% success rate.

I compute my entry stage level by:
(Gem level + 5) + 10 (so that it will be 100% success rate for all 5 tries)

Nothing will happen if enhancement fails (your gem will not break or disappear). There is also no fee when enhancing.

If you are into the rankings, it is set based on the following criteria:

Ranking criteria
Source: Tree of Savior

Same rewards are given as the old Remnants of Bernice Dungeon:

  • Mercenary Badges when you do the dungeon (higher stage cleared gives more badges)
  • Dimensional Incense Burner for the top 3 in each class

Weekly reset for this dungeon is Monday at 6AM (server time), and you can receive the rewards every Monday at 9AM (server time).
Note that you cannot enter the dungeon on every monday at 5AM to 6AM (server time).


Just want to add from my experience; to get all 5 times 100% chance, the difference level between the gem and stage is 14.

e.g: gem level 1 → stage 15

And linking my edited bounty route (based on the original post google sheet) because I like separating and color coding it.

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Thank you for sharing! I only tried level difference of 9 or 10 so far for sure 100% success.

I didn’t do much of these yet, but last time I got a hunt on Spring Light Woods and I was like “oh it’s super easy just need to go from Klaipeda City to Dina by the farmlands and follow the quest route”… until I realized that it was an Orsha hunt :haha:

And annoyingly they tend to run away from you, sometimes requiring to go back and hunt one that escaped :frowning:

Any way to tell the rank of the boss?

Cool to know. The description says “by chance”, so I was afraid it would be a random one…

What is “Golden Socket” in the recipe? Is it actually Ancient Golden Sockets? And wow… two arch stone fragments for one key… like those are growing on trees (like the Practoniums for EACH level 460 Awakening abrasives to get +100 additional damage/damage resistance). I suppose rank A or S bosses are really uncommon for them to drop a crafted key.

Isn’t Bernice only once per week? IIRC you need to buy vouchers to enter again, but you have 4 for 1000 badges, then it’s 50 extra badges per run (so 1050 for your 6th run, 1100 for the 7th run, and so on…)

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Haha, just remember that the type of written order also indicates the starting city (Written Order - Orsha starts at Orsha). :haha:

You can’t tell the rank afaik. I encounter the cockroach boss a lot of times already but the rank is not always the same (sometimes it’s Rank C, sometimes Rank A).

Yes it should be the Ancient Golden Sockets. Arch frag is now affordable so it’s not that of a problem anymore. Rank A or S boss is a bit rare.

Correct, it’s once per week then you buy voucher for 1000 merc badge on first purchase, additional 50 badges for extra purchases.

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Best guide of them all, plain old TEXT.

Damn those youtube videos… :frowning:


Thanks for this! Just got back and I’ve never been so confused. And I haven’t even been gone that long :sweat_smile:

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Agreed, I really prefer text guides to video links

Glad that it helped. :slight_smile:

Updated the guide to add Superior Written Order. Please correct me if I’m wrong with some info, I only tried it once so far. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ll also add more screenshots once I get them.

Remember to check the monster count buff when clearing the Superior Wanted Slingers. Took me a couple of minutes to find this guy that moved from the bridge to the rooftop. :haha:

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Can Aether gems be removed again once equipped? So that my Bernice-Char can do the enhancing later too.

You can enhance from equipment, no need to remove a gem unless you want to equip another type.

you can unequipp it, it cost quite huge so if you wanted to put aether on your alt I’d suggest get to at least decently high level like 70-80 and then stockpile on aether gem catalyst and mass level up at some point in the future

Not all Classes perform well in Bernice.

Okay, thank you for the strategy tip.

Yes you can. Gem level will still be the same when removed.

Extract Aether Gem