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Example of a poorly implemented gold sink system


Definitely don’t break it, this system is garbage, they HAVE to change it and they’re probably gonna do that by making an extraction kit that either doesn’t consume potential or guarentees an ichor. If they do that, you’re gonna regret going for that final 5% chance on such a perfect armor.


Having bad luck and failing doesn’t make it poorly implemented. Just try again.

Also, you should’ve rerolled that chestpiece more before attempting to ichor as that was a weak roll, so you didn’t really lose much.

you â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  kidding right? there is no luck on that at all, he just lost an excellent equipment and tons of sierra, not counting the time to make all that, due to this stupid imc ichor system.
this is seriously ridiculous, at least the 0pot try could automatically make an ichor instead of breaking and losing everything, can’t even argue anything because its just a stupid system anyway, its ridiculous they make your time worthless like that.
i’m not even trying mine because i failed 8 in a row and gave up untill they fix this crap.


Why the hurry? Yeah, the odds are pretty low, but you have lots of time to finish your perfect Velcoffer gear until we have better equipment in the game and that will take a lot of time to happen, since IMC already stated that the new gear in the next lvl expansion won’t be better than Velcoffer’s.

Just take your time. While you don’t succeed at extracting a good Ichor, you can enhance your gear, transcend it and work on Partis solutions to get your desired set effect.

Otherwise, just wait for the Gemstone Feud tweaks, they’ll add silver extraction kits to the exchange shop.

That was my second broken item, 24 failed attempts, 100kk in Sierra Powder, whoever thinks this system is okay, probably did not try to extract any part.

I have my entire Velcoffer set done & ichored. I broke multiple pieces trying to finish it. I don’t really care if it fails, I just do it again.

That’s fine if that’s your opinion. This will be the best equipment in the game for months, if not a year+, based on what IMC said. There’s no rush, and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

Only players who has little life outside of TOS,P2W or players with farming bots has 0 issue with this system because they will try again like they mention on this and other threads.It’s no biggie I’ll just throw cash from my parents or have bots to farm and ichor,reroll or unidentify my stuff and if it fails then they can continue the process until it works.

TOS reward players who cheat or throw money
…thats why this system is here and IMC said that they will continue to use this system in the future for the next best tier.So if you hard worker fools think that vel will be the last and that IMC will change into something casual then you in for an awaken my friends.

Like I said this system doesn’t even bother for those who get their silver through the items from blessing cubes or Leticia cubes by selling them or those bots selling their loot.

The true farming and grinding from hard work is not rewarded anymore for a long long time now.

People who are truly upset are those real players that are playing TOS without spending money and trying to figure how to farm silver in the legit way without falling into the PW2 or cheating ways.The real player work so hard and spend so much little time they have after work or school or family time to have the system ■■■■ you over.IMC and many people here say hey my friend you aren’t force to do this or to get vel right away and they are right because at the end you decide to choose use their trap system.They want you angry so you can cheat or go P2W to be the best you can be or try to climb up with the rest of the cheaters and P2W.I don’t blame them because they once like you lost or angry and couldn’t find a way to get what you want with your hard effort,so they give up and start to exploit cheat or go to P2W…exactly what IMC wants…to ban you or to milk your money so you can enjoy the game with your new strong shiny weapons and gear :yum:

As soon Lost Arc comes up the Eastern side I am leaving TOS but for now let’s just enjoy the new classes because at least that’s what keeping me here before GVG and TBL died for me.


This is currently so true and sad. Even if you consider the corner cases where people farm on HG for 8 hours a day, that’s like, less than 5% of playerbase? And even these people get frustrated at failures.

If one really doesn’t feel frustrated at all with progress lost because of RNG, either they like RNG too much or been getting their silver a little way too easily (including alt accounts on this).

It is possible to farm and get a little silver for something here and there by playing the game and farming. But honestly, we’re talking about a huge trade off here being into a waste, not an average case of losing only 10-50m (or even 3 digits range).


maybe you would try to extract the ichor from a bertas with +30/35 stats of each and its work easily…

i thoug that the ichor must be a dropeable item and the sierra poulder must work to enache the rarity of the equipmens, like from purple to red. like some mechanics of others games.
but this kind of enhaching mechanic its really anoying

Players that have little knowledge of how the system works, like the guy in the video, give rise to these concerns. It’s really not that expensive or hard to do, but he’s making it way harder on himself.

Example. He used a primus chest piece with not a single stat over 40. Primuses are only good because they can roll stats over 40 (max of 48, 20% higher). Getting a primus with 4 stat lines is much rarer, and it costs much more powder to reroll the stats to ones you want than a berthas. Berthas doesn’t even cost any sierra powder at all to reroll, and primus costs 2-4x the amount of sierra to even attempt to ichor it. He’s gaining no benefit from using the primus and is throwing away millions of silver. Can you use a primus? Sure, I used 4/5 of them in fact for my ichors, but the case we have here is just a complete waste. It is millions upon millions of silver more expensive for at best a 20% stat gain over berthas that he doesn’t even have.

I have a full time job and I don’t spend any money on the game. It’s really not hard, and there are multiple times where you can choose how much you invest (berthas vs primus), but it’s not a big deal regardless as everyone has many months to do this, or the option to simply not.

I was lucky to find a Berthas (i think i bought from market) with these stats. First time I try to make an Ichor, half of sierra powder compared to primus, and got it on the 7th try. I guess I was lucky, but going Berthas is an option as well.

Why assume that I am? Being successful in game or doing good doesn’t equate to “P2W.” I certainly don’t RMT because I spend a good majority of my day reporting people that do these things.

I have no reason to lie.

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And people like Crev (and I) have explained over and over how to obtain the amount of silver legitimately. The system is frustrating for some and I get that, but there’s no reason to accuse anyone who is doing it successfully of RMTing.

I have a full time job, I play for a few hours a day on weekdays and a fairly large amount on weekends. Most of that time lately is spent farming silver and doing Velco. Ichoring consumed a lot of silver, rerolling Velco cubes consumed a lot of silver. Straight up, I’ve done CMs/raid. Lots of raid because I got really “unlucky” with Velco rerolls on some of my characters. I get that people don’t want to listen to the advice given, I get that people are stubborn and want to just figure it out on their own, and when they inevitably fail they do stupid things that will probably get them banned when caught. But if they swallowed their pride for like 5 seconds they’d realize how easy it is to make silver completely legitimately.


I think what they’re saying is, because its not fun to them, if someone else has done it obviously they bought it.
TL’s Note: Insert whatever insult is applicable to make that more realistic.


Yes it does. RNG is not fun for anyone involved and is a lazy way to artificially extend the life of a patch. RNG as a determinant for your character’s strength is poorly implemented. I understand that you’re indoctrinated into that school of thought, but its bad and you should be aware of just HOW bad it is. (very)


Easy doesn’t mean efficient in the end though, which is the point of some people.

The fake progress by luck also isn’t appealing for many people, which is the point of many complaints.

In a summary you can make silver by simply playing the game, and that’s true. If a given player is being lazy it’s their fault. You can’t make silver if you don’t play. Nothing wrong here if we’re not talking about 3-4 digits for millions.

But one fact is that this game changed a lot. Effort doesn’t translate into success. I’m one type of player that always preferred longer grind for profit, I don’t like to decide to take a day off from studying and put 8 hours into HG to get 12 trash Primus stats - it’s frustrating.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this opinion…
If you farmed for something, you get it, you sell it and feel satisfied on the end of the day.

But all items you got are trash, simply unlucky. Then you can dust it right? For no profit because you’re against bots.

Then on the other hand I can enhance those weapons and get lucky and sell one +16 with bad stats and good potential for around 100m - it’s magic.

It’s true that there are many legit ways of making silver. Some might argue that multi-account is legit since it’s allowed. Same goes for selling items from gacha cubes - legitimately reselling or using this as excuse to hide that they buy cubes.

The silver of this game shouldn’t be in the hands of who fall in the “lucky or rich IRL” category. It’s not healthy and people will stop farming out of frustration.

Then your “hard earned silver” - that came from a cube reroll that took 3 weeks to drop a single good item compared to someone who got 8+ good rolls in the same amount of runs - gets wasted because you got unlucky again when trying to use that silver. This is NOT fine.


That’s an opinion. RNG doesn’t bother me at all, and I’m not “indoctrinated” into it. If it wasn’t RNG, it would be a very high cost that players would be complaining about instead, and that high cost would be the “lazy way to artificially extend the life of a patch.” This isn’t just a patch either, as IMC has said this equipment will last well into rank 10.

I try until I succeed and I don’t care if I fail. Failure is going to happen. It’s expected. It SHOULD be expected. Eventually, I’ll succeed. Maybe it will be above the average, maybe it will be below the average. Doesn’t matter. I’ll get there. If I’m unlucky, maybe next time I will be lucky. In the end, it will average out one way or the other. Even if it averages out unfavorably, I’ll reach the goal.


Except that the game wasn’t this RNG-heavy before and people already complained the “too much RNG” system was bad.

People would rather have their effort paid off than lost because external factors - which is why many people complained about DPK.

It wasn’t because it wasn’t random or took long, main problem was because too many external factors could nullify your entire progress just for the sake of it.


Operative word IS eventually. Rather than having a clear quest chain with reasonable steps leading to your item. Its “welp, that failed better yahtzee my way to another one.” Yeah Q U A L I T Y system. Everything costs something and we know time is a resource players consume. But randomly failing because you’re unlucky and having to go out and get another good roll to fail? Please, actually just please. I know this argument is moot because nothing will ever change but holy crap please tell me you’re not so desensitized to chance that you could blow a a max roll anything and not feel anything. Please tell me you’re a human being who has the sense of loss aversion and thus do not like failing randomly through no fault of your own just because you exist.