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So what's the plan IMC

From Silute. The repercussions of the exploit were never fixed


my lord spoken

For some days here in Silute we have seen some very suspicious Legend cards. How is this compared to your servers? There were more LV6 before

Btw that LV10 Marnox screenshoted today disapeared very quickly from the Market …



Well holy sh1t hacks/exploit looks way worse than I thought it is

And we dont hear anything from GMs

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go to inven and call them out there

130m for a lvl 5 legend card? totally legit /s

I got a feeling IMC knows but does not act because they do not know how to stop the exploits

I mean, you sell legend card envelopes for x amount of TP, players exploit and you dont do anything about it?

Tree of bugs becoming more like Tree of Exploits

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Issue about bots where pls??

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There’s a level 10 Marnox and several others on Klai, but they do not get posted on the market that I can tell. There are small gaps of time where I think the owner got banned because I don’t see them, and then they show up again a few days later so unfortunately I don’t think IMC’s done anything. I wouldn’t call a high volume of level 6s and 7s proof of an exploit still being around, they could just be stock from a time when it was, so hard to say. On Klai though, I have evidence that they’re still being made en masse and have provided it to IMC. Even pinged @STAFF_Yuri a couple times since I know they helped with exploits and hacks before. Maybe they and others are overloaded now and just don’t have the time to look into it. I don’t know, but it makes me very sad.


Idiot, we need more grind and rng content! Idiot!! Please… we have few things to do in this game. We need more cool grind/rng stuff BROH.

Serious, this is how the competitive players in my server thing. They are in the top, they don’t want some no rng/grind content (because a lot of them use bots I thing).

Exploit & Silute ? Not really surprised…

The longer they take doing an action, the older and deeper the issue gets. In the end, people who exploited and/or benefited from this will have most likely had spent the silver already

Then if IMC ever does ban, will end up banning many people. Innocent and “innocent” people will complain. Then IMC will say they are sorry, made a mistek.

Ultimately back to square 1

Buy the lvl 10 marnox and lose to the guy with a lvl 6 marnox and no guild. silute stonks!

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They just want money.


Because silver sellers obtain their silver through botting (with, perhaps a couple of exceptions). Therefore when a player purchases silver it is giving real money to a botter, the more money the botter earns the more it silver it needs to generate to keep the business going and the more bots it will use.

In short, RMT leads to botting and purchasing silver means supporting botting.




Seems like people have found more patterns to the Legend Cards exploits. How many Boruta Seals LV5 you guys have there you yours servers?

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I have seen 3 level 5 seals and many level 4 for sale…

Still missing the point. For RMT to be reliable, it needs bots farming.

Yes, someone could do “clean” RMT farming but that demands time and energy from a human being, while it’s easier, faster and more effective to use bots (and you can scale it). The RMT seller is the bot user, by giving it money you’re telling it to keep using bots. Of course, not all bot users sell silver, but 99.99% of silver sellers use (MULTIPLE) bots.

Along that, RMT means paying real money to a third party instead of the game developers that need money to keep the staff and server, when you have the option to purchase TP and sell the items at market (behind layers of RNG and fees, but the option is there).

It seems selfish to say “ban bots but free RMT” as silver selling is connected to botting to the core. If don’t want to support IMC, don’t buy TP and play the game to get stuff.


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