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The great sh*t that is the system to remove ichor

I wanted to say how frustrated and disappointed I’m with this ichor system because I already spent 3248 sierra pownder (100kk average), I broke 2 masinios mace (also 100kk on average) and did not succeed to remove the ichor. And this just to remove the ichor from the weapon, it still lacks the ichor of the other velcoffer parts that are more difficult.(Armor, pants, gloves, boots and shield)

I understand that the set velcoffer is end game and that it would not be easy to complete, but this system of ichor is wrong because it involves a lot of silver and it is very difficult to make this large amount of silver. Many players in my guild are going through this problem and they are getting discouraged with the game.

You need to reshape the system of the ichor or increase the chances of success because it will be impossible to complete the set.

It was easier and cheaper to make my mace velcoffer +21 than to remove the ichor from macinios mace, so please change that and make the game go forward.

Thanks @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis


Ichor system is ridiculous, please fix!
At least make it 100% chance on the last potential of the item.

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I hope don’t go through it, in my turn. what horror!

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i’m not making velcoffer for the same reason, all my friends are having trouble with the ichor


I’m not doing velcoffer too, everyone is complaining about the problem and saying it’s not worth wasting so much money for something that will not work.


I feel your pain, but keep your expectation about TOS as low as you can…


Title: Extract Ichor System, too dificult #3
Description :
Here is a follow-up to this subject, after I tested the ICHOR system and lost over 100kk of currency in items, with no return, I was totally frustrated with the game, dramatically reduced my hours played and not allowed myself to spend real currency with TP until it have changed.

What frustrated me in this process, the chances of success are extremely low; the game does not inform me what are the chances of success and the process is very expensive.

What I would change to improve the system, I would decrease the requirement for items and/or increase the amount of these items available in the game; I would show the chance of success clearly; I would increase the chance of success with each failure and I would not destroy the item if it lost the full potential.

I have hope that you will improve this system and that my desire to play TOS return.

tosmanager2Replied: Jul 5th, 2018 at 3:05 pm
Hello Gustavo,

Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your feedback.

We do understand your frustration regarding the matter. As we have stated on your previous ticket the chances of extracting Ichors from equipment are low and there are no guarantee that the refinement will always be successful. However, we’ll make sure to forward your concern to the development team for further review, to develop possible changes and improvements with regards to the difficulty of extracting Ichors from equipment. Know that our ears are open to suggestions from players for it will help us improve the game.

Should you have any other concern, please do contact us again.


Tree of Savior Support Team


WOW i’ve recieved the SAME AUTOMATIC AWNSER nice imc


Absolutely non-sense a system so punitive and expensive. A giant-high cost to achieve a minuscule difference in power comparing in relation the previous generation of gears Solmiki.



To be honest, this isn’t anything new with most korean mmorpgs when it comes to the current best weapon in the game, its almost always a huge grind that’s usually gated behind punishing rng for a small return in damage compared to the next best weapon.

Its why I’m personally content with having a weapon that’s just above average instead of the best since I don’t want to gamble all my time away for potentially nothing and feeling bad in the end.

But yeah I really dislike the ichor system, sounds pretty garbage.

Sorry to hear you’ve had so many fails on your ichor though :sob:

At least you got your Velcoffer mace to a good enhancement… I’ve heard horror stories of people not even getting to +11 with 0 potential left.


Mate that is why I skipped masinios nd velcoffer altogether. I got a +22 bow on my main archer and even if it is only a 2 practo weapon, being about 800 dmg less than my counterparts now does not bug me at all.

I got a decent weapon. I am not going through this system (for now maybe). I am satisfied not experiencing this myself and I am playing just fine for what the game has to offer content wise

My suggestion is to stop supporting this ridiculous silver sink and hold back on the habit of always wanting the “best” gear. As you can see in this game it is unrewarding

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Just don’t bother with it, they will change it eventually, or add something in gacha to make it easier, just like with everything that was hard to obtain at first gets made easier over time.
You’re already clearing the hardest content in the game and have a +21 velcoffer mace (which is more lucky than most people get with anvils)
It’s not like you desperately need the extra damage or anything so just wait and save your money.

what is there to do in the game if not “wanting the next best gear”?

I don’t support the ichoring too. Waste of silver/time. Better to keep old weapons. there are no so much difference anyways between velco & masi/primus.

Exactly. That is why I am not playing anymore and currently On other games, contented spending my money on them

With Rank 10 and probably better items to ichor on the horizon (probably in around 3 months time here) I don’t see a reason why this should be debated right now.

Best strategy would be to provide suggestions to the team and wait till the official changes come out for kTest before going further downhill with this debate.

Velcoffer is supposed to sink a lot of silver and it’s doing it very efficiently.

Maybe you can hope for changes when the RMT policy and Velcoffer have sunk enough silver to fight the high inflation created by IMC neglecting their ingame market for so long.

I can’t wait to see the casuals in 380 primus gear embarassing the Velcoffer whales by being similarly powerful at a tiny fraction of the time and money invested!

Ichor is the lewd fluid of the goddesses :3

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