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[Weapon Costume] Immanence // Silute


Hello everyone :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Here are some [rough] concepts I’ve been working on.
The overall idea is to use elements of our beloved [or hated] monsters, specially field bosses, to design the weapons.
This is something the IMC already did in some itens like Ferret Marauder Shield, Mirtis Helmet and one of the first equips we see in the game, the Kepa Doll.

I hope you like it!

Team Name: Immanence
Server: [SA] Silute

*It would be nice to have some basic authorship tooltip like: “Concept by Immanence from Silute.”"

Rexipher’s Winged Bow

refference image


Nuaele’s Horned Staff

*refference image


Cafrisun’s Claws — Sword and Dagger

*refference image

Cafrisun’s Blaster — Cannon

*refference image

Ellaganos’s Elano Drill — Spear

*refference image

Harpeia’s Skull Rapier

*refference image


Marnox’s Paw Mace

*refference image


Zaura’s Demolisher — Two-Handed Sword

*refference image

Helgasercle’s Reach — Crossbow

*refference image


Succubus’s Vengeance — Pistol

*refference image


Chapparition’s Desolator — Musket

Musket V.2 — longer barrel [added at 28/11 — after the deadline]

*refference image

And… the cute ones:

Smiling Popolion Shield

*refference image


Brainy Kepa Rod

*refference image

Gimmick suggestion: most of these itens could perform the sound effect of the respective monster, like the Marnox’s roar when swinging the mace; Harpeia’s wings/flight when hiting with the rapier, things like that.

— PSD files:

Thanks for watching!


Awsome, i already want that Sucubuss Pistol HAHA


Thanks you…

I was trying to do something with Rexipher today but since ToS.neet went down I lost access to 3D models and Rexipher good angles :cry:

Am so happy you have the talent to achieve what I couldn’t :relaxed::blush:


Thanks for your message ^^

I’m glad you are happy! what do you had in mind with rexipher?


Was for the dagger, maybe a feather texture blade with black handle with his gold designs + chain …

But I managed to create a dagger already by using another dark lord :grin:


Just saw it! nice work :smiley:
you’re using 3D softwares?


not really xD I am super low tech/talent all I use is paint and 3D paint :smile:

I cant create a masterful piece of art, but putting pieces together I can do…

I am good with puzzles :prince: xD


I wanna this Popo-shield! Pleaaassseee!


Your work are so amazing. I wish IMC accept most of all.


Nice job! Did you use watercolor to color? It’s really beautiful, they remind the illustrations on Dungeons & Dragons books. I hope IMC uses this concept of boss themed weapons at least for skins :3


if imc does not choose all these weapons I give up my life


yep, is something like watercolor ^^
I fits well with my dirty-sketchy drawings




AHAHA seria massa se rolasse, é um dos meus favoritos!


AHAHA thank you Lumber! {:


thanks! (: I hope so


no one asked for this but

dude i love that watercolour ish thing

also please win i need that bow to live


wouldn’t harpeia already wearing a skull helmet Owo?

these are some serious monhan stuff owO

i hope that’s not a real popolionhead shield :sad:


Thank you! I was using a more “digital” colouring, but I tried this and liked a lot because my drawings era very sketchy/dirty, works nice together.


It’s not! It’s a tribute to all popolions (: