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Goddess blessed weapon skin idea: bosses weapon

if you can tweak the in game boss sprites/3d model or whatever you call it and sort of extract the gears like boss weapon we can get some cool weapon skins
Screenshot_2020-08-17 Archon

Screenshot_2020-08-17 Crystal Watcher

Screenshot_2020-08-17 Kugheri Balzermancer
Screenshot_2020-08-17 Flammidus

any many more, i personally will buy kugheri staff or froster lords, and maybe ignas bow for my archer


ignas bow, his wing also looks awesome.

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a long time ago like 2 or 3 year IMC did an event where ppl desing weapons and we along with the gms vote for the desings of all the winners only a few got release, one of the desing was boss weapons they were very good i think they ll never release em


Great idea and great art !!

This is like so many other amazing path they could choose but they didn’t go for it for some unknown reason they never tell us.

Because unaffodable? I don’t think so

Maybe the wanna keep it for better timing, but honestly with the current situation when is better timing