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Exploit in the Silute Server

The way abusers exploit the game is straight up disrespect to the GMs and devs.

This is way too blatant, absurd. Abusers are laughing how powerless IMC is every single day they make $$$ off of people.

Very sad.

Yes, unfortunately it works like that. On iRo we have to wait for weeks (sometimes even months) for approval from kRo (Gravity, actually) to fix any bug or even add a minor new NPC to improve quality of life.

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Sorry, but there is no way to support a company that doesn’t even care for you, allowing extreme bugs, bots, lag, drops of fps … The only thing they are efficient is to create more RNG boxes with hidden percentages (in ktos all % are revealed) to take money!

Sorry, but such a company has to die EVEN!

When the company is serious and respects its customers it has support from them, when it doesn’t do it, it should receive negative results, if Korean companies say that the West doesn’t “support”, because something is wrong for the public here, not all world loves gasha / rng like the Orientals and the company is obliged to understand and adapt it.

EDT: Did you know that the kTos GTW doesn’t have the same lag / fps drop / crash ch as here? There even seems to be another game.


Imagine getting that sick stage 4 seal for some crit attack before getting yourself a goddamn trinket :joy:


he was waiting for someone to put a +16++ trinket on market lul
not to mention the day he went for the “storm” ark, then realizes that pyro has all the AoE he needs, so just switched arks like trash

wtf is going on with this trash server?
every post about abuse hacks and stuffs like that all comes from silute.


so… ???
no bans, no card wipes, nothing?

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they finally did something. Banned the acount and wiped all the lvl 10 cards. Not everything that they should’ve done, but better than nothing.


hmm. seem it went to telsiai. :prince:

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Ok … Deleted the abuser and DELETED ALL ITEMS he created? There is no point in deleting the character and not deleting all the items created by him.