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Exploit in the Silute Server

First of all I would like to inform you that the Silute server is completely devastated by exploiters, the market has many level 6 to 10 cards for absurdly low prices.
Obviously it has already been reported and the IMC just said that they already know what happened and that they are investigating.
With the money obtained from the cards, the exploiter is buying all the market seals and creating level 3 to 5 seals to sell (because people stopped buying the buggy cards).
Basically the server was devastated because of this problem and apparently the silute exploiter is not using the same method as the others (which were banned on other servers).
After that, a strange player appeared on a new account (with only 2 likes and 20 archievements) with all the final content equipment (including a level 5 seal).
This player changed his nickname a few times, was nicknamed “Exploiter” (lol) and changed to TheJudge (lol²).
Obviously it was also reported and the IMC said that they are looking into it
Here are some prints that illustrate the text:

image (Selling Pantorex lvl 10 for money)
image (Selling Marnox lvl 10 at the market)
(All exploited cards with very low price!)
image (Trading Pantorex lvl 10 for Boruta lvl 1)
image (Selling exploited cards for money)
This problem needs to be solved urgently, these cards need to be deleted from the game and the creators and benefited by the bug banned
@Staff_Jin @STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy


Lets watch IMC doing nothing against it one more time. :smiley:

btw, i just reported it by ticket, but its nice to have a thread, so every player, even from other servers, can see it!

and i want to say that im 100% up for IMC to investigate every account on silute server. im pretty sure theres A BUNCH of lv 9-10 legend cards rolling on our server.
We all know how much effort is to rank up a legend card, or a boruta seal lv 5 even with this new food seal etc.


For those wondering if this legend card exploit is real:


I do hope that IMC mind to take a look at the game logs and check what is happening. I doubt that this amount of lv 10 legend cards and lv 4~5 boruta seals are common in the other servers, and we do know that IMC can check the accounts selling this stuff, I hope they mind enough about the game to do it.


if IMC or any staff does not comment on this matter even if it is here on the forum, I will leave the server

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Lmao, this picture literally says he is selling any legend card Lv.7 as if he is working on some type of card delivery system.



we already have to play with a lot issues, lagging all the time, gtw almost unplayable, boruta the same, and after all we have to deal with this kind of negligence, so sad with a so great game.


@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William @Staff_Jin


Please do something @GM_Francis


Game is already getting exhausting, even so we play every day to try to get stronger each day, here comes a guy and abuses a bug like that, we all hope that something is done.








Please, check this guys! We play hard to get to the top, and some guys just play on easy mode with exploits, and nothing happen.

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@Staff_Jin @STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy @GM_Francis please look at this and ban this exploiter

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Hi @dsalberto1998,

We will look into this player’s activity as soon as possible. Thank you.

Let me tell you something already, IMC will not do anything, it is not today that these problems exist and they are not there, because you still buy TP, why do something if the money is doing nothing?

This was something to ban immediately, because the more time it passes, but it makes the bug, sells and passes everything to other accounts.

TOS is a completely covered game, all designed to harm those who want to play cleanly, all silve is achieved by third parties, including items, weapons, cards, everything that can be bought for $$$ and the IMC seeing this and not being able to (or wanting to ban), it started to become fashionable to sell items and cards for money, only in a much more dirty way.

That is, these players apparently make more profit for her, it can only …

by the way…

Sincerely @GM_Francis what is the delay in penalizing players who are “clearly guilty”? Do you not have “real GM power” here? Does everything need a confirmation from kTos?

Well, I believe you know that the more time that passes, the more the weed creates roots, it can pass adulterated items to various players, which you will not be able to “ban”, as they will not be sure if it was done knowing or if they were cheating.

Honestly, enjoy the pandemic and try to improve the community sector, the game has reached the level of even Korean players are complaining and quitting.

You were very lucky that New World was late …


There is something really easy to fix this. Don’t menace people with a ban, but with a lawsuit. I’m pretty sure a good lawyer can find out a way to claim that selling in-game items for real money, in particular items obtained fraudulously, is illegal since it spoils the company that makes the game from that money.

IMC: but we’ll lose the whales in the servers … nope, ignore!

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I remember some case of the company sueing the parents of some kid that used to hack, but this is very rare.

IMC wouldn’t botter to do something like this, lets be real, they barely fix their problems let alone open a lawsuit against people living in other countries, that would cost a hella lot of time and money.
I would certainly like to see things like that occurring frequently so people would think twice before exploiting and hacking online games spoiling other peoples gaming experience.
I guess people do not think they are commiting a crime when doing things like that. no big deal is their mindset.

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You cannot be serious, outside of 1company only in south korea they way the behave with the market outside of korea never changed.
Let’s assume players behaved nicely and stop spending tp for 1 week, the reaction would be to unplug steam version, it’s been like 20 years korean video games are like this saying international or western market don’t support them lol.

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