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Can we change the rerolling system for random stat equipment?

How about we lock the stat but the one that is re-rolling has lower chances to get ‘high’ stat with significant amount of materials needed to increase those chances?

Bumping this in hopes it gets noticed.
Don’t think it’s alright that I should spend 60m silver in sierra/nucle for a chance of getting the correct stats, then pray to god the stats are good, just to then go to ichoring and pray to another god it doesn’t just get destroyed.
if at least golden ichor kits weren’t P2W only

I don’t know in which type of game it’s alright to keep a system so stressful and draining.
I can understand silver sinks, but this, along with anviling and ichoring, is just a powerful anxiety trigger.

I dont really mind anviling and ichoring and such, but yeah the random stat ■■■■ on Savinose is a total nightmare.

Good point I wanted to talk about that one but it slipped out of my mind.

Why in the ■■■■ savinose gear is allowed to get stats as low as level 315 blue HG items?
13 con/18 str rolls, seriously what?

Hey at least I got a good Goon spear after rerolling it like 8 times with magnifiers.

Where did I see this before… Oh Example of a poorly implemented gold sink system

Completely agree. I lucked out all my stuff during sprout event. Now it’s hard for the rest of the people going for RNG stats to get their hands on magnifiers for their savinose etc…

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Pretty much mandatory to whale for savinose gear now exactly what I thought.
Seeing how it took me and other people in my guild around 50 magnifiers to get at least 2 stats, and that on each piece of equipment, how are you even supposed to do it normally?
Then the RNG of rerolling, then the RNG of ichoring awaits for you behind this first step.

Very motivating, hype material and rewarding.
I think by now I understand that the definition of difficulty by IMC’s standards is either “more HP” or “more RNG”.


Even more when you look at the kToS thread and see the shiny TP boxes they’re about to put for sale. Especially Box1: one DA, two packs of 10 magnifiers…

Normally ? Prpbably with the abusable events they doing every 20 days that comes with magnifiers awake stones atributes and golden anvils. I didnt charge a single penny on this game aside from a couple slot characters. Abd already have 2 green 50 stat savinoses. But yeah if u dont want to play the game and u r waiting to play 2 hours per day and get full gear in 2 weeks it not gonna happend.

Just wait 2 or 3 weeks and another abusable event with magnifiers gonna come. Or go baubas make 3m per hour and buy magnifiers from market around 2m each. Also there r plans in the future to put magnifiers on exchange shop. Please stop crying about the game is really easy when u see u r not playing alone inside a server. At least with 14 hours of farm u should have around 40m thats around 20 magnifiers or enough to buy a ichor 35+ stats 2 greens or 3. For real from what we read here just looks like u guys want to craft everysingle item in game by urself and thats not the idea. Thats why the market is so slow and rewardless people preffer to waste 100m in time to get nothing insted of buying the item for half of the invested on trying.

The problem here isn’t about whether or not people want to invest the time. It’s about how fundamentally unrewarding the system is. You can spend the time, money, or effort to get 20 magnifiers or 3k sierra powder and there’s no guarantee anything good will come of it. And after you’ve wasted all those magnifiers and sierra powder, there’s no guarantee that the next batch of magnifiers and sierra powder will be any better. The game doesn’t care that you’d already wasted so many resources and that you plan on wasting so many more.


Crying? Not for myself. I already have Rykuma, 2-3 green stat maxed out savinose set and ignas ichors ready. Do I think I deserve it? I don’t. I’d rather work hard for it than getting lucky.


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The range on the stats is too wide and there are just too many completely worthless stats in the pool.

Why would int be on a musket?
Why can I roll 15 looting chance on 400 gear?
Why can’t all the property damage rolls be consolidated because they do basically the same thing? We’re falsely inflating red stats into 2 useful ones and 10 worthless ones.

Some stats of course will be useful for niche builds, but for the things I mentioned above there is no reason for these to exist other than to reduce the chances of a successful roll. I’m not even asking for the ability to save a stat, I think that would be super OP. I just want the system to be cleaner.

The ‘useful ones’ in red don’t even roll high on armor. I think I have yet to see a physical attack roll over 100 on my Savinose after too many magnifiers and re-identifications. Meanwhile that purple line I didn’t get could be 50 block, 1500 HP, 50 accuracy, 50 block pen, or… 25 sp recovery (effectively nothing).

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Frankly at this point I don’t care about the random stats on Savinose… On a weapon, the extra attack you get is good enough to justify upgrading, even if the only thing you get is +10 fart resistance. And for armor it’s the set bonus that counts no?

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At this point, sure. However:

We’re a couple months away from a very different gearing system.

Bumpity bump bump…

why frustrate? end game is costume bro, never get old if u have rare costume, equipment will update someday

Bump, something needs to be done.
Checked out the game since last update, guess who spent 60m of sierra again to get the opposite stats of what I wanted.

The fact that ichor transmutation needs 1k sierra doesn’t help either, especially considering the prices of sierra on deadimian now, 30k ea when it used to be 8k ea.

Help :tired:


Here comes a newest victim! Spent 50% of my saving just to reidentify to something lower than first identify result. Gambling addiction isnt good